"N-Natsu…" Lucy began nervously, eyes twitching from the horrible view in front of her.

Gray and Erza had ditched them to go to the guild by themselves and left poor Lucy to face what she's facing now alone.

Great friends they are, Lucy thought. The best.

It's kind of sad when you think about it. You know, a poor little celestial spirit mage having to deal with the mess she had right now. Back at the restaurant, she somehow ended up asking Natsu if they could go over to his house. Which, for so called lucky Lucy (not), she got to stand in front of some gigantic land of filth.

Hey, how else did people expect for Natsu's house to look like?

Lucy put a hand on her head, not understanding why she let herself into this. The dragon slayer asked her if she'd like to help him clean the place up a bit, but 'a bit' seemed a lot smaller in her head than it probably was in Natsu's.

"Natsu," she repeated herself, taking a step inside the apartment. "Where'd you go?"

She walked around the living room for a bit, kicking a pile of clothes or rubbish or whatever the heck that was away. The windows didn't have any curtains, and Lucy could clearly see it was already dark outside. Time flies when you're having fun.

Instead of waiting for the pink-haired dragon slayer to come, she started picking up a couple pieces of trash to throw in the bin. Problem was, she didn't even know if there was one. "What a pain," she said to herself, walking around to see anything to put the rubbish in. She walked into the kitchen to see not much of a difference from anything else, and surprisingly, she was able to find a black plastic rubbish bag in one of the cupboards.

"Luce! Where'd you go?" came a voice from the front door.

"I said that," the blonde said flatly, starting to pick up trash again.

A pink head popped into the kitchen to find a certain seventeen-year-old celestial spirit mage on the floor, filling a plastic bag with who-knows-what.

"What are you doing?" Natsu asked, leaning closer to her.

"Investigating the area for clues to a crime," Lucy said sarcastically, not looking at him. "Cleaning, genius. Ever heard of it?"

The fire mage scratched his head and stared at her, confused. Don't get me wrong, though. He knew what cleaning was. "Um, Luce, why are you cleaning?"

She rolled her eyes and sat properly so she could look at him straight in the eye. "Didn't you ask me to help you? Clean up, I mean."

The look on Salamander's face seemed even more confused. "No… I don't think I did. Doesn't ring a bell."

Lucy sighed. "Well, anyways, I'm cleaning now, so you could at least help me. It's your apartment, anyway."

It turned out sorting out Natsu's flat was easier than they thought it would've been. Natsu was a shockingly fast picker-upper and easily collected all the trash into the bag, while Lucy picked up Natsu's clothes to be cleaned tomorrow, and then there was anything else to be put away.

Suddenly, Lucy realized why he liked hanging out at her place more than his own. Even when it was clean, it was a complete wreck. The sofa was old and had patches on it, the floor was dirty and needed a good mop and some dining chairs were missing their legs. The only thing that was decent was the bed, a small single with white covers and a brown blanket. Oh well, Lucy thought to herself. Decent enough for Natsu, at least.

When they finally finished, Lucy didn't bother thinking when she let herself fall on Natsu's bed. It wasn't as soft as hers, but better than slumping over, picking up stuff from the floor or throwing things back into the drawers for two hours straight. Wait, two hours? Lucy looked at the wall clock that hung just above the front door, and sure enough, it was ten. She sighed and turned to face the wall.

"Hey, that's my bed," Natsu said, pointing at the blonde.

"And?" She turned to face him. "I let you sleep in mine all the time. Not that I like it, anyway, but I still can't help it."

Natsu let out a huff and collapsed onto the sofa. "Thanks for letting us come with you, Luce."

The seventeen-year-old smiled. "I forced you to come with me, idiot." Her smile faded. "I don't know why, though."

"Meh, still. I kind of had fun. Apart from getting punched in the face by Erza back at the weapon store."

Lucy chuckled at the memory and closed her eyes for a split second.

"Wow! That sword's so big and- hey, is that a- wait, no way, no way! That looks just like- no! Dude! I can't believe you have one of these!"

Natsu was being as enthusiastic as ever, hopping from one platform to the other, checking out different weapons. The others wouldn't really mind, if he would just keep quiet. He just had to open that big fat mouth of his to 'express his excitement' as Lucy says to herself, to not get herself into beating the hell out of him.

"Hey! Can I see- wait, wait! Guys, you've no idea how rare these things are and- whoa! Luce! Look at this, this thing's one of those… Erza? Since when were you-"

Oh, how good it must feel to be Erza Scarlet, the Titania.

She shivered at the sight she saw just hours before then, but smiled all the same. These guys just never seem to learn, do they? Oh well. It was nice meeting interesting people. Yeah, Fairy Tail. The sudden feeling or relief hit her as she realized how good it feels to be part of one of the strongest guilds in the country.

Out of nowhere, a sudden thought hit her. "Natsu, why didn't Happy come with us?"

Back at the guild

"Natsuuuu! How could you leave me behind like this?"

Poor Happy. I kind of forgot to put him in when I started the story, heh. *shot*

Why was he not there, you might ask? Well, he was probably napping or busy doing something when Lucy was giving out her little boredom gibberish.

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