(Hello everyone! I'm back with another Dead Island story! ^.^ yay! It's basically what I think Jin's life was like before everything that happened in Banoi. This will be in her POV. If you have not finished Dead Island, DO NOT READ THIS! Major spoilers later on! If you have, good for you, continue on. Anyway, since it doesn't really tell how her mother died, I made some stuff up including how they got there. I hope you all like it. Enjoy!)

Memory 1


My mom was the kindest person I knew, she was gentle and passionate about everything she did. Banoi was the place where we all truly were together. Whenever we were home, mom's work kept her busy. It was true for my dad too since he was a proffessional mechanic. My most memorable memories of my mother were ones when she would get home from work. Whenever mom was home, I would stay up just to run into her arms in a tight hug. She would always laugh and hug me back.

"What are you doing awake? Did your father go out on a "late job" again?" that question was one I would always try to avoid. Whenever mom emphasized on the "late job" it meant my father would go out with his co workers and get drunk. Boy did she hate that. Mom would always tell him that drinking in front of me would cause me to do the same thing. She said that he was such a bad influence on me. I would just give her a confused look like I didn't know where he was.

"No. I just wanted to say welcome home! I missed you mommy!" I would then milk it by giving her another tight hug. Yet somehow, she would always know that I was lying for him. That's the kind of kid I was, I was torn between the middle and always cared for others before myself.

"Haha I missed you too honey. Now where is your father?" she gave me a light peck on the forhead and put her coat on the coat hanger. She placed her keys on their usual spot, a small bowl shaped sculpture on the kitchen bar. Then placed her suitcase down next to the coat hanger.

"Well...he's on a late job again."

My mother just laughed. She placed her hand on her hip and cocked it to the side. She gave a light sigh of frustration.

"Your daddy is in SO much trouble." She was kind but if you got her angry, oh boy would you be in trouble. Those were some of the fondest memories I had about her.

Unfortunately, when I turned eighteen, mom got sick. I was helping her with dinner one night and she just collapsed on the floor. At the hospital, I was so worried. Dad was still at work so he couldn't get off to come and see her. His boss wouldn't allow it. I just sat in that waiting room hoping that it was nothing serious. The next day, both me and my day came to visit and the doctor talked with my father alone. Whenever that happens, it normally means it's not good news. I knew then and there that things were going to change forever. The months went by and mom looked worse and worse. I remember sitting on that chair the night she died. The cancer was slowly taking her away. She would start to say things like they were her last words. I didn't want to hear it. I would keep telling her that she was going to be fine and that she would be on her feet soon. She would just hold my hand and smile. She fought so hard to stay with me and dad. She fought four months longer than she was expected to live. Dad was devastated, so devasted to where he became depressed. He would drink every night and didn't go to work for weeks.

I had to do all the housework and I even studied to be a mechanic as well. So I went to work in his place. One day one of my dad's coworkers told me about Banoi. We hadn't been to Banoi since i was sixteen years old. When mom was still alive. I convinced my dad to take a trip with me to Banoi. He was against it at first but he finally caved in. We needed to get away from everything around us and find ourselves again.

Unfortunately...this vacation would be a nightmare for me. My life would soon change forever...on the day that tragedy struck.

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