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Chapter 15: Rose Hip Tea

I sighed as I put the closed sign up for Café Bonheur, and looked around for any sign of Ichirou. He had gone with Marie to try and bring Shindou back, and Manager was even looking forward to it. It had been four days since our dinner and our pact, and we had made no progress other than Shindou calling to tell Marie he was sorry. We had no idea what to do to help him. A figure appeared in front of me, and I squinted to see who it was.

"Uru-chan! Long time no see!" Sou-kun waved at me and I slumped a little, but still smiled.

"Hey Sou-kun-"

"It's Sou now, remember?"

"Hey, Sou. It's not a good time right now. I'm waiting for someone."

"Who ya waiting for? Not that awful…" He trailed off at the grimace on my face.

"No. I'm waiting for-" My phone rang and I frantically answered it.

"Uru. We're headed two towns over. I'll keep in touch. We should be back before classes in the afternoon tomorrow…service is spotty, so I'm making this quick. Got a lead from Shindou's mom. Following it now."

"I'm glad, Ichirou. Thanks. Good bye and good luck!"

"Goodbye Uru." I heard a click and my phone beeped loudly at me.

"Uru, what have you gotten yourself involved in this time?" Sou shook his head. I ran a finger across my lips.

"I can't tell, not my secret."

"Fine, I get it." He sighed and then straightened a twinkle in his eye. "Well that call means you're free, right?" I nodded slowly. "Then you and I are going on a date to the new British tea shop that opened. I'm buying." He grabbed my hand and started pulling me along.

"A date? Why? Sou what are you even thinking?" He stopped and looked me in the eyes, face suddenly solemn.

"I'm still in love with you. And I refuse to give up on you so easily. So we're going to try this. Please." He was slowly turning red, and I could feel myself doing the same.

"Well…..I see no harm in one date. Let's go." I followed him to the next district, to a small little café with delicate teacups and a menu in English and Japanese. "Wow! So fancy! And look at the little sandwiches and tea cakes!" I marveled at the menu and at the orders that passed by our table. Sou laughed.

"I just knew you'd like it here!" I blushed and hid it with the menu until the waitress came to take our orders.

"Rosehip tea, please. For the both of us." Sou smiled and winked at me. I hadn't seen him this happy before, and felt a little stirring in my gut. I was probably just hungry.

"Why Rosehip? I gave my order for cake to the waitress.

"You'll see." He smiled mysteriously, and all I could get out of him for the rest of the time spent waiting was small talk and promises that I'd love it.

"Please tell me?"

"No, it'll ruin the surprise."

"I'll help pay for the date!"

"Oh no you don't. I'm buying. You can make it up to me later." He smiled, and it was an expression different from his normal one, so different it made my heart skip a beat.


"Sorry for the wait! Here is your Rose hip tea. Please enjoy. "The waitress returned with a large clear tea pot and a beautiful pink tea inside, and clear, delicate crystal cups were placed in front of us. The cakes soon followed small pink and heart shaped, chocolate and vanilla marbled inside. But I was focused on the tea.

"It's pink! So delicate, so beautiful!" I watched as the tea was poured in my glass and picked it up, examining it. I was smiling at the beautiful hue.

"Told you you'd like it." Sou was smiling softly and I couldn't help but smile back, and I felt that curious stirring again. I sipped my tea, admiring the light taste.

"Mmmm. This is fantastic. Thank you so much!" Sou beamed at me.

"You're very welcome." We sipped the tea.

"How did you find this place?" I wondered, nibbling at my cute cake.

"My older brother told me about it." He blushed a little. "He said it was important to have a romantic location when romancing a woman."

"Your older brother would say that!" I giggled and Sou brightened. He told me a funny story about his brother and Sakura-chan, and then suddenly the cake and tea were already gone almost as if no time had passed at all. "That went by so fast!"

"Too fast, I think. Here, let me pay the bill before we leave." Sou paid the bill and we left, pausing outside the shop to say our goodbyes.

"Thanks so much for this date, Sou. I had a wonderful time." I smiled at him.

"Well you aren't welcome just yet." Sou smiled mischievously before he leaned down and suddenly his lips were on mine. He was soft and warm, tasting of the tea and vanilla and a hint of spice I couldn't identify. His lips caressed mine, moving against me and with me until I leaned into the kiss before suddenly breaking away. Ichirou's face flashed in my mind. "Now you're welcome." Sou smiled and patted my head as I stood completely flabbergasted.

"I…you…..we…." He nodded, laughing.

"Good night, Uru. We'll have to have another date soon!" He walked away before I could regain my composure, bright red and hot with embarrassment, confusion, and the funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. I shook my head and walked back to my apartment, determined to call my friends as soon as I got home to figure out just what was going on. Wait till Ichirou hears about this!

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