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This is basically a story with our favourite characters all half demons and all going to a seperate school to be safe from half demon haters. Kagome isn't a half demon but she is sent here as she can't fit in with normal humans. Inuyasha is a three quarter demon in this one to make him a little different; and Extra special!

Enjoy, I worked hard on this!

-1 The New Girl-

There are demons. Then there are humans, miko's and ordinary people. And over the course of five hundred years they have come to all accept each other, with a few exceptions that didn't really live to see the next morning.

In this modern world the un-acceptance has moved from demons and humans to the badly treated in betweens. Half demons and any mix of hanyou's have been abused and hated, outcast and feared by either side of the species line.

No where in the world was a safe place for them, all demons thought them as weak and left them out of packs and tribes while humans feared them and kept them away from towns and villagers.

A hanyou's life was cold, alone and sad…. Well almost.

There was one place where hanyou's could all find refuge and learn to control their powers and be themselves without hiding.

It was called Halfbreed high. It was a collage/boarding school that only excepted half breeds and other in-betweens, the school was run by half dog demon Izayoi and her powerful husband The Great Dog General of the West, Inutaisho. They had a son who was the reason they started the school.

They didn't want him to grow up in a cruel world where you were only judged by your status, species and human-demon blood.

This Japanese school was a safe haven to any outcast, and there was a lot of business with it as well, the school was huge! It was the size of four collages of ten thousand students. Even if that sounded like overkill it was often too small.

Kagome Higaraish stood at the school gates with her bags and a few forms of where she was meant to go on her first day. Kagome blinked back a few tears and then walked as calmly as she could to the gate and went inside.

The grounds were surrounded by a five meter high wall to keep people out and others in. It wasn't the unfriendly place everyone thought it would be. Children were running and playing on the grass as young as three years old. They had Frisbees and kites and were all so happy Kagome was surprised.

The grounds had their own forest and huge lake. Half demons were swimming in the lake and climbing in the trees or running at unbelievable speeds. The main collage house was cool, it was like any other modern collage but it also had some castle like parts that were older. It looked cool.

Kagome walked up the path, not waving or smiling to any of the people around her. The small girl made her way to the head masters office and knocked shyly on the door before hearing the "Come in" and entering.

Kagome looked around quickly, the office was almost hippie style. Lots of flowers and graffiti with a few paintings and out of place statues that looked like they had been home made.

The back wall was lined with books and the windows were all floor to ceiling. It wasn't at all the posh office he was expecting and then she saw the people waiting for her.

One was a woman with long black hair with dog ears poking out from under her long strait hair, blue eyes and pale skin with a white dress on and about a hundred bracelets on her wrists. She stood beside the desk with a hand on the shoulder of the man sitting behind the desk.

He had purple stripes on his cheeks and vivid gold eyes with long silver hair he tired up to keep out of the way, he had on a suit and it looked very out of place with his tan skin and demon aura that he carried with him.

Kagome entered and stood by the door felling very shy and a little scared.

The man, or demon, raised a hand and beckoned her closer "Come closer, girl. We won't hurt you" Kagome supposed that he could smell her fear.

She walked up to the desk and the woman came to stand next to her "Hey, now. Don't be afraid. I'm Izayoi the headmistress of the school, I'm very pleased to meet you miss Higaraish" She squeezes her shoulders comfortingly. Kagome felt more tears appear when the gesture reminded her of her mother…

Kagome supposed that she shouldn't be surprised that they knew she was coming anyway and she was the only new person that year, apparently.

The man stood next "I am Inutaisho, the headmaster here" he paused and then added "You are very welcome here, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't look and smell so scared" Kagome held her elbows with each hand then nodded once and though of something else, but that only made her sad.

Izayoi frowned at her mate softly "Inutaisho, it's her first day in a new place, cut her some slack. Don't mind him, dear, he just has a sensitive nose. Please can I see your forms?"

"Sure" Kagome whispered and the two smiled at the sound of her voice.

Inutaisho pointed to a seat and Kagome sat almost vanishing behind the huge desk, she hated the fact that she was so little, everyone her age was at least half a foot taller.

Izayoi raised an eyebrow at the report. "Miko?" she said a little nervously.

Kagome looked equally scared and wary. "Yes, mam. Untrained and weak but still a Miko" Izayoi nodded and read on then she let out a small laugh.

"She's nearly as bad as our son, Inutaisho. Expelled from seventeen schools in five years… Oh dear. Don't worry we'll get your powers under control then we'll see how many people can turn their nose up at you"

Kagome smiled at her tone, so positive and happy. Kagome hated to burst her bubble but she couldn't really see herself getting settled here or anywhere else but in an isolated area. Stupid Miko powers!

Inutaisho was looking at her chosen subjects she wanted to study at this school. Archery, gym, maths, history, biology, song and health & healing. He smiled a little and said "Smart girl, all good choices here. Work hard and you'll get along well with the teachers, but I have to add, you must mingle with the students a lot as well. Friends are rare and well valued here"

Kagome smiled again, friends… a home…

There was a knock at the door and then a girl with pink eye-shadow and long brown hair, tied back funnily in an ancient Japanese style that suited her, peered around the door. She had brown eyes that seemed too bright and a happy face that was nice to see.

She had ripped jeans and a "Look away from the light" T-shirt that seemed to be made for her, it had short sleeves and she had her hands on her hips, with a small bag hanging off her shoulder.

"Hello!" she said happily. There was a funny glow around her like an aura, Kagome wondered if she was seeing with Miko powers then Izayoi held up a hand to shield her eyes and the girl seemed to realise the light and frowned a little then it dimmed and went out. "Sorry, I'm just excited to meet the new room mate"

Inutaisho shook his head fondly. "Kagome this is Sango Lantern. She is one of your dormitory room mates. Sango this is Kagome Higaraish"

Kagome looked at Sango and smiled shyly.

Sango almost ran up to her and spoke in a rush "Hey! I'm so happy to meet you! I've been looking forwards to seeing our new student, have you got your stuff? That's not a lot… hmmm. I'll have to take you shopping and-"

Izayoi laughed and said "Sango, remember to breathe"

Sango laughed as well and looked back at Kagome smiling again "I'm sorry, I'm just happy to meet you, but I already said that… you don't talk much do you?"

Kagome smiled and to be honest, she was unsure of what to say. "Hello…" she murmured out "Um…"

Izayoi put a hand on her shoulder "Sango is head of your dorm. She'll look after you"

Sango nodded and smiled a little more calmly. "Do you have any more bags?"

"No" Kagome said looking at the large yellow bag and the small black travelling case as well as a small green toiletries bag with her essentials.

Sango picked up the biggest bag and said "Thank you, Master Inutaisho. I'll take care of her"

Inutaisho nodded approvingly. "I know you will" he rumbled in his deep voice "And ask Inuyasha to come and see me later, will you?"

Sango nodded and walked Kagome out of the office. "Well, welcome to Halfbreed high, I guess…" Sango said quietly.

Kagome nodded but still felt a little sad. "It looks like a cool place…"

Sango nodded looking excited again. "I'll show you around, after we go to the dorm. You're in the west dorm. It's the best! We have a wonderful view of the forest and lake. But we are also furthest away from the cool clubs, but you can't have everything"

Kagome laughed "I've heard that before"

Sango rolled her eyes "So where did you come from?"


"Always wanted to go there…"

"Why didn't you?"

Sango looked down a little sadly "I'm a quarter light demon"

Kagome gasped "The light around you…"

Sango nodded "If I get too excited or upset, or feel any strong emotion, my light aura reflects it. And the stronger the emotion, the brighter the light. Mistress Izayoi is trying to teach me self control, but when I'm in a strange place I get so scared and excited that I can't help but glow then everyone knows what I am… I'm useless at that stuff"

Kagome smiled and said "I don't have good control either, I blew up the gym at the last school I went to"

Sango threw back her head and laughed "What? You kidding? That is so cool!"

Kagome liked the girl and smiled and chattered to her all the way outside. Then Sango put a finger to her lips and then looked up into a tree then growled and continued walking. "What was that about?" Kagome asked.

Sango sighed "Miroku Sonar. My private stalker, I swear he follows me everywhere. He says he loves me, then goes off and flirts with other women" she growled up at the trees again.

Sango pointed out all the best club houses and the swimming lake and the gym. Kagome saw that it was a really awesome place. The children and teens all waved happily and didn't seem to mind her at all. She noticed that a few of them had very strange colouring and even animal features like tails and ears!

Sango walked into a big hall like building, there were lots of rafters in the roofs and curtains for bed dividers. Students were in the roof and on the floor as well as on the walls and window sills. Sango said "This is west dorm daytime common room"

The children all waved and shouted hello. Sango said to everyone "Hey all. This is Kagome Higaraish. She's our new room mate, lets make her feel welcome, but remember she's a little shy so don't throw a million questions at her, alright?"

Everyone agreed and went back to their own thing with friendly smiles and waves and hello's.

Sango pushed her way through the crowds and then pulled Kagome into a corridor that was long and wide and had lots of curtains, Sango pulled one to the side. "This is you" it was a simple room a little like a hospital cell. The roof was brown and the curtains all had drawings on them and were see through really, the wooden floor was warm on her feet and when she sat down on the bed she felt it shift under her then looked again to see a bed like her one at home. The small space shifted itself to fit her, it looked a lot like her old room but was freer and cleaner and had more bright colours and a lovely plushy carpet.

"Wow" Kagome said.

Sango looked around impressed. She leaned against the only solid wall there and then stood away when a chest of draws and a big shelf appeared. "Yeah, this room was made with magic so you can choose how it looks but the basics will be here"

Kagome smiled. "I like it"

Sango smiled and dumped her stuff on the floor. "Now a quick run over on the rules. One, toilets are at the end of the dorm, girls right, boys left. Don't get it wrong. Two, lights out at ten on a weekday and no later than half twelve on a weekend. Three, any mess you make, you clean up. Sweet wrappers and crap like that. Four, you are only allowed in this room unless you have permission from others to go into their sections. Five, if you feel ill go to the sick room that's in-between the toilets. Someone should be there shortly after you arrive and if you are seriously ill, the healers will take you to the healers ward in the main school. Six, not allowed outside after ten and not in the common room after eleven."

Sango counted her fingers then nodded.

"And that's about it, keep those rules in mind and you'll get along here fine, I'm head of this dorm, you see, and any rule breaking has to be punished even if you are my friend, we can't be biased. Come on, you can unpack later. I'll introduce you to my friends"

Kagome took the light demons hand and late herself be pulled out of her little room and to a staircase that lead up onto a glass domed roof that was the common room.

I think Sango would be too chatty as a normal teen so I made her very excitable because she is often very sad in the anime.

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