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Summary: After the Oliver incident. Child services finds out about Ryan's trouble at school and takes him away. Sandy and Kirsten do everything they can to get him back with an unlikely source to help them.

Chapter 1: Chaos At The Cohen's

Ryan Atwood slowly walked into the house after spending the entire day trying to catch up on all the work he had missed while he was on suspension. He knew that Sandy and Kirsten would be home soon and he wanted to refuel before they got home so he wouldn't have to deal with their grilling. He opened the refrigerator to grab something to drink as he heard girlish giggling coming from the couch.

He slowly walked in and spotted Seth lying on the couch as Summer was on top of them; they were in the middle of a major make out session. He quietly cleared his throat and they both sprung apart.

"Ryan, hey." Seth spotted him. "At least you weren't our parents."

"Hey, Chino." Summer greeted him as they both sat up and started to adjust their clothes. "We-We were going to watch a movie. Want to join us?"

"No, thanks. I still have a ton of work to catch up on now that the disciplinary board cleared me to go back to school."

"Come on, man. One hour." Seth told him. "Mom and dad won't be home for a while yet. You can duck out really quick if we hear them."

"Come on, Chino." Summer pleaded. "Don't make me suffer through this movie alone."

"Fine. As long as there is no talk whatsoever about Marissa." Ryan said.

"Deal." They both agreed and Ryan joined them on the couch.

The three of them watched the movie in relatively quiet as Seth offered his constant commentary. The movie was almost over and Sandy and Kirsten still weren't home yet.

"Who could that be this late?" Seth wondered as they all heard the doorbell.

"Your parents?" Summer asked.

"They wouldn't ring the doorbell."

"Maybe they can't find their keys."

"I'll go check." Seth got up and started down the hall towards the door as Summer turned to Ryan.

"I know you don't want to talk about-"

"Don't." he warned her. "I'm not ready to talk about it. Not yet."

"Ok. I won't talk about her. Just so you know, if you need anyone to talk to about anything, I'm here. I know Cohen is only helpful to a point."

"Thanks, Summer." He smiled at her as they heard some commotion at the door.

"Hey! You can't just barge in here barking out orders!" Seth yelled as they watched him follow after two men in suits. "You can't do this!"

"According to this, we can." They flashed an official-looking paper at him.

"What's going on?" Ryan and Summer got off the couch as the two men approached them.

"Are you Ryan Atwood?" one of them asked him.

"Who are you?" he returned.

"My name is Agent Hayward. This is Agent Manns. We're with Child Services."

"Why are you here?"

"Seth?" Summer looked at him as his whole body started to shake.

"Ryan, they want to take you away." Seth told him softly. "Because of the Oliver thing-"

"We've looked into the school records-" Agent Manns started.

"But they dropped all the charges against him." Summer stated. "He's starting back on Monday."

"Not this Monday, he's not."

"You can't just take him!" Seth shouted at them. "My parents are his guardians. They have to be here for this."

"Call them now, Seth." Summer demanded and he grabbed the phone off the counter and dialed his parents' numbers.

Kirsten Cohen had just pulled out of the Newport Group parking lot when her cell phone started to go off. She sighed as she searched for it, hoping that it wasn't her dad telling her to come back upstairs. She was surprised to see her home phone number flash on the caller ID. She opened it and greeted whoever was on the other end.

"Mom! Thank god! I tried calling dad's phone, but he's not answering. We have a big emergency here."

"Seth, calm down. What's going on?"

"Child services just showed up. They want to take Ryan."


"They found out about the Oliver thing. They got copies of the school records-"

"I'm almost there, honey. Just stall them as long as you can. And stop Ryan if he tries to do something rash."

"I'll try." She hung up with Seth and dialed Sandy's cell. It went straight to voicemail so she kept calling until he finally answered.

"Kirsten? What's going on? I have ten missed called from both you and Seth. What's so important?"

"Sandy, how far away from the house are you?"

"I don't know. Maybe ten minutes. Why?"

"You need to get home as fast as you can. Child services are there. They want to take Ryan because of all the school trouble."

"I'll meet you there in five." They both hung up and tried to get there before CPS decided to take Ryan by force.

Sandy and Kirsten arrived at the house at the same time. They got out of their vehicles as they noticed an official-looking car in the driveway. They rushed inside and heard angry yelling near the kitchen; most of it Spanish. They reached the kitchen and saw Seth, Summer, and Rosa having it out with two men in suits. Ryan was sitting on one of the bar stools near the counter as he looked at an official-looking document before him. They had never seen him that quiet. He looked deflated; almost like he had given up.

"Excuse me!" Sandy said loudly and everyone stopped yelling. "I'm Sandy Cohen. This is my wife Kirsten. Now could you tell me what's going on?"

"It's all right here." One of the agents took the document from Ryan and handed it to him. "We need to take Mr. Atwood with us."

"They just burst into the house." Seth said. "They weren't invited in."

"So you just burst in and scared my sons and their friend-"

Summer looked at Ryan and saw him about to lose it. She knew she had to get him out of there before he lost his temper. She gave Seth a look and motioned out the doors. He nodded as he continued to tell his father what the agents had done since they had arrived there.

"Come on, Chino." Summer pulled him off the chair and took him outside. "I think you need a break from all that."

"I screwed everything up," Ryan sighed as they walked into the pool house and he slumped onto the bed. "I can't believe this is happening."

"Everything is going to be fine." Summer sat beside him.

"They're taking me away." He looked at her. "My worst nightmare-"

"It's probably just temporary." She assured him. "They'll evaluate you for a couple days and realize this is where you belong."

"You think so?"


Sandy was reading through the document as Kirsten continued on her rant to the agents. Sandy finally put the document down and sighed.

"Kirsten, he has to go." He told her. "It's just temporary, though."

"How temporary?"

"Until they can have him evaluated by a therapist to see how he's coping with everything."

"How long will that be?" Seth asked.

"Monday at the earliest." Agent Hayward told them.

"The earliest? That's four days!" Seth shouted.

"Where is Mr. Atwood?" Agent Manns asked and they all looked and saw the stool where Ryan had been sitting moments before empty.

"Summer took him out to the pool house to get him away from everything."

"He could have run off."

"He's not going to run." Kirsten told them. "He wants to stay here with us. And if he was even thinking about it, Summer wouldn't let him."

"We'll go out and talk to him. Alone." Sandy stated as the agents started to follow them. "We'll get him to come out."

They walked out to the pool house and saw Summer sitting with Ryan on the bed as they talked quietly. They both looked up as they heard them come in. Summer gave them a small smile while Ryan just looked distraught.

"Summer, could you give us a minute?" Sandy asked and she nodded.

"He's really upset, but he won't do anything stupid." She told them as she walked out and went to be with Seth.

"How are you doing, kid?" Sandy asked him as they both sat beside him.

"Really?" he looked at him.


"No, I'm sorry." Ryan said softly. "This is all my fault."

"Let's not worry about whose fault it is, ok?" Kirsten held him. "They want to keep you for a few days. See how you're adjusting out here with everything."

"And after those few days, what happens?"

"They're going to decide whether or not you belong here."

"So I could be taken away permanently?"

"That's highly unlikely."

"But I do suggest that you don't give them any ammunition." Sandy told him. "Just do what they ask of you, try not to get upset and lose your cool."

"Are we allowed to contact each other at all?" Ryan looked at him.

"I don't think we can, but I'll see if I can pull some strings so we can at least have a phone call."

"We'd better pack you some things." Kirsten told him.

"Just clothes. No valuables." Sandy told her. "They'll take everything once he arrives there."

Summer was saying comforting words to Seth as the agents stood nearby. They all looked up as Ryan came in carrying his old backpack as Sandy and Kirsten followed him. The agents started to approach them, but Sandy stopped him.

"Could you give us a minute? I promise he won't run. We'll meet you in the driveway when we're done."

"Five minutes," Agent Manns told him as they walked outside.

"You're going to be fine," Summer went to give Ryan a hug. "You've been through worse things than this, right?"

"Right." He said softly.

"I'll see you soon." Seth gave him one of his brotherly hugs that Ryan was always uncomfortable with, but didn't seem to mind this time.

"Ok. It's time." Sandy told them and they all walked with Ryan outside where the agents were waiting for them.

"We should go now," Agent Hayward opened the back door of the car.

"Remember, no ammunition." Sandy whispered to him as Kirsten hugged Ryan tightly one last time and finally let him go as he climbed in the back of the agents' car. All the Cohen's and Summer watched from the steps as the car drove down the driveway and pulled out. Summer held Seth, and Sandy held Kirsten, as they all watched the driveway for several minutes.

Each one of them was hoping that the car would come back up the driveway and the agents would tell them that it was some kind of big misunderstanding. When it didn't happen after awhile, they all eventually went back inside the house.


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