'You look great tonight.' Camille turned around. Since the cinema was really busy because of the new movie, it could've been anyone who said that, but Camille already recognized his voice.

'Thank you,' she replied, looking how Logan was struggling to find the right words.

'Look, I may have made a huge mistake,' he started. Camille suddenly felt where this was going. She did indeed wear the blue dress that could win Logan back, and she was sitting very lonely at the small table, but what Logan didn't know yet was…

'One small popcorn, no butter.' Before Logan could finish his story, and before Camille had warned him, a pretty tall guy presented a huge bag of popcorn to Camille. Not sure what to do or say, Camille stuttered:

'Logan…this is Steve. Ehm, he's my date tonight.' Logan gasped in surprisement. He had thought of different ways Camille could have reacted, but this wasn't one of them.

'Oh eh…' He tried to find the right words to explain his feelings.

'That is great!' he said, smiling and trying to hide his true feelings. He was actually not happy. Not at all. Camille had looked so sad when he spoke to the new girl, and he hoped she still had feelings for him. But this guy just took his place! And he wasn't even better looking than him!

'Did you wanna ask me something?' Camille asked. She noticed Logan was hiding something, but couldn't figure out what. Logan swallowed before he answered.

'No I ehm, was just gonna say that I hope you two have a great time tonight.' He forced himself to smile. It worked on Steve.

'Thanks, you too man,' he said, not knowing what was actually going on. Camille smiled as well and stood up from her seat.

'See ya!'

'See ya…' Camille walked away, still smiling. It was hard to tell if she knew Logan's true meaning. Logan bit his lip and sat down. He looked as she walked away. The moment he closed his eyes in a deep sigh, Camille hesitated and looked back at him. Then she ran to Steve and went into the cinema.

Yes I know this is a direct copy from the ending of Big Time Crush, but my story is based on this part so I had to upload this as the first chapter ;)