"So where are we this time?" asked Rory as he stepped out of the TARDIS door. The Doctor and Amy followed him. The three of them looked around at the sprawling canyon that dived almost a thousand metres just a few feet away from them. A thin river, shaped like the Thames, snaked its way through the bottom of the rocky canyon. Green fields spread out in all directions with warped trees and bushes popping out. In the distance a large mountain towered over the horizon, with icy peaks reaching up into heaven itself.
"Not sure. There's too much magnetic interference for the TARDIS to figure out where we are" the Doctor said in response to Rory.
"Well that's never a good sign with you" said Rory as he stared out at the mountains.
"Shut up Rory. This place is nice, apart from the weird trees" said Amy as she held onto her hair with one hand, the wind trying to blow it into her face. The Doctor leaned against the closed TARDIS door, watching the wonder of his two companions as they looked around.
"So you've got no idea where we are?" asked Rory.
"Well I've got some idea. I just wrote in "Human colony world" in the TARDIS' database and clicked random search. And here we are. Just hope it's not..." the Doctor began to trail off.
"Hope it's not what?" asked Amy.
"Doesn't matter, it probably isn't" replied the Doctor. Rory raised his eyebrows in worry as Amy crossed her arms in an attempt to keep warm.
"Why Human colony?" asked Rory.
"I wanted to show you what your race'll achieve in the next six hundred years or so. The vast territory your people will take hold of so quickly. You Humans are all so curious, you just won't stop looking for more, trying to find out more. That's why I love your race" he said smiling.
"So, what do we do now?" asked Rory. The Doctor clapped his hands together and began walking away from the TARDIS towards the edge of the canyon. He peered down.
"What else? We go exploring" he answered. He began walking alongside the edge of the canyon, which Rory and Amy both made sure to keep away from.

"So Doctor, you said that there's magnetic interference stopping the TARDIS from knowing where we are. How?" asked Rory.
"It doesn't matter; I came here to show you both exactly how great your species is. Of course I know where we are. Welcome to Planet Reach" answered the Doctor proudly.
"What year is it?" asked Amy.
"2552" said the Doctor.
"And you wanted to show how great Humans are? How?" asked Rory.
As if to answer him, there was a massive roar from above and an enormous Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser soared overhead, causing a strong wind to hit the three travellers. They watched as the enormous ship flew overhead, scattering the clouds as it flew.
"What is that?" asked Amy.
"It's a Covenant Battlecruiser. You're about to see Humanity's first war against another species" answered the Doctor.