"Ugh, I am so BORED!" Lucy complained, letting her face fall down on the table top of the bar.

Mirajane smiled as she watched the eighteen-year-old started this conversation about how Natsu should've taken this quest when they had a chance, otherwise they wouldn't be here, sitting in the guild, alone, with Erza and Gray. Oh, and with nothing to do.

Though Lucy figured Natsu wouldn't be as bored as her, since he was once again fighting, for no reason at all, as usual, with Gray.

"Come on, pinky, give me all you've got!"

'You bet I'm gonna!"

"You are aren't you?"

"Heck yeah I–"

"Enough!" yelled a tough but feminine voice who was sitting behind them. Erza wasn't enjoying this much more than Lucy was, but to make matters worse, she was inside the guild with the two worst people to be in the guild with – the pink-haired, hot headed dragon slayer and the block head, has-a-habit-of-stripping (which explains why he's half naked right now) ice mage.

"Aye, ma'am!" the two mages chanted together in high-pitched voices with their hands around each other, like they've been best friends for ages or something.

The red-haired girl grunted and banged her head on the table, which caused it to collapse. "Oops."

"Ah! I got it!" exclaimed Lucy with a light bulb over her head. "I'll go shopping! I've got plenty of money from the last missions we did, so I should spend some money on new clothes!" Lucy turned to Mirajane, who was wiping a glass with a dishcloth. "You can come with me if you want!"

"Sorry, Lucy," she replied apologetically. "There're a lot of chores for me to do here. Why don't you go with Erza instead?"

Erza's head rose at this.

"Great idea!" Lucy jumped off her chair and ran over to the twenty-year-old.

"I don't really see the point in that, Luce," said Natsu, pushing Gray away from him, causing him to fall onto the floor. "I mean, she's already got plenty of armours and swords and stuff like that. Plus, she can change into them whenever she wants to. It wouldn't make–"

"Shut up, Natsu," Lucy hissed at him, giving him a deathly look as she said so.

"Eek!" Natsu whimpered.

"Don't worry, Erza," Lucy reassured her friend. "We're going shopping no matter what these idiots say. Come on!"

Before the Titania could say anything else, she was dragged to the front door of the guild.

"Tch, like Lucy could do anything to cure Erza's boredom," muttered Gray.

"Oh, and you're coming too," a voice came from a blonde head that popped into the door.



The two guys left inside the guild gave out an, "Eek!" together before running out of the door.

Erza's death glare is just too contagious.