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Kurenai was currently standing in the Hokage's office giving her report to Tsunade and Jiraiya. So far she informed them of her teams encounter with the giant and how a mist barrier technique prevented them from seeing wave. Jiraiya had already informed Tsunade of the defensive seals surrounding the empire but the nature of the giant guard confused and worried them. Obviously he was not a normal bridge guard but ultimately it was of little concern. However the atmosphere of the meeting changed when she had informed the Hokage and the strongest Konoha shinobi as to who the emperor was.

"The Emperor of four Waters is Uzumaki Naruto."

Their shock was clear on their faces but Kurenai could see something else under it.

They were both relieved.

Kurenai and every shinobi worth a damn knew how important Naruto was to the two Sannin. The banishment and complete loss of Naruto greatly affected them. To hear that he was alive must have given them comfort and possible hope to the situation with the Northern Alliance.

Too bad the rest of the report would shatter that hope.

"What did he say? Will he lend aid Konoha?" asked Tsunade, returning to a professional demeanour, personal feelings aside for now.

"Unfortunately not Hokage sama. Naruto refused" replied a sombre Kurenai.


"Well you did come along way just to talk to me so how about we start. We have much to discuss." Naruto said calmly with his ever present grin shining strong as always. "What is it that you want with the Water Empire?"

"We have come here seeking aid and hopefully form the beginning of a diplomatic alliance with the Water Empire" spoke Kurenai remembering why they had come here.

"Well then my answer is no. As the emperor of the Water Empire I decline forming an alliance with Konoha or in supporting aid to your forces in the war you are currently fighting" replied Naruto.

"But why deny aid to us, why such an un-youthful response?" Lee asked clearly shocked by Naruto's answer. Both Shikamaru and Shino remained quiet but it was obvious they were saddened by Naruto's response. It did not take a genius to figure that this mission would end in failure.

"The last time I served Konoha and completed the mission assigned to me successfully I was rewarded with banishment. I could not even approach Konoha if I wanted to due to the seals being placed on me. Not only that but to commit to a war against an alliance that has never sought open warfare with us would only weaken my empire, with no gain for us but all for Konoha's benefit " spoke Naruto.

"The banishment can easily be removed within an hour Naruto. Both Jiraiya and Tsunade will make sure the alliance will be fair" argued Kurenai, trying to salvage some form of treaty.

"Sorry Kurenai but as much as would love to see Baa-chan and Ero-sennin again, your council would ensure that my forces and resources would suffer, hell I would be forced to front all war expenses and you know this to be true" replied Naruto. Kurenai knew how the council would react to Naruto being the Emperor.

She knew Naruto's prediction was being highly optimistic

"What about the Mizukage and the daimyos of Mizu, Nami and Yuki? You may be Emperor but you cannot just deny an alliance without consulting with them first" Shino asked, hoping to both prolong the meeting and try to salvage some form of an alliance.

"I already have before you came here Shino and they all agreed that denying any alliance with either side as long as hostilities continued. Considering that there is no way for diplomatic relations to be formed during this war, I believe that this meeting has come to an end" continued Naruto. However before Kurenai could turn around, Naruto gave her a sealed scroll. "Please ensure that Baa-chan receives this. Only she can open it".

Kurenai took the scroll, noticing the complex sealing arrays around the scroll before bowing and telling her team to leave.


As Kurenai finished recounting the meeting with Naruto, she gave the Hokage the sealed scroll. Tsunade reached out and after having Jiraiya check it, opened it.

No emotion passed over Tsunade's face as she read the scroll. Once she finished, she burnt it and turned to Kurenai "This report is over. You are dismissed. Jiraiya gather the commanders, we have a war to fight".

"What did he say Hime?"

"Not now Jiraiya go and gather the commanders!"

(Hi no Kuni – Northern Alliance forces)

Finally it was happening. Konoha was doomed.

He had waited so long for this moment and now with the armies of Iwa and Kumo, he would finally bring about the destruction of Konoha.

Orochimaru could not wait for the battle that would crush that accursed village and finally acquire the Sharingan. Oh he had tried throughout the war, but Danzō's little army prevented him from getting Sasuke. Every single time he was denied, even forcing him to choose a new host not too long ago. And all this trouble began because of an orange wearing annoyance.

Orochimaru knew Naruto had been banished for sometime but thought nothing of it until the Iwa jinchūriki disappeared. He knew that his former associates were behind it but used it to form an alliance with Iwa telling them how Konoha lost the Kyūbi. He made it seem as if Danzō became desperate to regain Konoha's lost strength and by warning Kumo that the same could happen to their jinchūriki, he was able to form the Northern Alliance as well as delay the Akatsuki. Planting the evidence to blame Danzō was straight forward, crushing Konoha not so much.

No matter what he proposed, both A and Ōnoki would barely co-operate with each other and if it wasn't for his strategy in Ame, this war could have continued for another seven years.

And now after seven years, here it was. The end of Konoha and finally acquiring the Sharingan.

It did not matter if all his shinobi died, if the Northern Alliance fell apart at the end of the month. It didn't matter if the alliance lost to Suna and Taki in the end. All that matted was the destruction of Konoha and getting Sasuke.

"Watch where you're walking Oto trash!"

If only this alliance could be held together long enough to destroy Konoha.

(Konohagakure – Nara clan compound)

Shikamaru had just finished compiling a defensive strategy to combat the Northern Alliance and hoped it would be enough. The Civilian populous had begun evacuating to the capital but he had more troublesome concerns right now and those were about a certain blonde emperor.

The most troublesome concern being that the Konoha eleven were currently spread out on several fronts, thus preventing him from informing the rest about Naruto. He honestly couldn't tell if it was a good or bad thing that he would not be the one to inform them but knew he would be hounded by all of them for details when they found out since he was the highest ranked out of all of them.

After imagining both Ino and Kiba yelling at him for not telling them and being thankful that Lee already knew he decided that now wasn't the time to worry about Naruto but to focus on the upcoming battle. The advance commando squads would arrive at the Kyūbi no Ryōiki tomorrow along with ten tracker and hunter squads to secure the area and begin preparations.

Afterwards the main force would arrive and be divided into four primary divisions. Hopefully the primary battle plan would work but there was one problem he saw with not only it but the emergency plans. All of them left the nine mountains of the Kyūbi no Ryōiki almost if not completely unguarded which would allow the Northern Alliance an escape or rally point which would hinder Konoha's efforts. He addressed it to the Hokage but Tsunade informed him and the commanders that the mountains had been safeguarded by the Shodai Hokage to prevent anyone from using them as a base after he had gained control of the Kyūbi at the valley of the end.

Though that eased most of the concerns at the meeting, it did not ease his, nor those of his father as the alliance would only be there for a short time and would more than likely scatter once the safeguards activated.

Just as he was thinking over the troublesome mountains, a messenger hawk circled above declaring a council meeting.

Sighing to himself, Shikamaru muttered as to how Kami must be a woman, for only a woman could make his life so damn troublesome.

(Yuki no Kuni – rainbow mirror generator)

No matter how many times he came to this valley and stared at the six massive mirrors Vegapunk was filled with the one emotion he never thought he would feel again.


Here in this valley was the answer to the problem he was unable to solve for his home island all those years ago. How to bring spring to a land of eternal snow.

He had spent years trying desperately to fix his design of the geothermal heater but no matter what he did, he could never get that heater to produce enough heat.

But here in this land he found the answer. B y focusing the heat into mirrors and reflecting the heat back to one focal point, the generator could produce enough heat to melt the snow of Karakuri Island.

Ever since first viewing of the generator here in Yuki no Kuni, Vegapunk would always come back here to relax when he needed moments of clarity, and with working on that damn gateway as well as ensuring that the pastifistas were read for war, he needed all the moments of pace he could get.

"Yo Doc, are you going to sit there all day? You do know that Uzumaki wants to talk to you at some stage today" called out Hitori.

"Oh be quiet and let an old man rest. The brat can and always has flashed in if it was important enough and since he hasn't yet it means it can wait." Vegapunk grumpily replied.

"That may be true but you do remember who he's entertaining right now at Uzu tower or has that great mind of yours finally started to give out on you?" retorted Hitori.

"Good point. I'll head there now. Remember to keep an eye on my lab. "

As Vegapunk got up to leave a smirking Hitori dashed away quickly towards the doctor's lab, deaf to the yell of "AND DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" while a swirl in the air itself went unnoticed by all.

(Hi no Kuni – Kyūbi no Ryōiki)

Kiba had finally arrived at the site of where the deciding battle of the fourth shinobi war would take place. He along with tracker teams five and seven had been pulled from the border of Ta no Kuni and had been order to determine the safety and status of the area, ensuring that the Northern alliance had not sent any advanced scouts or traps before Konoha forces could arrive. After the tracker teams had given the all clear the fifty commando teams would begin placing seals and traps all throughout the Kyūbi no Ryōiki in order to disorientate and isolate sections of the opposing forces which would hopefully help against the alliances superior numbers.

"You're late Kiba-san"

Turning to see who had called him, Kiba saw the head of all hunter-nin units of Konoha as well as his second in command.

"Neji, Tenten! How's it going? And what do you mean I'm late!"

"Well enough Kiba and don't listen to Neji, he has had to put up with reporting to the leader of the commando units" replied Tenten with Neji narrowing his eyes at the mention of the commando unit leader.

"Yeah I can understand that. But more importantly where do you want me and my teams to search?"

Neji, thankful of the change of topic directed Kiba along with teams five and seven were to search the South Western area, where Konoha's forces would enter the Kyūbi no Ryōiki.

With Kiba and the trackers heading off to their assigned area, Neji knew he had to report that the final tracker teams had arrived and the commando units could begin defensive preparations. The Hunter squads were only part of this operation to capture or kill any alliance scouts that may have been in the area. Since none were found, Neji had his forces on senor duty just encase any alliance forces came to the area.

Making his way to the command tent at the base of the mountains, Neji walked in, nodding to a few of the commando team leaders as he passed and stopped behind the commando leader who was currently looking over trap designs and place locations throughout the Kyūbi no Ryōiki.

"Sir, Kiba-san along with tracker teams five and seven have arrived and currently searching through grids nine through sixteen"

The commander turned round at this to face Neji.

"About time he got here. Make sure your squad's keep an eye out for any unwanted visitors and keep me posted" replied the commander.

"Yes sir. I will report in every half hour if there is no move..."

"Sir we have situation!" shouted one of the hunter-nin as he shunshined into the command tent.

"Report now and it better be important" demanded the commander.

"Sir our sensor-nin detected a large contingent approaching from the North West. They will be here in less than two hours" reported the hunter-nin.

"They must be an advance scout from the Northern Alliance. How many shinobi are we dealing with?"

"Over six hundred" was the reply of the hunter-nin. Outnumbered more than two to one and with a third of their forces primarily trained for offensive instead of defensive combat, Neji knew that their chances of holding the Kyūbi no Ryōiki were slim. But if they failed, then Konoha would have no chance of stop the Northern Alliance.

"What are your orders sirs?"

The commander was silent for a moment, studying the map of the area before he returned his gaze to the hunter-nin.

"Call back all hunter squads to the command post except the squad closest to the approaching forces. Tell them I want updates on the enemies' movement every ten minutes."

"Yes sir" said the hunter-nin before he shunshined out of the tent.

"Neji recall all tracker squads and divide them along with the hunter-nin squads into three companies. It's time to test Jiraiya-san's seals.

"As you wish, Sasuke."

Chapter end