Tales of War

The Federation of Green States is a large, peaceful nation located in Central Park in New York City. The four states' borders are as follows. The Pond State bordered by 59th Street to south and 65th Street to the north. This is where a majority of the Green States' industrial sectors are located. The Great Lake States' are bordered to the south by 65th Street and 79th Street to the north. This is where most of the Federation of Green States' population is centered. The Great Lawn State is the capital of the Federation. To the north it is bordered by 85th Street and the southern border is 79th Street. Finally there is the Reservoir State. This state is where most of the country's agriculture is. The Reservoir that takes up most of this states' eastern side is home to vast amounts of oil and natural gas which the Federation readily exploits. Its northern border is the heavily fortified 97th Street and its southern border is 85th Street.

The nation of the United Socialist Tan Republics lies directly north of the Reservoir State. Although it is tin compared to the Federation, its population is nearly double the size and heavily militarized. Led by the dictator General Yuri Kamorov, the USTR has been locked in a cold war with the FGS for nearly twenty years. The fear of its citizens running to the more democratically free FGS caused the USTR to build a wall running the length of its southern border 97th Street. General Kamorov always worried about an invasion from the FGS so he maintains a massive military. The Tan Army and Air Force is a force to be reckoned with. Due to fighting several prolonged wars against Grey guerrilla fighters in its north-western borders, very few units do not have direct combat experience. The superb state of the Tan military is due only to one fact; most if not all of its resources go towards the military. The USTR's civilians suffer great hardships due to the government placing the military before more communal programs. The only part of the Tan infrastructure that meets and in some places (mostly near the southern border) exceeds it Green counterpart is the road system. The Tan military chief of staff realized how important good roads were if its military would someday repulse a FGS invasion by being able to move units around quickly. All other systems of the Tan infrastructure are lacking funding or completely non-existent. A joke among FGS intelligence analyst is that the Tan people cry out for bread and butter but the government churns out tanks and guns instead. The average Tan male has few opportunities. That is why most join the Army or Air Force for a warm bed, a semi-warm meal, and a small paycheck to send back home to family and friends. Plus they learn the most important skill a male Tan can ever learn; how to kill. Tan women don't have many more opportunities than their male counterparts. If they do not go to the birthing clinics than they usually join the Army or Air Force as stretcher bearers, pilots, medics, intelligence agents, or nurses. All of these factors make one thing evident; the Union of Socialist Tan Republics is not a country to be taken lightly.

The USTR have always been plagued with problems. The most serious was the growing problem of oil. Oil is what funds the Tan war machine. Without this black gold the vast mechanized component of the Tan Army and the entire Air Force is useless. When reports came in that the USTR was down to just five months' supply the FGS began to notice a sudden increase of military movement along the Tan Wall. The USTR justified this by saying the Grey rebels were making a racket again and they were gathering military units at an assembly point near the Tan Wall so they can crush the Grey rebels in one fatal swoop. The FGS not wanting a major war that was sure to bring devastation upon the peaceful nation gladly accepted the explanation. However as more and more Tan military units amassed along the border, the Green government began getting jittery. The FGS called up reserves and set all units on Alpha 2; be prepared for war. All passes and leaves were canceled as the FGS military scrambled to gather all available troops for the oncoming onslaught of Tan troops. The Green-Tan Resource War was soon to begin.