The Lerner household

"Happy birthday Haylie" said Emma and Nate Lerner, today was Haylie Lerner's fourth birthday.

"Mommy when I can have my presents"? Said a little Haylie. Emma replied "when we get to aunty liv and Uncle Daniel's house".

The Williams' household

"Mom when is Haylie going to get here I want to open my birthday presents it is my fourth birthday" shouted an exited birthday girl year old sienna, Haylie and sienna were not only cousins but the best of friends.

The Lerner family were stood outside liv and Daniel's front door they rang the doorbell and liv opened the door.

"Happy birthday Haylie" said sienna and haylie instantly replied "happy birthday sienna". Olivia Williams appeared at the door she hugged her little brother and then moved to hug her best friend.

Emma and liv had been insuperable since they were two well that doesn't count the six months of utter hatred during their engagements. (A/N Emma was engaged to fletcher but the wedding was called off at the ceremony).

"Em I'll go get the presents from the car" whispered Nate.

He made sure Haylie and sienna did not hear him, as he stepped outside he felt like he was being followed he slowly turned to see two little girls whistling an looking slightly guilty.

"Hey girls what are you up too?" he slowly said, Haylie replied innocently "nothing daddy."

3 Hours later

"So you two do you like your presents" Liv asked, there was no reply the little girls were too busy playing with all their new toys.

"Sis we better get going Haylie is already tired but it has been a great day thanks both of you" Nate said, Emma added "Hay we really need to go".

"MOM please can we stay just a bit longer, PLEASE!" Haylie pleaded.

"Hay I will see you tomorrow at school we can show everyone what we got" said Sienna as she yawned.

The Williams household.

Liv and Daniel were sat on the sofa watching a film Sienna had been in bed for a little while this was one of the rare times that the house was peaceful, quiet and a child free zone.

They always enjoyed being alone together even if it was just spent just sitting together and being close.

Liv turned towards Daniel and whispered in his ear "I love you so much", he simply replied with the words "I know". Liv playfully then punched him in the arm.

The Lerner household

Emma and Nate were tidying their house, it felt like a lifetime since they had got married and bought this little house in manhattan.

"Nate do you remember twenty years ago I was eleven and had never been to the zoo and your parents said they would take me" asked Emma, Nate replied with a simple "yes why".

"I think that is when I saw you as my friend and not just my best friends little brother that tagged along" Nate just looked at his wife and smiled.