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Thank you Study Hall. It gave me reason to hope that there might be a chance for there to be an us. I was in Third year, he was in his Fourth. Everyone had the same Charms paper due the next day, but I had to go to Quidditch until dinner and I wouldn't have any time to get it done. There were five minutes left of class when...

I looked at the clock. Five minutes and counting until the end of class. I still had half of the paper unfinished. Hermione sat in front of me and Harry sat next to her. My idiot brother though, was sitting at the front of the room because he fell asleep in class. So that left me with two options, Hermione or Harry. I knew Hermione would never let me copy hers so I was left with one choice.

"Hey... Harry!" He looked back at me.

"Are you done with the paper?" He looked confused for a second.

"Huh? Oh wait... yeah I am, but I copied it from that kid over there." He said, pointing at a guy in my year that was across the room.

"Okay... can I copy your paper?" He looked down with wide eyes.

"My handwriting's really bad." I raised my eyebrows, so he just handed me the paper.

"Oh." That was all I said. He gave me an embarrassed smile.

"Can you still read it?" I smiled.

"It's not that bad." Then he turned around and started reading Quidditch Through the Ages. I started writing as fast as I could and when I finished I tapped his shoulder.

"Thank you!" He just turned around to put it in his bag, but I heard him say,

"Yeah." Hermione just turned around and mouthed awkward silence at me. Then class ended and he walked away with Ron.

"You know... there was tension. That was an awkward silence. That means something." Hermione said.

"Shut up."

"Hey, I'm just saying, that happened when he drew on your paper too." I smiled, remembering that...

We had to grade each others' papers and he got mine.

"Wow... Ginny has good handwriting." He said as soon as he saw the name on my paper. After a couple of minutes when the professor still hadn't started teaching, I heard Harry laugh.

Him and Ron were sitting there writing on something and then they started laughing. Hermione and I looked at each other and just shrugged.

"No! It should look like this!" Ron almost yelled. Harry started arguing, but I started listening to the professor because he started going over the answers. A couple minutes later when we handed back the papers to the correct person, I saw I got all of my point correct... And that my brother and Harry had drawn monsters on my paper. I guess you can't really call them monsters though because that implies that they're scary... and these were kinda cute.

"Sorry... I hope you don't mind." Harry said. I just smiled.

Maybe... just maybe... it could happen. Maybe... we could be more than people who sit by each other in class. Maybe... if we ever get together, I can tell everyone else how it all started with handwriting.

Handwriting and Monsters.

A/N: Okay so these events actually happened to me... I thought it was pretty cool/funny/cute so I decided to share it. I actually compared me and him to Harry and Ginny to my HP obssessed friend and she said "But look how they ended up." So I guess there's hope. Anyways, I hope you liked my rather pointless and maybe a little confusing one-shot. Please review!