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- 18 A Single Soul -

In a healing room four weeks later Izayoi sat by her son and held his hand, waiting. Inuyasha just laid where he had been placed, even breathing and even heartbeat to the machine to his left.

There was a tube stuck under his nose to give him the air he needed to heal faster. There were several pads stuck to his chest and temples that were hooked up to various machines that both monitored him and kept him alive at the beginning of the treatment.

Izayoi and Inutaisho waited for their son to wake. For a month they waited and took turns to be by his side.

And finally after a month Inuyasha stirred.

He heard the bleeping that sounded like his alarm clock and it was irritating him, he slowly squinted his eyes open. He hurt everywhere! His skin felt like it had been peeled and then stuck back on, his bones felt as if someone had torn them out and replaced them badly, his head pounded in time with the bleep and his eyes could barely see things blurry.

A figure appeared in his sight. "Inuyasha?" a voice asked, his hand was squeezed gently.

Inuyasha forced his voice and mouth to work "Mum…?" he asked his voice sounding choked and hoarse. He felt like shit.

"Thank Kami… I'm here, Inuyasha" his mother murmured back softly.

Inuyasha smiled and fell asleep again. Inutaisho walked through the door and said "He's awoken?"

Izayoi nodded "Yes, but he's asleep again, now. He must be really weak…"

"Go get some rest, Izayoi, I'll watch over him for a while"

Izayoi smiled gratefully "Thank you dear, wake me the second he wakes"

"I will" Inutaisho promised and took her place by his son's bed.

Inuyasha properly woke up three hours later. He opened his eyes and blinked at the brightness. Then he felt the tube up his nose and raised a hand to rip it away. "Oh no, you don't" a deep voice said and his hand was strayed.

Inuyasha looked towards the source of that voice "Dad?"

Inutaisho was there and he picked up a phone and sent a message then Izayoi was there as well. "Oh, Inuyasha!" she sobbed and hugged him tightly.

Inuyasha held her back, his pounding head feeling a bit better with her scent in his nose. "Mother…"

Inutaisho saw his son's discomfort and quickly shut down the bleeping machine and Inuyasha pulled off all the wires and sat up. "What happened?" he groaned as the room swayed around him. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the wall for support.

Izayoi put a cup of medicine in his hand "Drink this, you'll feel better" she told him in a motherly voice. He obeyed and soon the room stopped acting like an ocean liner and stayed still.

"That's better" he sighed "What happened to me?"

Inutaisho answered "The soul of Kikyo tried to destroy you and Kagome, and she nearly managed it…"

Inuyasha nodded, remembering. "Why wasn't I killed?" he asked softly. "That spell, I should be…"

Izayoi touched his mating mark and he flinched away from the contact. It was instinctive, only Kagome, his mate, was allowed to touch that place on his neck. Izayoi sighed "You didn't die because you mated with Kagome" she explained further when Inuyasha looked at her as if she was talking caveman. "Your souls merged and both of your bodies changed slightly, you have become more resistant to Miko powers than any normal demon or human… if you hadn't mated with her, you'd be dead…"

Inuyasha sighed then sat bolt upright "Where's Kagome? Is she…" Izayoi and Inutaisho looked at each other nervously. Inuyasha feared the worst "She's not… Kikyo didn't…"

Inutaisho shook his head "She's alive, but barely…"

Inuyasha didn't need another word, he was out of bed and staggering towards Kagome's scent, ignoring his mother's protests and shaking off his father's arms that tried to force him back. Kagome…

He staggered into a room where her scent was coming from and what he saw made his heart skip several beats in horror.

Kagome lay on her bed with her eyes closed and her black hair like a halo around her, her skin was a deathly white and her hands were neatly folded under her breasts with flowers placed there smelling strongly of Shiori and Shippo. Kagome was thin and looked very sick and weak. Inuyasha staggered to her side and put a hand on her cheek. She was icy cold, if it weren't for her shallow breathing and the bleeping of her slow heartbeat anyone would have seen her as dead.

"She wasn't so lucky" Izayoi said softly, putting a hand on her son's shoulder. "Your mating strengthened her body enough to stay alive but her soul is what's wounded the most. Kikyo damaged her a lot from the inside. Jinenji and the other healers worked on her for three days with no change"

Inutaisho put a hand over Kagome's "She woke up once but was insane, her soul and mind were so badly damaged, she was torturing herself, it was too cruel to keep her awake like that. Jinenji put her into a healing coma. Her soul was so badly hurt it's possible that she'll never fully recover, or recover at all… I'm sorry Inuyasha…"

Inuyasha only half heard them. Kagome…

Later that night Inuyasha sat by her bed like his mother had done with him, holding her hand and trying to will her awake again. "Kagome… I don't know if you can hear me, but if you can; I need you, Kagome. I need you to wake up and be with me… You're my mate… I love you. I won't let you leave me! Kagome! Wake up!" he sobbed out brokenly.

Kagome stayed that way for another week and a half. Jinenji said the next day very sadly "I've done everything I can for her. I doubt she'll wake up now, no human can survive this long without nourishment"

Inuyasha never left her side.

One night he traced her mating mark softly, remembering the way she had come into his life and changed it all, turned it upside down and showered him in a light that would never burn out, with one simple promise; I'll always be by your side…

Careless claws broke the skin of the mark and he whispered an apology and bent down to lick the blood off. When his tongue touched her skin his demon suddenly took over. He found himself pulling her into a sitting position against him, his fangs lengthened as a part of his demon came to the surface, but it would never come to hurt her as it was almost humane around her, then her bit her mating mark, repiercing the scar exactly.

When that happened he could sense her soul. It was pitiful, torn apart and broken inside her. He gently reached out with his own soul and slowly pieced her own soul back together, using a part of him to fix her up.

He unknowingly joined them together even tighter than before. He saw how damaged she was, Kikyo had ripped her soul apart like a wild animal and Inuyasha was the merciful god who was gently putting the broken angel back together again. Soothing her hurts and pains and showing her more warmth and love than ever before.

Kagome slowly came back to herself. Inuyasha completed her soul and felt a part of her reach for him and tangle itself deep inside his own soul, permanently merging them as one soul, aching for the other.

Kagome sighed and her head sifted slightly against his shoulder. Inuyasha opened his eyes and pulled his fangs and teeth from the wound and tenderly licked it closed. Kagome woke up to the blissful sensation and raised a hand and placed it on his back.

Inuyasha froze then pulled back to look at her, afraid to hope.

She was awake!

Her brown eyes tired and sleepy yet filled with love for him, a pretty blush just leaving her cheeks that held onto that rosy colour and her heartbeat timed with his own as he held her close.

"Inuyasha…" she whispered out softly then fell limp as her exhaustion claimed her once again.

Inuyasha cried silently into her hair and held her like that until she stirred again. The morning light lit her up like an angel. "Inuyasha… you're alright?" she whispered out gently.

He didn't answer her "Kagome" he held her so tightly she had trouble breathing. "Don't you dare try and leave me again!" he growled at her and then put her down on the bed. "Yes, I'm alright. Everyone is. Nobody on our side died"

Kagome sighed in relief "The Last Shadow?"

Inuyasha scowled darkly "Dead. Kikyo or killed the last of them off, too insane to realise that they were only humans… we took care of any survivors who would be mad enough tot try that again…" he was playing with her hair as he answered her questions.

Kagome purred a little "How long was I… asleep"

Inuyasha shook his head and shrugged "Not sure, a week and a half longer than I was. Mother never told me how long I was out for"

Kagome nodded "Kikyo?"

He half smirked "She tried to take us with her when she died… Mum told me that if we hadn't mated then we'd be resting in peace and pieces right now… Your body was strengthened by mine and I was more resistant to purification because of you…"

Kagome smiled a little then murmured "I'm starving"

Inuyasha smiled and then said "Jinenji and my parents will be here soon-"

"No I'm hungry now!" she whined, interrupting him defiantly.

He sighed and moved into the office and came back with a fruit basket that smelt a lot like Ayami. Cheers Ayami… he thought.

Kagome eagerly ate half the basket then as she reached for the water pail Inuyasha moved it out of her reach. She started to complain but he quickly took a sip and then kissed her mouth to silence her. Kagome felt the water pass into her mouth and she sighed then giggled. "I could do it myself you know" she scolded, still laughing a little.

He grinned, golden eyes flashing in the dawn light. "What fun would that be?" but he let her have the glass anyway. She drank, spilling it over her chest and neck in her eagerness, then sighed contentedly.

"Never knew water could be sooooo good" she sighed out. Inuyasha smirked and lowered his head to kiss and lick up the lingering moisture on her skin causing her giggle again. "Down boy" she scolded lightly caressing his ears and letting him claim her lips. When her every part of exposed skin had been kissed and cared for she pushed him back as she straitened her nightgown, but never leaving his arms.

The door opened and Izayoi and Inutaisho entered and gasped when they saw Kagome, awake and looking perfectly healthy again.

Izayoi let out a cry of joy and ran to hold her tightly. "Thank the Gods" she cried out and kissed her daughter in law's pretty face and hair over and over "Are you alright? Does anything hurt?"

Kagome held her back and cried a little as well "Mother… don't be sad, I'm alright"

Inutaisho put a hand on Izayoi's shoulder "Calm down dear, let her breathe. Good to see you've awoken Kagome"

Kagome reached up and held him in a hug. "Good to be back, father…" Inutaisho smiled as his daughter in law used that term.

Later that day Inuyasha supported Kagome as they made their way into the west dorm. Kagome had been gaining strength all day and wanted to surprise her friends by turning up unexpectedly. But she didn't know how fast news could travel…

When they entered the common room everyone jumped out of their hiding places yelling "Surprise!"

Sango hugged the shocked couple "Welcome back!" she greeted warmly and excitedly. Her aura flashing so may colours it was almost white.

Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at her and said "When did all this happen?"

Koga laughed and appeared next "Your dad told us, of course! We just used all the spare decorations from our last party! By the way, you have never looked so scraggily mutt face"

Ayami elbowed him in the ribs "Ignore him! Kagome! I thought you were down for the count!" she yelled and hugged her so tightly Kagome felt her ribbs shift!

Kagome laughed "You can't get rid of me that easily!"

Inuyasha high fived Ayami and said "Why aren't I getting the attention?"

Miroku appeared with drinks "Because you are a stubborn son of a bitch- no offence to your mother- and we all know you wouldn't die like that, it would take about three of those insane women to take you on in a fair fight"

"Here, here" Shippo cheered.

Shiori was flying around throwing flowers and streamers while Sango became a disco light and Miroku took care of the music. The lively dorm was soon crashed by the other three dorms; north, south and east.

The entire school was a party zone.

Kagome was hoisted up onto her friends shoulders and then she grabbed a vine that grew on the side of the tallest tower and, with Shiori's flying help, climbed to the top of the tallest tower.

Inuyasha saw where she had gone and followed her. She pulled him over the balcony and then with the cheering crowds of hanyou's beneath him stole a kiss as the fireworks set off behind them.

Inuyasha laughed "I guess they are trying to say- welcome home, beautiful" he kissed her cheeks and eyes again and she sighed against him.

"Home…" her eyes lit up and she laughed. What pain she had endured didn't matter any more in comparison for this happiness; loyal friends that made her laugh and smile, a family that had welcomed her with open arms and a warmth that chased away the chilling memories of her past, but best of all; her lover, Inuyasha, the most amazing man on the planet. Protective, caring, sweet, sexy, funny, demanding and made in such a way that she couldn't help but love him.

He was looking back at her in a similar fashion. Beautiful, adorable, alluring, bossy, sweet, hilarious and fashioned just for him. He loved her more than anything in the world, or larger!

Lips locking again they were bathed in the light of the fireworks and the wonderful love they had discovered inside the other.

Kagome smiled gently against his warm lips and knew that from that moment on she would be happy…

The End

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