Greenlee stopped frozen on the steps leading out of the Boat House. "Did I just hear him right? No…he can't know about that night…could he?" Vision's of the night Ryan ran off the cliff ran through her mind as the memories resurfaced. She felt the pain in her heart all over again, the same pain she fought so hard to suppress.

Leo watched her as she faced away from him. As soon as the words escaped his lips he regretted them. He had watched that video of Ryan and Greenlee, over and over again, wanting to know what came over Ryan. More importantly he needed to know why, if Ryan was so close to hurting her, she would still be with him. "Greenlee….I'm sor.." Leo started to apologize to her before she interrupted him.

"What did you just say to me?" She spun around quickly facing the man she once gave her whole heart to.

"I…I…" Leo couldn't find the words to say as he saw the pain and anger in her brown eyes.

"Who told you about that night? That was none of your business." Her voice raised in anger. Those were her memories; it was her place to tell people about that night.

"No…no one told me Greens…" As she stood in front of him with that accusing look he wanted nothing more than to hold her, to tell her he loved her, but he didn't have that right anymore. When he came back he had no idea how much she had been broken or, how his own actions would break her even further.

"Then how?"

Greenlee watched as Leo slowly pulled a square envelope from the inside pocket of his coat, "When we got home from the funeral yesterday this was on David's door." Leo handed Greenlee the envelope.

"A DVD? Who's it from?" she demanded.

"I don't know. It didn't say. I almost didn't watch it. I'll never forget what I saw. First I thought maybe it was from Ryan, trying to show me how in love the two of you are. You two were dancing outside, the way you looked at him; I knew you were in love. Then you were in the room together, don't worry the video skipped a few moments but I know what happened. But then…I don't get it Greenlee. How do you go from, what looked like, complete happiness to to what I saw? Please Greenlee…."

The images of that night played over in her mind, dancing with Ryan under the Aura Borealis, being together in the hotel room, feeling her baby grow inside her with each passing moments, feeling more in love with Ryan each second she was with him. "We were so in love, me and Ryan…" Greenlee turned her back to Leo, she looked up at the stars the same way she had done that night. "It took us forever to get to that point, like you put it absolute happiness. It seemed like life kept throwing us curve ball after curve ball. Ryan believed he was just like his father, his brothers, but I knew different. I knew…I knew he was a kind and loving man. That night was about showing him how much I loved him, and how good of man he was. I pushed him too far. I made decisions that he wasn't ready for. What you saw that night that's not Ryan. He didn't hurt me physically that night….he would never do that."

"He pushed you against a dresser…he lifted his fist to your face. I saw the anger in his eyes Greenlee if Kendall and Zach hadn't walked in he might have punched you." Leo put a hand on her shoulder.

"You don't know Ryan Leo. Not like I do. He was angry he would never hurt me." Greenlee defended Ryan again.

"Really? Because based on the look on your face, you looked pretty scared and hurt. It didn't end there either. I saw him tear up the other room to, yelling at you almost attacking Zach. Please Greenlee help me understand how you could ever go back to that man. How you can sleep next to him every night, how you can want to have a child with that man."

Hearing the mention of a child Greenlee closed her eyes tight forcing the tears back. She reminded herself that Leo knew nothing about the baby or that she would never have one of her own. "The man you saw on that video doesn't exist Leo. That man went over a cliff…Ryan, my Ryan came home to me."

"So what you just forgave and forgot? He comes back to Pine Valley and here you are playing house?"

"It wasn't that simple Leo. It took us a long time to get back here but I love him and he loves me." Greenlee turned back to Leo.

"So that's it? He tells you how sorry he is, that he loves you, and everything is ok?" Leo placed a hand on her cheek. "Greenlee you deserve more than that. You deserve someone who loves you more than they love themselves."

She listened to his soft voice wanting nothing more than to give him what he so desperately wanted. She wanted to give in to him, to lay her head on his chest and feel his chin on top of her head. And even though her heart wanted to give in, to tell him he was right, to tell him how much Ryan hurt her. Her heart wanted to give in but her head, her head took over.

"Someone who loves me more than themselves?" She looked at him questioningly.

"Yes, Greenlee. You deserve everything."

"I'll settle with someone who can love me more than their murderous Mother. Ryan may have made mistakes, he knows that better than anyone else, but he came back to me. He didn't hid away for years. You talk about deserving everything but you, you ripped my heart out when you died. And if that wasn't bad enough you turn up again telling me how you were in France, OUR FRANCE, with your mother!"

Leo hung his head wishing she would let him tell her more about his life in France, more about what had gone one with his mother. He knew her better than she knew herself. Greenlee was putting this wall up between to guard her heart. It was what she always did when she was afraid of getting hurt. She may love Ryan but he knew she wouldn't be this angry if she didn't still love him.

"Greenlee…I'm sorry I left you. I love you more than anything. Please remember that…" He made a last plea to her.

"If you loved me you wouldn't have waited so long to come back." She resisted again. "You shouldn't have come back Leo. It would have been better if you had stayed dead to me." With those last words she placed the last brick on the wall between them; she walked out of the boathouse.

"Greenlee wait…let me take you home." Leo called after her.

"It's ok Leo. I'll call my husband." Greenlee called back walking into the darkness.