He walked slowly up to the glass doors not believing how nervous he was. He wasn't usually someone who was afraid anything but tonight he admitted to himself he was scared. He had been gone from this place for so long would they welcome him back? Would they even recognize him? All he needed to do to find out was open these doors and face his future.

Finally gathering up enough courage he pushed open the doors to ConFusion and walked inside. He stopped dead in his tracks by the landing….the place was almost empty. All the papers he'd read said how this was one of the hottest joints in Pine Valley. At the bar was a young man who paid more attention to the TV screens then the one person sitting at the bar.

The bartender noticed the other man standing at the doorway. "Welcome to ConFusion. Can I get you something to drink?"

The other man only shook his head and walked down the steps towards the bar, "No man I'm good. Maybe you could help me though?"

"Sure. Not like it's really busy here tonight." He laughed running his hands through his thick brown hair.

"Kind of dead in here for a Friday night don't you think? I read this was one of the hottest clubs in town." He looked around puzzled.

"Usually it is. We usually have a great DJ, dancing, drinking the whole nine. But one of the families here in town is having some big shin' dig and well anyone important in Pine Valley is there." The bartender mindlessly wiped down the counter as he talked to the stranger. "New in town are you?"

"Um…sort of. I used to live here years ago but I've been gone awhile." He wasn't sure how to ask his next question without the bartender thinking he might be some weird stalker or something…."I'm looking for a woman actually."

"Hahaha brother ain't we all?" he reached his fist out towards the other man and they fist pumped like guys do.

The other man just laughed at this show of manhood, "Ain't that the truth. But, I'm looking for a specific woman. I'm hoping you might able to help me out. Do you Greenlee Smythe?"

The bartender looked confused for just a second…"Oh you mean Greenlee Lavery? Sure, sure I know her. She is basically one of the two women that sign my checks."

He noticed the other man looked crestfallen for just a second before regaining his composure. "So why you looking for a married woman man? We have plenty of eligible women here in Pine Valley. Come back here tomorrow night and you'll be able to meet most of them. By the way my names Matt and I can hook you up. You ain't a bad looking guy the ladies will be all over you."

"Um…thank Matt. I appreciate your enthusiasm but I'm actually only here to see Greenlee. She's an old friend. I haven't seen her since I left Pine Valley. Do you know where I could find her?"

"My guess would be the party she's a big deal in this town so of course she would be invited." Matt looked at the other man not sure now if he should give to many details what if this guy meant his boss some harm.

"Could you tell me where this party is Matt? I'd really like to surprise Greenlee." He noticed Matt was becoming slightly uncomfortable talking about Greenlee.

"Um well honestly I don't know. Being a bartender and not in Pine Valley's high society they don't give me that kind of info but there's someone that could help you." Matt pointed the other man towards a woman just stepping off the elevator coming down from the Fusion offices. "That's Madison North she works with Greenlee and probably got an invite to the festivities."

"Thanks Matt" he said as he stretched his hand towards the other man shaking it and giving him a bill to thank him for his time.

"No problem man. Before you go let me give you some friendly advice if you're here to hurt Greenlee don't. She's been through a lot in her life and I'd hate to see her go through more." Matt genuinely cared about the women of fusion they had always been good to him.

"No worries man. I have no intention of hurting her." He said as he walked towards the blonde woman getting ready to leave ConFusion.

"Ms. North" he called out before she could leave.

Madison stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the stranger walk towards her. She looked at him confused, "Um is there something I can help you with sir?" she had no idea how this strange man knew who she was.

"I hope so. Matt said you might be able to help me find Greenlee Smy….Lavery" he quickly remembered Matt correcting him earlier.

"What do you want with Greenlee?" Madison didn't really like Greenlee much but didn't want some stranger going after her either.

"She's an old friend of mine and I was kind of hoping to see her tonight." He smiled at her hoping his charm could win her over.

She looked at him and couldn't help but think there was something honest about him. She figured either he was telling her the truth and Greenlee actually had a friend or he was a reporter who was trying to find Greenlee and harass her. Madison like the thought of a reporter ruining Greenlee's night. "Well the party at the Chandlers started twenty minutes ago so knowing Greenlee she's still at home with Ryan getting ready or she's just showing up making sure to make a grand entrance."

"The Chandlers?"

"Yeah Adam Chandler is having a party welcoming his brother Stuart home. Everyone thought he was dead for two years now and it turns out David Hayward saved him. You sure don't know a lot about this town do you?"

"Let's just say I've been gone awhile. Listen thanks for your help."

"No problem good luck finding Greenlee." She watched him walk out of ConFusion and realized how late she was for the Chandlers. She had told Scott she would only be a minute. She rushed to her car and headed over.

The stranger climbed into his car and looked at himself in the rearview mirror…"Greenlee Lavery. She's Greenlee Lavery now?" He had hoped it was just a coincidence that her last name was now Lavery but when the blonde told her she would be at home with Ryan he couldn't deny it anymore. She was married to Ryan Lavery now. The only newspaper article he had read about her had said she opened Fusion in 2003 with Kendall Hart. He had wanted to find everything about her but had decided rather than reading it in a paper he wanted her to tell him about it. He pulled out his found and called the operator getting the listing for Ryan Lavery and learned they lived at 450 Old Cedar Lane in the Penthouse.

He figured Madison was probably right Greenlee was probably at home trying to decide what to wear. He drove down the familiar streets of Pine Valley.

DING DONG he heard the door bell ring to the penthouse. Pulling down the blue vest of his perfectly tailored suit hoping she would answer. As he waited her heard a young voice call out "I'll get it Corrina!"

The door swung open and before him stood a beautiful young blonde girl. She couldn't have been more than 9 by his guess. He wondered if this was her's and Ryan's little girl. She didn't look like Greenlee but did look a lot like Ryan.

"You're not the pizza man" the little girl said looking up at the tall stranger before her.

"No, no I'm sorry I'm not." He looked down at the child. She was a cute little thing maybe she shared that with her mother he wondered.

"Are your Mommy and Daddy home?" he asked her.

"Daddy and Greenlee went to a party and Mommy doesn't live here anymore." She innocently told him forgetting she wasn't supposed to tell strangers when the adults weren't there.

"Oh well I guess I got here too late then. I was here to see Greenlee." He told the little girl not sure why he was so happy that this little girl wasn't Greenlee's.

"Yeah they left a few minutes ago. I wanted to go to the party with them but Daddy said I couldn't go. Not even A.J. was allowed to go and it's at his house."

"Emma honey was that the pizza man at the door?" Corrina asked as she walked towards the door.

"Nope he's not here yet. This man is looking for Daddy and Greenlee." She explained to her babysitter.

Corrina suddenly became aware of the stranger standing at the door to the Lavery home. She stood next to Emma pushing her slightly behind her, "Is there something I can help you with" she looked at the man worried about what he was there for.

"No, thank you. Emma's already helped me. I'm here to see Ryan and Greenlee. I'm old friend of theirs. I was told they might still be here. When Emma didn't call for them after I asked for her parents I knew they weren't here and that they had headed to the Chandlers." He didn't want Emma to get in trouble for telling a stranger her parents weren't home so he tried covering for her.

Before he left he got down to Emma's level, "Thanks for your help Emma. Maybe sometime when your parents are home I can come over and tell you all about the crazy things your Daddy and I did when we were younger."

She smiled at him, "You knew daddy when he was younger?"

"I sure did. We were best friends until I had to leave for awhile." He stood back up and walked towards the elevator.

Emma cried out, "Wait you never told me who you are. If you don't find Daddy and Greenlee we can tell them you came by."

"My name's Leo du Pres" with that he stepped into the elevator and headed towards the Chandler Mansion.