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Hello everyone. This fanfic is inspired by the Mizukage by Dragon6 with a One Piece twist.

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"Damn those pirates to hell! Why did they have to ruin everything? All because they found Roger's treasure." cursed Doctor Vegapunk as he and his pastifistas moved through his laboratory, desperately gathering his research material from advance medical studies, to communication and transport, to the pastifista technology along with prototype weapon designs.

Dr. Vegapunk could hear the revolutionaries and marines above him as the sound of explosions drew nearer. Knowing he would have to gather all his research to prevent the revolutionaries from acquiring any of his plans, otherwise the Marines would be even harder pressed to try and regain order across the world.

"Damn it! Why did they have to find One Piece now of all times! Why now when I had just finished the prototype!"

Dr Vegapunk seethed as he remembered when word reached every corner of the world, that a second crew had reached Raftel and had conquered the Grand Line. Marines, pirates and civilians all over the world were in shock when not only had the mythical treasure been found but also the true history of the void century; the true history surrounding the formation of the World Government and the Marines that serve them.

The horrid truth quickly turned the populace against the marines and many of the kingdoms split from the World Government. With the government split, the marines soon received conflicting orders from different countries on where they were to be stationed and which countries to defend. The pirates took advantage of the confusion and attacked all over the world. The fallout was far greater than from the end of the War at the Summit three years ago. Whitebeard had been right in his prediction of war engulfing the world in one day.

The sounds of warfare grew louder as Marineford continued to shake as if Blackbeard had returned to sink the island. Thinking of the traitorous pirate captain, Vegapunk couldn't help but scowl at how the three great powers had collapsed with the finding of One Piece.

The pirates of the shichibukai quickly turned on the Government, with Boa Hancock returning to Amazon Lily to protect her homeland, though with how pressed the Marines were all over the world there was likely to be little to no danger to Amazon Lily and Vegapunk thought that she merely left simply to ride out the turmoil in safety and comfort while letting the pathetic men fight and die due to their greed and arrogance.

Doflamingo proved to be crazy in the end having going to the Gorosei to say that he quit as with the world at war it would be far more fun to be on his own, fighting all who got in his way. After telling them this he gave them his resignation from the shichibukai in the form of the decapitation of three of them and then pitting the remaining two against each other. With that little puppet show over he went straight to the new world to fight any and all at what he viewed as the central place of neutrality in the world.

Two of the 'new' members of the shichibukai decided to do the same and were currently in a battle royal with Kaidou while Trafalgar Law along with Eustass Kidd fighting against Big Mam in the new World. Vegapunk had no idea how that battle was progressing as communication with the rest of the new world had been cut when the revolutionaries attacked.

Vegapunk cursed as he remembered his deal with Kuma and the secondary programming regarding the restoration of his memories if One Piece was ever found within five years of his final conversion. Vegapunk only agreed to it because he wanted to do something for Kuma for all the help he gave him over the years. Besides if none of the Yonko had found it in the last twenty-two years, then what were the chances of someone reaching Raftel in the next five?

Apparently high as with Kuma's memories restored he quickly revealed that he worked for the revolutionary Dragon and had taken all documentation regarding Marine base locations, enlistment rosters, battle tactics and division break downs along with all current pastifista blueprints and manufacturing details. In short Kuma gave Dragon everything he would need to counteract and defeat the Marines and World Government in the Grand Line.

And that was exactly what Dagon did. The revolutionaries had attacked all Marine and Government facilities all over the Grand Line. The only place holding against the assault was Marineford, but from the sounds of the battle above, it would more than likely fall within the hour. The only silver lining was that Kuma did not get and plans of the upgraded pastifistas or anything on the prototype.

As the pastifista around the lab under Vegapunk's control continued gathering his research, Vegapunk wondered what had happened to the final Warlord as he seemed to merely disappear after the discovery of One Piece was made. Many a swordsmen were searching for him to try and claim his title as the greatest swordsman but he could not be found. Vegapunk concluded that Mihawk was merely waiting for the dust to settle as war never seemed to interest him, but Vegapunk couldn't quite accept that, and that the world's greatest swordsman was up to something much greater than simply hiding.

The Pastifista were gathering as quickly as they could but PX-12 stated that the battle was drawing near the lab and that the conflict was only two miles away. Dr. Vegapunk cursed the admiralty for the situation.

Feet Admiral Sakazuki decided that in the calamity of the world with war sweeping over all the seas, the marines would first stabilise the Blues and then the Grand Line. The idea seemed good on paper but the reality was a far worse story. The Revolutionaries had already established dominance in the four blues and all marines of Captain Rank or higher had been mobilised from HQ to the blues to, ironically enough, liberate the countries from their liberators. As such the Marines were spread across the world with the Admiralty currently fighting the leaders of the Revolutionaries in Goa Kingdom of all places, while the Grand Line was left in total anarchy to the pirates and the revolutionaries found there.

"Weapons research and material stored and ready for transport. Storage of project codename 'tree' commencing." Stated PX-23. Vegapunk sigh his first breath of relief, soon he would be able to leave and would be able to save his research from both pirates and revolutionaries, especially the tree, the second to last of his greatest breakthroughs before One Piece was found. Only he and Kuzan knew of it, though he only informed the admiral as to what the project was years ago, not that he had been actually able to construct a prototype.

Vegapunk knew he would never be able to complete it to what he had originally hoped for, but he could never allow it to fall into the hands of the revolutionaries nor the pirates as it would truly destroy any hope of the marines winning this 'World War'. He had to ensure that only Kuzan had it or he would have to destroy it, though that was the last resort Vegapunk would use as it had taken decades of research and dozens of research samples to complete the tree to this stage.

Vegapunk wondered how Kuzan was doing in the war. He alone within the world government knew were Kuzan went and he hoped that if he could reach him with his research., then they could unite the divided Marines under Kuzan's banner and hopefully restore peace and order to the world.

All of this mayhem and death could have been avoided. All of this destruction could have been prevented if it wasn't for that one pirate crew. That one pirate crew that defied all. Their actions defied all reason. Their progress from when they began defied all logic. They defied the three great powers and accomplished what all thought was impossible. In such as short amount of time they passed through all obstacles in their way and made it to Raftel and found One Piece. They had also brought war to the entire world.

"Damn you Strawhat!" cursed Vegapunk. The pirate who would be king had indeed become it. And with his new title found himself in a battle with the only man who could challenge him for the title. The Blackbeard pirates were currently fighting the Strawhat pirates for the title of Pirate King while Shanks and the Red Hair pirates were fighting alongside the Strawhats to help even the odds against Teach and his crew of stolen devil fruit users. That battle started three days ago and there was no indication of a winner yet. Although this entire mess of a war had begun only three weeks ago.

Vegapunk had to take a moment to reflect on that. Decades, no, centuries spent by the Wold Government to try and establish order, torn down by a twenty year old kid in three weeks. No matter what you thought of the situation, it was impressive.

"Storage of project codename 'tree' completed. All storage of research available within laboratory one completed. All material ready for transport." Stated PX-23.

"At last. Time to leave this warzone." said Vegapunk as he called all the pastifistas that were in the lab. "Gather the research and transport it to the marine warship docked in port 42."

"Battle has escalated. Blockade in effect by Revolutionary forces. Port 42 destroyed" reported PX-12.

Vegapunk's face paled in the realisation that without that ship and with the blockade, he and his research were trapped on the island. The twelve pastifistas under his command could potentially clear a path to another ship but there was no hope them protecting his research. He knew that when the revolutionaries spotted them, they would focus all their effort on getting him and/or his research notes. The only thing saving it right now was that the revolutionary forces did not know the location of the lab's entrance, or they would surely have been knocking the door down by now.

Vegapunk knew his only chance at escape now was through his last breakthrough but could not help but laugh at the irony.

It was one of ancient weapons of the lost kingdom.

Vegapunk discovered that the function the stone archway was that it was a doorway. To where, Vegapunk had discovered that the doorway could open to anywhere and everywhere; however it was a one way trip. Vegapunk suspected that it was originally designed to transport troops and supplies across the world but he later realised that the doorway would close and there would be no way to open it from the opposite side. Vegapunk deduced that this device was made as a last ditch effort by the lost kingdom to escape the wrath of the twenty-two kings. He wondered if anyone from that kingdom had used the doorway and if so, where had they fled to?

Suddenly the laboratories' entrance shook as the sound of canon fire rang against the other side. Vegapunk knew it was either surrender to the revolutionaries or take his chances with the doorway. Stealing his resolve, Vegapunk activated the symbols on the archway and what he saw amazed him.

Within the archway a valley appeared with a waterfall and two impressive statues of men wearing some sort of combat armour faced each other, with one hand raised up to their eye level in an unusual hand sign and the other grasping the hilt of a sword at their waist, had appeared. Vegapunk noticed that the valley between the statues was unnatural, as if it was carved into the landscape by a pastifista laser only on a much larger scale. Vegapunk considered trying a different combination of symbols as he had no intention of facing whatever carved that valley.

"We're breaking through. Keep firing!" yelled one revolutionary as the door started to buckle under the bombardment. Vegapunk knew that his fate behind that door was definitely not in his favour so with that, he ordered the twelve pastifistas to carry his research through the portal, along with the tree as he took his notes on the doorway and stepped through to this new world.

When the revolutionaries broke through all they found was an empty laboratory, with a strange stone archway at the far wall. They assumed that this lab had been abandoned and closed down days before they arrived. It would be some time before the archway was activated again.

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