Lexiechan here, writing in what I see is a rather sparse genre. I absolutely love Happy Café, and I cried when the series ended. However, I did not like the ending. So I decided to write a fanfic about what I think would happen after the author left off. If you have not read the series completely, or mind spoilers, DO NOT READ THIS! I don't own Happy Café, or obviously I would have ended it differently. And so, here we go.

Happy Ending

(POV of Uru for whole story, unless otherwise noted)

My heart couldn't stop beating even as I finished sweeping the shop floor of Bonheur. It had been a while since Shindou left, and today was the day he was coming home. I couldn't help but wonder, though, if he was going to like me still. Or how much we had both changed in the time apart. So much had happened before he left, and it all felt like a blur. Occasionally Hagiwara-kun will walk by, but never stop in. I'm sure one day he will. Ichirou-kun and I are having as much fun as ever, and the Abekawas always stop by. I heard the door's bell chime.

"Welcome-" My heart dropped a little when I saw it wasn't Shindou. Feeling restless, I went outside to water the plants and wash the walk in front of the store.

"It's so hot today!" I exclaimed, and I began to recall how on a day like this three years ago it had all began. Suddenly, a familiar voice broke into my thoughts. I turned and saw Shindou. I dropped the hose I was using and ran to him, excited he was back after all of these years!

"Hey, Uru, did you miss me?" He hugged me as I clung to him, when suddenly a small voice made an ahem noise. Shindou let go of me, and I felt him move away from me with all of my being. Behind Shindou, revealed by his movement, was a blonde beauty, even more gorgeous than Mitsuka and the girl in Kenchi-kun's class.

"How do you do? I am Marie-chan. I'm Shindou's fiancée." She smiled beautifully, and outstretched her hand. I took it, trembling.

"I'm Takamura Uru; you can call me Uru-chan. Nice to meet you." I took a deep breath and smiled a smile reminiscent to the one I made in the worst time of my life. I can't believe Shindou would do something like this, it must be a misunderstanding. "You speak Japanese very well? How did you learn it?" I asked, trying to be polite.

"Oh, Satsuki taught me! We met in France, while he was training to be a pastry chef! I decided to come back and meet everyone. He said so much about all of you, especially you, Uru-chan!" She smiled at me, a genuinely sweet smile. Shindou blushed and hid it with his hand.

"Let's go inside. You're hungry, right Marie?" She nodded, and they headed inside, with me trailing behind them.

"You're back!" Manager and Ichirou-kun both called out, and then paused when they saw Marie-chan for the first time. Manager's mouth was open in shock, and Ichriou's eyes went flat and cold for a second, long enough that I could tell it wasn't an illusion. Ichirou-kun walked over to me and grabbed me like he always does before asking,

"So Shindou how was France?"

"It was great. I learned to be a pastry chef. And met Marie." Shindou's voice changed drastically when saying her name, and he blushed the way he did when I saw him last, making my heart ache even more than it did when I first saw Marie. Any hope this was a misunderstanding just died within me.

"Um, Manager, Ichirou-kun, I'm going to take my break now! I'm a little tired, it's really hot out today," I smiled brightly at Shindou and Marie-chan, and fled to the back room before Ichirou or Manager could stop me. I fell onto the sofa, burying my face in my hands. Why? Was I really in love? Was love supposed to be this….painful? Suddenly, the doors burst, and Shindou walked in, followed by Manager and Ichirou.

"Uru, I meant to tell you, I did, but-"

"You asshole, leave her alone! She waited three years for you! Three! There are people all this time who-"

"Both of you stop!" Manager yelled, and they immediately stopped fighting. I peeked through my fingers at them, willing my tears to just wait until everyone was gone. "Ichirou-kun, calm down. Satsuki, is it true? Are you really engaged to that girl in there? "There was a pause. And then:

"Yes." Shindou turned from Manager and Ichirou, as well as me, hiding his blush. Ichirou moved towards Shindou, but Manager put out a hand to stop him.

"Shindou, please go back out and sit down. We'll serve you shortly." Shindou looked at me, and I turned my eyes away, and Ichirou-kun stepped in front of me, shielding me from him. Manager watched Shindou walk out and sighed. "Uru-chan, if you want to go home-" I shook my head no.

"I'll stay and finish working. I'll just finish my break real quick first." I smiled a watery smile at Manager, although my heart still hurt so much, it felt like it was breaking. Manager and Ichirou looked at me, and then at each other. They then left to serve Shindou and his…fiancée.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I thought this was the way to the bathroom!" I looked up, and Marie-chan, Shindou's fiancée stood in the room, staring at me in shock.