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Chapter 1

It was Friday afternoon and the Titans were enjoying themselves at their favorite pizza place. Robin and Starfire were holding hands and talking about the date they were going on the next day, Raven was silently chewing on a piece of cheese pizza while reading a book, and Cyborg and Beast Boy were having their usual meat vs. tofu fight.

"Dude, I'm telling you! I'm NOT going to eat meat on my pizza!" Beast Boy said while pointing an accusing finger at Cyborg.

Cyborg just looked at him like he grew a second head. "Are you crazy man!" he yelled while holding up a piece of pizza. "Just look at this! Sausage, pepperoni, pork, and Italian beef all on top of a piece of cheesy perfection." He was practically drooling at this point while Beast Boy looked like he was about to hurl. He breathed in deeply, "Mmmmm. Smell that? That's the smell of meaty goodness."

Beast Boy was going to reply, but he was cut short when he saw a group of people gathering around an alley. "Hey, what's going on over there?" he asked. This got everybody else's attention. Robin and Starfire stopped their conversation to look at the crowd and even Raven looked up from her book.

Cyborg raised an eyebrow. "Dunno. Wanna go check it out?" A few sure's were said and Raven just shrugged indifference. So they got up, paid for their food, and walked over to the alley to see what was going on.

When they got there, Beast Boy started complaining. "Oh man! I can't see anything over this crowd."

"Starfire, do you think you could take a look for us?" Robin asked.

"Most certainly boyfriend Robin." She said happily, flying into the air. She flew over the crowd to the mouth of the alley and saw what everyone was looking at. She gasped and immediately landed while pulling out her communicator. "Robin you must come quickly. I fear that our assistance may be necessary." She told him with a hint of worry in her voice.

"Sure thing Starfire. We'll be right there." She heard him reply.

Robin and the others pushed their way through the crowd and stood shocked at what they saw.

"Dude." Beast Boy said. For once he was speechless.

In front of them, sitting next to the wall of the alley was a figure that looked like he just got into a fight with a train and lost. His clothes, a blue cape, blue steepled hat, yellow shirt with red stripes going down the arms, pants, and leather gloves, were completely torn and frayed. But what really caught everyone by surprise was that his hat, which looked like it was meant to conceal his features, was tipped to the side, revealing pale blue skin and bright yellow hair.

After getting over his shock, Robin went back into hero mode. "Cyborg and Raven check his vitals. See if you can figure who he is and what happened to him."

"On it." Cyborg replied, bringing up his arm scanner. Raven just nodded her head.

"Beast Boy and Starfire you come with me to break up this crowd." Robin said, turning to his girlfriend and the green changeling. They nodded their heads and turned around to start crowd control.

By the time they shooed away the last stragglers, Cyborg and Raven were waiting for them.

"So did you find anything?" Robin asked, looking at Cyborg.

"No man. My scanners aren't picking up anything. It's like he's not even there." He answered.

Robin looked confused but he got over it quickly. "What about you Raven?" he asked the dark empath.

Raven shook her head. "Nothing. Even though he's unconscious there are strong barriers protecting his mind, so I couldn't reach him. But I can tell you one thing, he isn't human."

Robin raised an eyebrow. "Well we can figure that out later. For now let's just take him back to the T-." An explosion and screams cut him off so he didn't get a chance to finish.

The Titans turned around to see smoke billowing from a bank across the street.

"Scratch that." Robin said. "He's going to have to wait. TITANS MOVE!"

There you have it! My first chapter! Who is this blue skinned boy and what happened to him? Find out in the next chapter!

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