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Amy couldn't help but be fascinated with what she was seeing. With the Doctor she'd seen plenty of incredible sights all across the universe but this felt different. It reminded her of Earth, though the weather certainly reminded her of England. The wind turned violent every few minutes, buffeting their M831 Troop Transport Warthog jeep. She sat in the passenger compartment at the back of the Warthog with the Doctor and Rory, she watched with keen eyes the weather-beaten forest several miles away that snaked halfway up a large, snow tipped peak . The trees had an oddly warped shape, curving from one direction to another like they had been moulded by an abstract artist. Grey clouds swirled around the tip of the mountain and to the left of the winding dirt road was a sheer drop of about six hundred feet, leading straight to a sprawling, still lake as grey as graphite. Behind their Warthog was a second one, though this one had a large machine gun turret on the back instead of a passenger compartment.
The passenger compartment only had room for three people, so Amy, Rory and the Doctor were crammed into it while two Spartans were in the front, one driving and one in the passenger seat. The passenger was Gail-093, commander of this group. Driving was a Spartan wearing light silver Scout armour, whose name Amy had never caught. Three other Spartans were in the Warthog behind, while the sixth one had stayed behind to join some Marines. Amy finally decided to start a conversation.
"So where are we going?" she asked. Gail answered her almost immediately.
"FOB Scarlet. Someone wants to see you" she said.
"And who would that be?"
"You'll find out soon enough" Gail replied before turning her attention away, instead talking into the radio built into her helmet. "Captain, we are enroute to Scarlet now. Will be there momentarily, ETA three minutes". Amy couldn't hear the reply but assumed that this Captain would be the person they'd be meeting.

Within almost exactly three minutes, they turned a corner on the road and there was FOB Scarlet. It was an immense structure built into the side of the granite mountain and overlooking the massive valley that stretched to the horizon. It was huge; taller than any building in London and built out of grey iron. Several helipads could be seen jutting out of the structure with helicopters and dropships atop them, dwarfed by the huge base. The road gradually become thinner as it approached the base, winding along the side of the enormously high cliff until it finally reached FOB Scarlet. Amy, Rory and the Doctor all watched with fascination at the military base as they made their final approach. The Warthog slowed down as it reached an entrance, where a pair of Marines were standing guard armed with assault rifles. The Warthog came to a complete stop and one of the Marines walked to Gail.
"Go ahead, the Captain's expecting you" the Marine told her before the wall of the base slid open revealing itself to be a huge blast door. Once open, the Warthog drove inside to show that it contained a sprawling hangar bay filled with vehicles. Many military personnel were inside and their Warthog went largely unnoticed by them. The Warthog finally came to a stop in the middle of the hangar and Gail climbed out. Amy looked at the Doctor, who had been silent the entire journey.
"Doctor?" she asked, worried. He looked at her. "Are you alright?"
"Amy, do you realise what we've gotten ourselves into? We shouldn't be here, we shouldn't be this involved" he whispered angrily.
"What's the big problem?" she asked.
"Amy, this is Reach. The battle for this planet ends with its total destruction and billions of people dead. I don't want anything to do with this" he told her.
"But... if that's what happens, you can tell them can't you? You can tell them and show them what they need to do to win, can't you?" asked a frightened Amy.
"No! I can't change history" the Doctor replied before jumping off the Warthog and following a waiting Gail. Amy hesitated before following. She grabbed Rory's hand as she followed.
"What's with him?" asked Rory.
"He's gone all soft" she replied. But in her head she felt terrified. The idea that they were in a war that destroyed the planet, and that the Doctor seemed so defeated about it already, frightened her beyond belief.