WARNING: Contains minor racism phrases and bad language.

The characters behave this way and I tried to make it as realistic as I could. I do not mean any harm or offence to any one. Thank you, enjoy the story!



Life is too short, that's why I make the most of each day in every possible way. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who does; God gave us life and we should be thankful for it. The only problem is that God doomed my life when I was born. Why does the colour of my skin come before my personality? 'The colour of a man's skin is less important than his courage and determination' Shakespeare once said.

My skin is as pale as the moon and my hair is the colour of mud. In other words, I am a nought. Most people say my kind were cursed when we were brought into this world and I might aswell be dead. But I disagree, God created us for a reason and one day that reason will be made clear.

Mum interrupted my thoughts by knocking on my bedroom door. I stopped chewing the lid of my pen as I spun around on my chair to face her. She stood in the doorway like she was afraid to come in.

'Dinner's on the table, Callum,' she told me with a smile and our eyes met. The eye contact broke when she marched back down the staircase. At the thought of food, I dropped my pen onto my desk and followed her. Homework could wait, I was ravenous.

When I entered the kitchen, my eyes came across Dad who sat at the dinner table reading today's newspaper. An empty chair was next to him, reserved for Mum. Next to it was Jude, his eyes narrowed at his fork and his hair ruffled. The chair opposite him was empty, the chair which my sister Lynette once sat on and ate with us.

Almost a year ago, Lynette walked in front of a car and was instantly killed. I still remember seeing the police at our door and hearing mum's non-stop screaming. I remember seeing Jude's liquid eyes and Dad's serious face. Everything felt like a dream at that moment, and my life still does.

Coming back to reality, I sat down next to Lynette's empty chair and played with my cutlery. None of us spoke or even glanced at eachother. When Mum joined us at the table, we began to eat our pasta bake and drink our fresh milk.

'How was your first day at school, Callum?' Mum asked me and I pretended that I hadn't heard her.

'Your mother asked you a question, Callum,' Dad snapped and I glared at him. Why were they so obsessed with my life?

'Great,' I mumbled and I carried on eating.

'No it wasn't!' Shouted Jude across the table.

'Jude, don't shout,' interrupted Mum.

'From what I heard, your day was shit,' Jude carried on.

'Jude, watch your mouth!' Yelled Dad but Jude didn't even glance at him.

'All the Crosses were cheering outside the school gates saying 'NO BLANKERS IN OUR SCHOOL'. Then that Nought girl got punched in the face, didn't she? Here comes the good bit, your dagger friend comes in and tells everyone they're behaving like animals.'

Furiously, I jumped to my feet and glared at him. I could feel my face getting red and my blood boiling.

'Don't call her that,' I hissed and Jude only smirked.

'That's what she is though, isn't she? A dagger bitch. Just like your a blanker, and blankers shouldn't go to school,' he snarled.

'That's enough, Jude!' Dad exclaimed, thank God for that. If Dad hadn't have stopped him, I would have and it would have been in a violent way.

'We're very proud of Callum being one of the four Noughts who get to go to school,' added Mum with her eyes focused on my idiotic brother.

'I wouldn't have got in if it wasn't for Sephy,' I murmured quietly but loud enough for them to hear.


'I thought we told you never to see that girl again,' Mum told me as if I didn't know.

'You wanted me to get into school, didn't you?' I asked and Mum's gaze dropped. 'Sephy provided me with the knowledge I needed to know for the test.'

'Yes and we're grateful for that but you violated my orders.'

'What do you have against her?'

'You know what they did to your mother,' Dad butted in and Mum sighed sadly.

'Leave it, Ryan. He'll never understand,' she sighed and Dad carried on eating.

'Yes I do understand!' I cried and he looked up from his plate. 'I know Mrs Hadely fired you from being Sephy's nurse. But what happened between you two is not mine or Sephy's business. You worked with Sephy all your life, you know that she is innocent and is definetly not like her mother.'

'We don't speak of the Hadelys in this house, Callum, you know that. Now sit down,' Dad said and I obeyed his orders. Why can't I be friends with Sephy? Mum and Dad hate her just because she's a Cross. Anway, she had really pissed me off to day...


All four of us sat on the couch in the lounge watching the news. Nervously, I glanced at Dad who had his legs crossed and his fingers tapping his chin. He had his serious look on, did he already know? Mum was sat next to him, her black hair tied back in a bun and her dark eyes focused on the television. Minnie sat next to me reading her book and twisting strands of her dark hair with her finger.

The room was awkwardly silent and I grew uncomfortable. My fingers tapped my thigh as I fixed my eyes to the television; dreading what was going to come next.

Today, four Noughts attended Heathcroft High School around nine o'clock in the morning.

Minnie tutted and went back to reading her book. After rolling my eyes, I glanced at her and went back to watching the news.

At first, all didn't go well for the pale-skinned new comers when most of Heathcroft's students protested outside the school that they wouldn't have Noughts in their school.

'NO BLANKERS IN OUR SCHOOL!' They could be heard screeching in the background of the newsreporter.

The screen turned to the protesters screaming and shouting outside the door to the school building with posters and signed in their hands. All my friends were in the crowd and it made me feel betrayed. The camera zoomed in on the four noughts trying to enter the school. I spotted Callum immediately next to a fair haired nought girl. His grey eyes and dark brown hair could be spotted in a crowd of thousands. The girl was trying to get as close to himas she could, thinking she would be safe at his side.

The protesters felt victorious when a nought called Shania was punched in the face and fell to the ground...

Callum was now on his knees, trying to help the poor girl to her feet. When I noticed her head was bleeding, I felt sorry for her.

Persephone Hadely, daughter of Kamal Hadely had a hand in stopping the fracas...

'I'm going to my room. I've got homework to do,' I said and I leapt to my feet.

It was too late.

The camera zoomed in on my little self in the huge crowd.

'STOP!' I screamed at the top of my lungs from the television screen. The crowd carried on protesting as loud as they could. 'STOP! STOP IT NOW! CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE?' The crowd fell silent and turned to face me, including Callum. 'YOU'RE BEHAVING LIKE ANIMALS. L-LIKE BLANKERS!'

I closed my eyes and sighed after I heard the word 'blankers'. Slowly, I sat back down and bowed my head, knowing that I was in serious trouble. In the screen, I could see Callum staring at me. His eyes wide with shock and his face expression blank. I had a clear image of his thoughts at that moment. Did she really just say that? I can't believe she...no she can't...it seems real...she really did! And so on; I wouldn't be surprised if he hated me.

Dad switched off the television and I looked up from my lap. All of my family members's eyes were on me.

'Explain yourself,' growled Dad as he sat back, wearing a face expression saying 'this will be interesting'.

'I don't what came over me,' I admitted with a sigh.

'Neither do we!' Shouted Mum, I knew she'd be the first to pop. 'Are you out of your mind?'


'She's just a blanker-lover,' smirked Minnie. I hated her and her pathetic little comments.

'No I'm not!' I spat and I crossed my arms like a spoiled six year old.

'You might as well go join them.'

'Shut your mouth you little-'

'I think that's enough for one night!' Dad interrupted us as he got to his feet and strolled over to the door. 'Sephy, you're grounded.' With that, he left us all silent in the room.

'You're so stupid,' Mum muttered under her breath, but I heard her.

'Touché,' I snapped back before getting up and leaving. Parents, I hate them!