While I have dabbled on and off in the world of writing, it was only ever with my own originals. So this being my first fanfic, I'm not sure how well it will turn out. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it. - Rekiah

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"D'ya need me to walk to walk you back?" mumbled the half demon around a mouthful of ramen.

Smiling, Kagome replied, "Finish your lunch Inuyasha. I can manage."

A few hours ago, the group of shard seekers had come across a particularly nasty fire demon with a fragment of the shikon jewel embedded in his body. Inu Yasha had been the one to deal the final blow, but the victory wasn't without casualties.

Sango, who had suffered some minor cuts and bruises, was tending to a more heavily injured Miroku. The monk flinched a few times as Sango cleaned and dressed his wounds. Slight burns marred his left arm and a deep gash snaked over the same shoulder.

Since the sun was still lingering, Kagome felt comfortable leaving the safety of Kaede's hut to make the short trek to the well. Their medical supplies had depleted and Inuyasha was currently finishing off the last of the ramen.

"So I'll be back in a few days then," she said on her way out the door.

"A few days!" she heard the half demon exclaim, followed by some mumbled soothing words from Miroku.

The hike to the well wasn't very long and Kagome didn't feel the need to rush from the exhaustion of the day. Though, she couldn't wait to sink into the warmth, bubbles and comfort of a bath and enjoy a much deserved rest in her own era.

A rest that would have to be put on hold a while longer, she realized, as a faint sound of distress caught her attention. Was it an animal? The desperate cries sounded too pitiful that the miko found herself pushing aside tall grass, searching, until she heard a slight whimpering from above.

"Hello?" she called softly. When no answer was provided, Kagome gave a small huff and dropped her pack. "Alright then, I'll come to you."

Although at one point she had to hoist herself onto a higher branch, the old tree was mostly sturdy and provided easy footholds.

Another frantic cry from an overhead branch had Kagome craning her neck to see past the dense foliage until a small bundle of fluff peeked through the swaying leaves.

"I'm almost there little guy." She cooed.

Feet slipping slightly on damp moss clinging to the tree, Kagome was finally in reach of the little critter. Literally a ball of fur, the miko had no clue as to what it was. What she did know was that it needed some comfort and solid ground.

Gripping the branch the creature was sitting on with one hand, Kagome reached forward with the other, whispering gentle words and coaxing it to come a bit closer. When her hand made contact with the soft bundle, her heart went out when she felt it trembling.

Securing it firmly to her chest, she slowly maneuvered herself back towards the trunk and eased down to the next branch. A little more difficult than going up and having both hands free, but she was managing. Sort of.

Halfway down, she misjudged the distance of a lower branch and lost her footing. Gravity did the rest, dragging her to the ground below.

She landed ungracefully, but certainly not painfully. When she felt the fingers gripping her side tighten slightly, it took a moment to realize that she wasn't actually on the ground, but held closely by someone. Not for long though, as the arm supporting her snaked away leaving her to fall in a clumsy heap.

"What was that for?" she said angrily, whipping her head around. Oh.


The miko stood quickly, checking on the little fur ball quivering in her arms and got straight to the point.

"Um, do you know what this is?" she asked softly.

Yellow eyes stared blankly.

"It was in a tree, well the tree I just fell from, actually. It was crying, so um, I climbed up and saved it. But then I fell and then you saved me. Thanks for that by the way."

More silence.

"Um…what should I do with it?"

The daiyoukai shrugged slightly, but his eyes seemed to hold some amusement.

Noticing the sun had dropped significantly, Kagome became torn between racing to the well and making sure her little friend was safe.

"He is harmless, merely a baby."

That caught her attention. "A baby? Where are his parents?"

Another shrug.

"Oh." Her heart broke for the little guy. "I can't take him with me, what should I do?"

A few moments of silence passed until an idea suddenly rang in her head.

"I know! Sesshoumaru-sama, you could babysit him until I get back!"

The eyes that stared back at her were not amused.

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