AN/ It has been absolutely ages since I have written anything for Gears of War, but after completing Gears of War 3 I was newly inspired to write for the series that got me writing fanfiction in the first place. Now this series will be a collection of drabbles, instances, events and thoughts set after the events of Gears of War 3. This is mostly because since starting college I don't have as much time to write as I have been and this is the best way to get anything written and shared on here for me with my current time scale.

***Be pre-warned. This series will contain spoilers for Gears of War 3 as well as the novels up to 'Coalition's End'.***

There will also on occasion be some strong language.

Anyway, I hope you guys like these, they are simply my thoughts on the events that may occur after the end of the game.

Gears of War and its characters do not belong to me but instead to their respected owners :)

Bit o' Shine

This place, it reminded him a lot of Vectes. A warm comfortable climate with the salty smell of the ocean imbued in the air, it took him right back to his days in the Merchant Navy, of course that was a whole war ago now.

Dizzy took a deep breath of the moist air and let it out slowly with a touch of relief. The war was finally over, this time for certain. Everyone knew it, everyone felt it; the war with the Locust and those hideous Lambent creatures was done. Looking out across the ocean that didn't seem as restless as it looked just yesterday when they arrived here, Dizzy burrowed his hand deep into his shirt pocket and pulled out a metal hipflask.

For a long time Dizzy looked at the beat up container and thought back over his memories with the liquor it contained, his trusty moonshine. All his life he had called upon the beverage, just enough to keep him going, call it a coping mechanism...he was sure everybody had one. Many years ago, E-day to be exact, he had tossed his previous flask out into the sea; he was done with the alcohol for Lena and Richie.

He shook his head still staring at the flask, he'd lost both of them on E-day, he'd been planning to take Richie, his adopted son to his first drink at the bar. Then just like now the world had changed, peace was on the horizon with the Pendulum wars over. It was going to be a new life, a fresh start. Another one hadn't arrived until he had pulled a young woman from the wreckage after Emergence day, it had been a miracle she had even survived the onslaught of the grubs.

Rosalyn. She had died when the twins were young, a sickness that had been spreading through the Stranded camps. He'd saved her and their unborn daughters from the hammer strikes but he hadn't been able to save her from sickness. Back then moonshine was back in his life, this time keeping him and his new family alive as he brewed it to trade for food and other necessities.

Dizzy smiled a little as he looked away from the beat up and almost empty flask. The war really was done, he was sure. His daughters were safe here on Azura, brought along on some of the few remaining ships with the rest of the survivors while Delta rushed to find Adam Fenix.

It was time for a fresh start and he was saying a final goodbye.

Slowly Dizzy Wallin stood up on the Submarine he had been sat on, even though there was no Imulsion and no way to power the boat, he was determined to maintain it until they did find a way of running it.

"Well," He said with a grin and a slight sadness in his eyes "This is g'bye...for good this time." And he curved his arm back behind him before slinging the metal hipflask out across the water.

"Here's ta new beginning's."