Hey! This is inspired from the god complex and its about Rita/11. I wish she'd lived :/...


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Rita had enough of running round from the 'thing' .

Joe was the last one to go.

Who'd be next? She didn't really know.

She put her pen down and tried to put her finger on what happened.

She'd found the other girls body.

Well not 'her' as such, more Joe.

She could remember what he looked like when he came in.

It feels like so long ago.

She suddenly heard a tremor and... Voices?

Not another one.

Not another one doomed for death.

She got up and turned round, yes she could hear voices.

It was Howie.

She ran out of the door and on to the corridor.

Again, she ran to where she didn't know, the voices were getting louder.

To her relief she found the stairs.

She bolted down them.

As terrible as it sounds she was happy someone else was here.

Someone to talk to.

Instead of, well, an alien that really needs contact lenses and Howie who she could hardly hear what he was saying most of the time.

Oh and there was Joe, not that he was very entertaining.

She was getting nearer the reception now, that's where most of them turned up.

She ran into the reception and picked up a chair leg, she started jabbing it in the air in front of the bewildered people.

"How did you get here!" She demanded as the most attractive one started backing away.

He leaped over to the doors and curtains.


He startled rambling about how they couldn't get out.

She knew that.

But she found herself liking his eccentricity.

She replied to his questions with a smile and found herself becoming emerged when he leapt over to her.

"I like you. You're good."

She smiled as he ran upstairs.

She followed tail behind his ginger friend and presumably her husband.

They started examining the pictures.

They were a disgusting reminder of who had died.

Then she told him about Joe.

It was a turning point.

She lead the way to his 'room' which was filled with puppets.

In the middle Joe was tied to a chair laughing hysterically.

It made her feel uncomfortable at his maniac-like ways.

The doctor (she now knew his name) didn't seem at all intimidated by him, in fact he seemed to have authority over him.

She once more looked at him in admiration as he started talking to Joe, breezily.

Then Joe started the phrase that unnerved us all.

"Praise him."

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