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I Can Only Watch

I can only watch as she tries to live her life without us, without me. I'm happy she survived incident with the demoniacs and Xargin; I'm glad she didn't come across the same fate that I have met. God only knows how much happiness swells within my chest while I repeat in my mind that she didn't 'die' like me. Even though she has said it countless times when I was alive I still can't shake the feeling that I'm no longer human. But now, I guess that's alright. I got to protect her didn't I? That's the only thing that matters. I still remember that day when I told her, despite my feelings, to find someone and settle down, maybe even start a family. That smile she gave me was so sad but I knew she understood. Even when I watched her walk away I still couldn't stop my stomach from clenching painfully, but I still smiled and waved goodbye. It's been seven years now since that day and I know that I'll never come to regret it. Amanda has two children now, two beautiful children, and their names are Edith and Adam. They look so much like her and her husband Gregory. Edith looks so much like Amanda with her curled pink locks and blue eyes, but unlike her mother she was quite the shy one. Adam looked like his father with his slightly spiked brown hair and hazel eyes, and he was very protective of Edith. Amanda looks so happy, something I've wished to see for so long. Even if I can only watch her I'll still be by her side, even if I can't be a part of her life.


A/N: I just feel like doing tiny drabbles. In this drabble I let Hermann be alive instead of dead like he is at the end of the series. It still would've been nice if Hermann and Joseph lived, I love those two. Review if you can, I'd like some advice on what I should do or you guys have any ideas. Shoot away :D

BTW Gregory, Adam, and Edith do not exist in the anime, I created them solely for the story. :P