Voldemort Takes over Hogwarts

As soon as Harry stepped off platform 9/3 he felt that something was wrong. Over 3/4 of the students were not on the train. Harry sat by himself by the window watching the scenery pass by. Harry was worried about Ron and Hermione. They had not been at the platform. The only students that were in the train were all the Slytherins and two new students named Charles and William.

Charles was a first year Hogwarts student and the same for William. They had their own compartment.

The train came to a stop they were are Hogwarts. Hagrid was not there to greet the first years and give their first view of Hogwarts.

Everybody went inside. It was different there was only Slytherin colours around the place. At the staff table there sat Voldemort in Dumbledore's chair. Also there were Deatheaters in places where the professors would have sat. This would not by a good year thought Harry clutching his scar.

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