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Chapter 11

Quicker than the others could blink, Robin, Cyborg, Herald, and Alistor sprinted down the hall, an enraged Raven trailing close behind.

"Yo Herald! Can't you get us out of here?" Cyborg asked pleadingly.

"No way." Herald said, still running. "She'd just follow us."

"I have never seen her this angry." Robin huffed as they turned a corner.

A loud crash was heard behind them. Alistor risked a look behind him and saw tendrils of black energy wrapping around everything they could reach. His eyes widened in fear and he sped past the other heroes. "May I suggest less talking and more running?" He yelled.

The other three looked and back and, realizing the danger, sped up as well. Unfortunately Cyborg wasn't fast enough in his running. A tendril wrapped itself around his ankle, making him fall to the ground. "Noooooo!" He screamed, extending an arm as the tendril pulled him back down the hall.

Robin was the next to go. He stopped to see what happened to Cyborg and saw him getting dragged away. He reached out for Cyborg's outstretched hand to try and pull him back. "Cyborg!" he yelled. Suddenly two tendrils shot out and wrapped around his arm and mouth. He gave a muffled yell of surprise as he too was dragged away.

Herald and Alistor were frantic at this point. They were both out of breathe as they turned another corner. Their stomachs dropped. A dead end.

Alistor turned to Herald. "You need to get us out of here!" he said in a panicked voice. Herald nodded his head vigorously and raised his trumpet. Before he could sound a note though, the hallway was suddenly shrouded in black energy. The two heroes watched in terror as Raven rounded the corner.

She was livid.

Alistor and Herald slowly backed up to the wall, hands raised in surrender. "Now, now Raven." Alistor said shakily. "No need to do anything drastic. We apologize." Herald nodded his head in agreement. "We're attacking the Collector's men tomorrow remember? Please withhold any mental and/or physical torture until after the mission." He said pleadingly.

Raven glared at them for a moment then she seemed to calm down. "Fine." She turned around and headed back towards the Surveillance Room. Herald and Alistor glanced at each other before following.

Back in front of the Surveillance Room, Alistor and Herald found Robin and Cyborg being consoled. Robin was as pale as a ghost and had Starfire hugging him. Cyborg was shaking so badly it was surprising his parts weren't falling off with Jericho patting him gently on the shoulder.

Beast Boy walked up to Alistor with an amused look on his face. He held up the money up to Alistor. "Uh, I think this is yours."

Alistor quickly took a step back and raised his hands. "No, no. You keep it. It's rightfully yours." He said, glancing at Raven. She nodded her head in approval so he calmed down a bit.

Beast Boy shrugged his shoulders and pocketed the money. Hey, maybe I can use this for the date later. He smiled at the thought.

Alistor walked over to Robin and Cyborg. "Well after that manly plea for mercy, I'm ready for bed. Anyone else?"

Robin and Cyborg nodded their heads shakily. As they got up to leave, Robin turned to Starfire. A little color returned to his features as he went back into leader mode. "Can you show Herald, Jericho, and Alistor where the spare rooms are Star?"

"Most certainly boyfriend Robin." Starfire replied.

Robin nodded his head and turned to the rest of the group. "Okay everyone we have a big day tomorrow, get some rest." Everyone nodded as Robin and Cyborg walked down the hall to their rooms, still shaking slightly.

Raven gave Herald and Alistor one last glare before she to walked down the hall, Beast Boy right behind her.

Starfire led the three of them in the opposite direction and showed them three empty rooms. Each one furnished with a basic bed, dresser, and closet.

Alistor settled into his room and put his hat on the dresser. He looked out the window and ran a hand through his hair. So tomorrow's the big day huh? He sighed and leaned his forehead against the window. Tomorrow I'll finally be able to go home. He enjoyed the coolness of the window for a few seconds longer, then crossed the room, turned off the lights and went to sleep.

Alistor woke to Jericho gently shaking him. Jericho checked to make sure he was really awake before signing, Can you understand me?

Alistor blinked the remaining sleep form his eyes and looked at Jericho. "Yes, I understand you." He said sleepily. As an observer, Alistor had to be well versed in all of Earth's languages, which included sign language.

Jericho smiled widely. Robin wants to discuss the plan. He says to wash up and meet everyone in the Common Room. He signed.

Alistor got out of bed and stretched his arms. "Thank you for telling me. I'll be there in a minute." Jericho nodded his head and left the room.

Alistor grabbed his hat and went to the bathroom across the hall. After a quick shower, he put his clothes and hat back on and went to the Common Room. There he found everyone else sitting either on the couch or at the table.

On the couch Herald was talking to Jericho who was blushing. Alistor raised an eyebrow. He could have sworn he heard Herald say the name Kole. Next to them, Raven and Beast Boy were sitting next to each other. Beast Boy yawned and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes while Raven rolled her eyes and (if you looked closely enough) smiled softly.

Alistor couldn't help but smile at the new couple as he walked over to Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg, who were sitting at the table eating waffles.

"So what's the plan?" Alistor asked, sitting down next to Cyborg.

Robin finished eating and looked at Alistor. "Right. We have the layout of the building thanks to Jericho. The machine your staff is hooked up to is located in a warehouse on the docks. It's heavily guarded with state of the art technology, including sensors that will alert the Collector's men if we try to go anywhere near the building. This isn't a problem since we have Raven and Herald, but they should be expecting us so we'll probably be walking into an ambush. We need to be ready the moment we get there."

Alistor nodded his head. "When will we be leaving?" he asked.

Robin looked around the table, where the other Titans had gathered without Alistor noticing and smiled. "As soon as you're ready."

Alistor looked at the people around him. These people that had become the one thing observers weren't allowed to make. His friends. They were all looking at him with confidence.

Beast Boy placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled confidently. "Ready dude?"

Alistor stood and adjusted his hat. "Well then, let's do this."

The warehouse was completely quiet. The lights were off and everything was shrouded in darkness. Suddenly a large raven shot up through the floor and silently deposited eight figures onto the center of the room.

The moment the raven dissipated, the lights suddenly turned on, revealing no less than fifteen men surrounding the small group, all wearing the same black mask.

The leader with the sword stepped up and looked at Alistor. "You have a lot of guts coming here." He turned to Robin. "This is your last chance whelp. Surrender and nobody gets hurt."

Robin twirled his bo staff. "You really need to think of some new lines."

"Insolent whelp!" the leader spat. "Men, attack!" No sooner had he said this than his men opened fire.

Alistor and Raven got back-to-back and quickly erected barriers around the group.

"Ready?" Robin asked. Beast Boy changed into a pterodactyl and Cyborg charged his sonic cannon. Robin smirked. "Titans, go!"

Beast Boy grabbed Cyborg in his talons and flew through an opening in the top of the barrier. With a yell, Cyborg blasted the men with his cannon.

The men scattered to avoid the blast, freeing the others.

"Move!" Robin yelled.

The heroes scattered, each taking a group of enemies. Robin took the leader again, swinging at his head with his bo-staff, which the leader easily ducked.

Starfire charged three men, firing starbolts and eye beams. The men brunted the assault and began firing at Starfire, who flew higher into the air in order to dodge.

Beast Boy dropped Cyborg to the ground while he flew over a group of enemies that were trying to regroup. Once above them, he changed into a T-Rex. The men scattered in order to avoid being crushed. With a roar, Beast Boy stomped after a small group of men who were backing away to get some distance.

Raven was using her magic to take the men's guns, while Jericho had possessed one soldier and was firing at the others.

Herald and Alistor were helping each other out again. Herald would create portals and Alistor would push them through with his magic. The men would disappear in the rifts only to reappear through another rift in the air and fall a few feet to the ground.

So generally they were causing all sorts of chaos.

The leader swung his sword at Robin, who blocked with his bo-staff. "You can't win!" he laughed. "As long we have the coward's staff we're unbeatable."

Robin growled with the effort of blocking the sword and glanced behind the leader. Raised on a platform was a large machine with wires connecting it to the computer that surrounded it. In the middle of the machine was what could only be Alistor's staff. It was dark blue and had a yellow crescent moon attached to the top. It was glowing with light blue energy that looked like it was being syphoned into the machine the staff was attached to.

So close. Robin thought. If only we could stop that machine, we would be able to win this.

The Titans were quickly starting to lose the battle. No matter what they threw at the enemy, they always got back up. The only thing they had going for them was the fact that Raven had managed to disarm all of them.

The enemy had them surrounded again and they were all tired. They weren't sure how much longer they were going to be able to keep this up.

"Come on men!" the leader yelled. "They can't keep this up for much longer."

One of the men ran up, only to be intercepted by Cyborg, who fired a sonic blast at him point blank. He flew backwards and landed heavily on the ground. He tried to get back up but his arms trembled under his weight and he collapsed again.

The leader's eyes bulged. "What!" he yelled. He looked at the Titans, who were equally surprised, and noticed someone missing. "Where's the coward?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Looking for me?" a voice said from behind.

The leader and his men turned to see Alistor leaned up against the machine his staff was in. The staff had stopped glowing and the machine looked like all the power had been drained out of it.

"Sorry to say that you're technology is useless in my presence." Alistor said. He reached over and pulled his staff out of the machine. He was suddenly surrounded by a blinding light, which caused everyone to look away. When they looked back, Alistor had the staff in his hand and he had a large grin on his face.

He glanced down at the men and his grin turned so wicked that they all took a step back. "I believe this is where I let loose two years' worth of revenge." He pointed his staff at the enemy. "Attack!" he shouted. Fifteen streaks of blue energy shot from it and raced towards the men. Each one hit its target and as each soldier fell back due to the force of the hit, Alistor spun his staff in a circle. "Bind." He said calmly. Each streak wrapped itself around a soldier's ankles. Alistor spun his staff like a lasso and the binds did the same thing to the soldiers.

Once the momentum was good enough, Alistor smiled. "Release." He said with relish and the energy binds vanished, causing the soldiers to fly into the opposite wall.

As the soldiers groaned, Alistor levitated into the air and flew above his grounded foes. He used his staff to trace a large circle around all the enemies. "Ensnare." A blue circle appeared around the men. It glowed brightly as the leader got to his feet.

"Don't think you've won his, you whelp!" He yelled at Alistor. "Our master will hunt you down till the end of time. Hahahahahahahahaha!" With a flash of light all the men disappeared, leaving only an echo of the leader's manic laughter behind.

Alistor flew over to the Titans and lowered himself to the ground.

"Dude, how'd you do that?" Beast Boy asked, eyes wide with awe.

Alistor spun his staff idly. "I told you did I not? I am much stronger with my staff."

Robin walked up to Alistor with a very serious look on his face. "What happened to those men?" he asked.

Alistor glanced at him sideways. "If you're wondering whether or not I killed them, be at ease. While I would have like to punish them a little longer, there are very strict rules about what to do with people like them. I simply sent them to the Observer prison, where they will receive a trial and punishment for their actions." He stopped spinning his staff. "I only wish I could have sent the Collector along with them."

Cyborg walked up and gave Alistor a hard pat on the back. "Well how do you feel man? You don't gave to run anymore."

Alistor closed his eyes wearily. "I feel tired. I think I may have overdone it by transporting that many people." His body started swaying. "I'm sorry to say you might need to carry me back to the Tower." He had barely got out the last word when his knees buckled and he fell unconscious.

Luckily Cyborg caught him before he hit the ground. "Whoa, easy man." He looked at Alistor's hand and laughed. Even unconscious, he was still gripping his staff.

Robin smiled. "Let's head back to the Tower. He can rest up there."

Herald nodded his head and blew a note on his horn, creating a portal to the Tower.

Cyborg immediately started carrying Alistor to the Infirmary, along with Robin and Raven. He gently set him on one of the beds and let Raven try to examine him.

Raven placed a hand on Alistor's forehead and closed her eyes. After a moment, she opened her eyes and removed her hand. "No good." She said shaking her head. "The barrier around his mind is stronger than ever. We'll just have to wait for him to recover on his own."

Robin nodded his head and Raven left the room to go find Beast Boy. Robin turned to Cyborg. "Would you mind waiting here? We need someone to let us know when he wakes up."

"Sure man." Cyborg replied. "I need to make a few repairs anyway."

Robin turned to the door. "Thanks Cyborg." He said while leaving.

The rest of the day went by smoothly. There weren't any crimes going on and Herald and Jericho had decided to stay in Jump City so they could see Alistor off.

The day was starting to end and the sun was setting when Cyborg called everyone on their communicators. "He's up." He said with a grin. Everyone ran to the infirmary to find Alistor getting out of bed and stretching.

"I haven't felt this good in a long time." He said with a smile. He turned to Robin. "Tell me, is there anywhere with a bit more room. It's finally time for me to go home."

Robin smiled. "Sure, follow me." He led them out of the infirmary and up to the roof. "How's this?" He asked.

Alistor stepped forward with eyes wide with wonder. The sun was set perfectly over the bay, giving the city a golden color. "It's beautiful." He said, barely above a whisper. He turned to Robin. "The perfect place to end my stay on Earth." He turned back around and walked to the center of the roof, everyone following him.

He raised his staff and spun it clockwise then counterclockwise. "Open the gate." He chanted. A glowing doorway suddenly appeared in front of him.

Alistor turned to his friends. "Well then, this is goodbye for now." He said sadly.

Robin stepped up and extended his hand. "It was nice meeting you."

Alistor smiled and shook Robin's hand. "The pleasure was all mine." He said, raising his hat.

"Before you go." Robin started. He reached into his belt and pulled out a communicator. "We'd like you to have this." He finished. Alistor blinked and waved his hand. The communicator levitated into the air and floated over to Alistor, stopping just above his hand. "I know you can't use it, but you should still have it. Consider yourself and honorary Titan."

Alistor stared at the Communicator. "Heh. I-I don't know what to say."

Beast Boy laughed. "Just take it dude!"

"Very well then." Alistor looked at them all. He bowed deeply. "Thank you all for everything."

"Yo man, stop getting all sappy on us." Cyborg said. "It's not like you'll be gone forever."

Alistor raised his head. "True. But I don't suspect that this communicator will even work in my realm, so you won't be able to contact me." He turned to Raven and Beast Boy. "Behave yourselves." He said with a mischievous grin.

Raven's eyebrows shot up. "Which reminds me. I haven't punished you yet."

Alistor flinched and started backing up to his portal. "And on that note, I bid you all farewell." With a laugh he jumped through the portal. Leaving only the echo of his laughter behind.

In an unknown location, a man shrouded in darkness observed the touching scene on a T.V. screen.

"Ah, what marvelous specimens." He said, zooming in on each Titan.

He turned to look at a wooden man wearing a crown. "I believe I'll add them to my collection. What do you think, my little puppet?"

The End…for now.

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