Love planet. The only place where Dante can find peace and quiet…Well, perhaps not the quietest place in the world and certainly not the most peaceful place in the town, but it was better than Devil May Cry. He snorted .More likely Dante May Go Mad.

Some club music was playing and the girls were dancing and grindding against each other ,or a lucky bastard.

'' Hey there handsome, you look lonely. Is it anything I can do to ease your stay? Or something to relax you, mm? ''a way too sugary voice asked.

Dante shifted his eyes from his drink, to the… abomination that was his so supposed, seducer. Large eyes and plump lips were the only female features .The rest… well, let's say that the rest were quite manly to begin with.

''Sorry…Miss but I think I might be going home now'' He quickly threw a tenner on the counter and made a bee-line to the exit. Though he didn't miss the disappointment in his face.

The streets were empty at this hour, except for the occasional drunkard or stray dog . It was quite a nice night if it wasn't for the late hour and the putrid stench of a corpse. Wait…this wasn't the smell of a rotting animal, it was the smell of a fresh killed person.

Cursing Dante ran into the nearest alley. There .The culprit, a demon which looked like a cow and a hippopotamus all mixed together. Finally something to take his frustrations out on it.

My 1st like I should mention that English is my second and I know this is kinda of short but is only the beginning