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Torn, chapter 68:
"He hesitates for the longest time, and I can't move. I'm not sure if I'm ready, and I'm not even sure if that means I should tell him to wait or push through it.

I don't know.

At that moment, Edward's phone chirps, signaling an incoming text message. He doesn't look, but the spell is broken, giving me the strength to place my hands over his and step away from him."

Wanna know who texted?

Emmett's joke

Prom - the after party.
The diner in Forks.

"I think I'll send them a text."

"Emmett, you are not doing that," Rosalie hisses in a whisper. The fact she makes herself audible over the music bears testament of how sharp said whisper is.

"Oh, but I am," I reply easily. "Come on, Rose, it's funny and you know it."

She jumps up again, trying in vain to reach the cell phone that I am holding out of her reach.

I won't be getting any tonight, but hell, it's going to be worth it.

"Emmett," Rosalie pleads. "You'll offend him."

This takes me off guard a little. "Since when do you care about offending Edward?" Besides, she doesn't even know what I want to send.

"Because," she spits, clearly not willing to elaborate. "Just don't do it."

"Who knows what you will interrupt," Jasper says, a snicker in his voice.

Alice, not amused, slaps the back of his head. "Why not have them let their night?" she says, frowning at me. "Why meddle?"

I frown right back at her. "Knowing them, they're standing side by side, awkward as fuck, afraid to even look at each other. I won't be interrupting anything. And I'm not meddling."

Three pairs of eyes glare at me.

I shake my head. "I shouldn't even have told you. You have no sense of humor." Still convinced of my own hilarity, I press 'send message' before they can stop me.

Right at that moment, Lauren waltzes up to us, clearly a bit tipsy from the cough-not-so-alcohol-free-cough punch.

"Where's Edward?" she drawls. She's swaying a little. If I didn't hate her guts so much, I'd pity her.

"Not here," Rosalie says icily.

God, I love her.

"Too bad. I would have been real nice to him tonight," she purrs, oblivious to the sudden drop of temperature in the room.

"Please bore someone else with your filth," Rosie says, waving her away.

"He's with Bella," Lauren's friend, whatsherface, says, giggling. "Playing checkers or something."

They both squeal, and Jasper's fists clench as my vision tinges red. Rosalie places her hand in my arm to keep me in check. I mean, I know I just made fun of them, too, but that's different, you know?

When they are gone again, I look back at my phone.

"What did you send, anyway?" Alice asks. She pries the phone from my hand with deft fingers and looks at the screen. A moment later, she slaps her hand against her mouth and bursts out in giggles. "You're horrible!" she exclaims.

Jasper looks too, and he smiles as well. "Maybe he'll reply," he says with a smirk as he hands the phone to Rose. "Maybe he'll say 'yes.'"

"That would be something," Alice says, but from the corner of my eye, I see Rosie shaking her head, a sad look in her eyes.

"Maybe," she says, her voice almost drowned out by the music. "But I doubt it."

My funny text is suddenly not so funny anymore, but I can't take it back. Knowing my brother though, he will most likely have his phone on silent on a night like this. He will be wholeheartedly and completely focused on Bella.

I look at my screen, and press the button so the words light up once again.

Hey, bro, have you kissed her yet?