Chapter 25: Bloody Mary (Part Three)

"All right, say Bloody Mary really is haunting this town. There's gonna be some sort of proof- a local woman who died nasty," Dean argued as we walked into the library building. Of course, I was trying to block out the conversation of Bloody Mary so I interested myself on the fact that there was a strange hallway before you actually get into the library.

"Yeah, but with a legend this widespread it's hard. I mean, there's like 50 versions of who she actually is. One story says she's a witch, another says she's a mutilated bride, there's a lot more," Sam said exasperatedly as we got into the actual library part of the building.

"All right so what are we supposed to be looking for?" Dean asked in an irritated voice.

"Every version's got a few things in common. It's always a woman named Mary, and she always dies right in front of a mirror. So we've gotta search local newspapers—public records as far back as they go. See if we can find a Mary who fits the bill," Sam explained.

"So basically just look up a Mary who died in front of a mirror?" I asked before sighing resignedly.

Dean seemed to agree with me because he said, "Well, that sounds annoying."

"Since when is research not annoying?" I questioned.

"No, it won't be so bad," Sam started trying to reassure us, "as long as we…" at that point he took a look around the room to see that every single computer had an 'Out of Order' sign on it. "Huh, I take it back. This will be very annoying."

Dean and I shared an 'Ugh, research' look before we headed in the direction of the information desk to ask where the old newspapers would be.

Ok, so really research just makes me think of school because of the research papers and the mind-numbing monotony of school work, and thinking of school makes me cringe, for obvious reasons, so therefore research makes me cringe. I guess the first hour of it can be kind of peaceful, even with Dean tapping his fingers on the table to the beat of whatever song is playing in his head the whole time, but even the geekiest people in the world must admit that once you reach the two hour mark any one can go a little loopy.

So, in my opinion it does not make me the slightest bit crazy that once it got to the point that we had been sitting there for two and half hours, with only the rustle of papers, and the few times I looked up and saw Dean's eyes glazed over or Sam's thoughtful 'I'm thinking really hard' look to amuse me, I may have loudly slammed the papers I was looking through very violently on the table and then proceeded to complain, again quite loudly, "How is it possible that all of the computers are out of order at the same time!?" And then I stood towering angrily for about five seconds before the weird looks I was getting from everyone, Sam and Dean included, those jerks, sent me stomping out of the room in frustration to go find something with sugar in it.

So ten minutes later when Dean came to find me I was sitting on the floor next to the vending machine with a bottle of coke and a thing of skittles.

As he thumped down on the ground next to me I could feel his eyes burning into the side of my head so I kept my eyes on the bottle of coke in my hands.

He heaved a sigh, obviously wishing I would just come out and admit what my problem was because Dean is not one for the touchy feely conversations, and questioned, "Em?"

This time it was my turn to sigh as I turned my head to face him and saw him giving me the soft 'I'm concerned about you' eyes.

"I just don't like research," I mumbled.

"That is total and utter crap and you know it. We've done research on other cases and I know you had to have done research when you worked cases by yourself. So what's really wrong? What's up with you and this case?"

I just shook my head and took a sip of my coke. He nudged me and smirked. "Come on, you know you wanna tell me. Angsty is a bad look for you Em."

I snorted. "I just, I don't like Bloody Mary. And the case is just kinda making me think of when I did think supernatural stuff was cool. When I was a dumb teenager. And that just makes me think of…" I cut off biting my lip.

"Your family," Dean finished with a sigh.

"Yeah, and the thing that's really getting to me is that it doesn't just make me sad. It makes me angry, at myself, at the thing that killed them," I told him frowning.

"Why would you be mad at yourself?" he asked me with a look of outrage.

I laughed bitterly. "Because it's my fault. It's my fault that they died and it's my fault that I haven't killed what killed them yet."

"Hey, no, you can't talk like that. You weren't a hunter when they died. That's like me saying that my mom dying was my fault. What would you do if I said that?" Dean argued.

I smiled. "I would smack you and tell you that you had to stop being dumb. And that your mother would definitely not be blaming you for her death."

Dean smirked confidently. "So what do you think I'm gonna tell you?"

"That I'm being dumb and my family doesn't blame me," I admitted with a sigh of resignation.

Dean put his arm around me. "Exactly. And you'll get the son of a bitch that killed your family and I'll be there to see it when you do." He gave me a kiss before standing up and helping me up with him. "Besides, you're a Sarelle. And what do Sarelles never do?"

I smiled happily thinking of the family motto. "Never give up."

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Dean said smugly as we made our way back to the library. "By the way Winchesters never give up either and you might much as well be one of those too." That definitely made me smile.

When we got back to the Sam his head snapped up and he asked me, "You okay?"

I nodded and Dean grabbed his jacket from the chair. "The library's about to close so we should get back to the motel and we can finish researching there."

Sam nodded and we all piled into the Impala.

Dean and I stayed up all night researching but Sam fell asleep about halfway through the night.

Dean and I both looked over at Sam when he let out a gasp and opened his eyes.

"Why'd you let me fall asleep?' Sam asked quietly.

"Cause I'm an awesome brother. So what did you dream about?" Dean asked.

"Lollipops and candy canes," Sam responded.

"Yeah, sure," Dean answered giving his 'I so don't believe that' look.

"Did you find anything?" Sam asked turning his head toward us.

"Oh besides a whole new level of frustration?" Dean asked as Sam sat up. "No. We've looked at everything. A few local women, a Laura and a Catherine committed suicide in front of a mirror, and a giant mirror fell on a guy named Dave, but uh, no Mary."

"How does a giant mirror fall on someone anyway?" I asked.

Dean shrugged as Sam fell back on the bed. "Maybe we just haven't found anything yet."

"I've also been searching for strange deaths in the area, you know...eyeball bleeding, that sort of thing. There's nothing. Whatever's happening here, maybe it just ain't Mary," Dean suggested.

I nodded in agreement just as Sam's phone started to ring. "Hello?"

Sam told us that it was Charlie and her friend had died the same way as Mr. Shoemaker. He told her to meet us at the park in ten minutes.

We found Charlie sitting on a bench in the park. When we reached Dean sat on the back of the bench and Sam and I stood in front of her.

Charlie started telling us about what had happened, crying . "…And they found her on the bathroom floor. And her—her eyes. They were gone."

I grimaced a little at the grossness of that statement.

"I'm sorry," Sam told her, giving her his sympathetic Puppy dog eyes.

"And she said it," Charlie continued as Sam and Dean shared a look. "I heard her say it. But it couldn't be because of that. I'm insane, right?" She asked as she looked up at us.

"No, you're not insane," Dean assured her.

"Oh God, that makes me feel so much worse," Charlie replied sadly.

"Look. We think something's happening here. Something that can't be explained," Sam explained quietly.

"And we're gonna stop it but we could use your help," Dean told her.

"What do you need?" Charlie asked us quietly.

"We're gonna need to look at Jill's room. To make sure this is the same thing and look for a connection between her and Mr. Shoemaker," I told her.

She looked unsure for a moment before nodding.

We came up with the plan that Dean, Sam, and I were gonna wait on the roof by the window and Charlie was gonna go in and unlock the window for us. As we sat by the window on the roof the only thing I could think of was Calvin and Hobbes.

"Does this remind you of Calvin and Hobbes? 'Cause it reminds me of the one where Calvin is hiding from his mom on the roof outside his window because he doesn't want to take a bath," I asked Sam and Dean as we waited. They just looked at me blankly. "Calvin and Hobbes, little 6 year old with a stuffed tiger who he thinks is real," I explained further, still to get the blank look.

I shook my head sadly as I muttered, "You poor deprived children," just as Charlie opened the window.

Sam went in first with Dean handing him a duffle bag as he came in next. I came in last and thanked Charlie as she steadied me after I almost fell through the window.

I walked over to the bed where Sam was going through the duffle bag. "What did you tell Jill's mom?"

"Just that I needed some time alone with Jill's pictures and things," Charlie answered as Sam pulled something out of the duffle bag. "I hate lying to her."

"Trust us, this is for the greater good. Hit the lights," Dean assured her, shutting the curtains.

"What are you guys looking for?" she asked going over to turn off the lights.

"We'll let you know as soon as we find it," Dean answered.

Sam held out the digital camera. "Hey, night vision." Dean switched it on for him. "Perfect."

The camera was pointed at Dean who smirked and turned his back. "Do I look like Paris Hilton?" I rolled my eyes at his antics.

Sam obviously did not find it amusing and walked away with the camera going over to Jill's closet. Dean just shrugged with and 'oh well' look on his face before grabbing two EMF meters from the bag and handing one to me.

"So I don't get it. I mean...the first victim didn't summon Mary, and the second victim did. How's she choosing them?" Sam wondered out loud.

"Beats me," Sam answered closing the closet door.

"I want to know why Jill said it in the first place," Dean said, a little angrily, looking towards Charlie.

"It was just a joke," Charlie answered sadly.

"Yeah, well, somebody's gonna say it again, it's just a matter of time," Dean said.

"Hey," Sam called from the bathroom, making us look over. "There's a black light in the trunk right?"

Dean nodded and went out the window to get it while I cleared off the bed so Sam could put the mirror down. Dean came back and tossed him the black light. Sam caught it and ripped off the paper on the back of the mirror. We watched as Sam waved the black light over it and a handprint and the name Gary Bryman appeared.

"Gary Bryman?" Charlie read questioningly.

Sam looked over at her. "You know who that is?"

"No," Charlie answered shaking her head.

AN: Ok, so I know it's been a really long time since I updated but that's why I gave you guys an extra long one (Whoo over 2,000 words!). Also, yes, I did have to include the Calvin and Hobbes reference and if you get it then you are certainly one of my favorite people ever. And the deprived children line is something one of my friends always says so when I thought of it I just had to put it in there. Well, I hope you like it .