Things That Change and Things That Don't

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Hayato leaned back against the chain link fence, popping a cigarette from his new box and tucking it between his lips before lighting it.

"Smoking on school property is prohibited. I'll bite you to death."

Looking up, the silvernette was met with the sight of his two best friends walking over to where he stood on the roof, looking down at the Nami High's grounds.

"Yo, Gokudera," the other friend grinned, raising a hand in a lazy wave, other hand wrapped around his lover's waist. God, Hayato swore those two were attached at the hip.

Snorting, the Italian took a deep drag of smoke, ignoring the others until a large box was dropped at his feet. "What's this?" he asked, eyebrow raised.

"Sushi," Takeshi smiled, sitting down in front of the bento. "Dad made enough for all three of us."

Hayato nodded, before looking back out onto the school grounds, just in time to see a blond head duck inside the school.

Ah, Kavallini Belphegor. Third year at their high school, and by far the most popular. He made all the girls swoon. Guys, too, for that matter. He was tall, with narrow shoulders, a defined collar, chest toned, washboard abs and the world's best built ass. But even more than that, he had perfect skin, wonderfully sculpted jaw (which was more often than not smirking in the sexiest way possible) and blond hair to frame it all. Though they couldn't be seen behind those longs bands, Hayato was positive his eyes were gorgeous, too.

Smirking lightly, Kyoya popped the first piece of sushi into his mouth. "Stalking, herbivore is also against school regulations.

Hayato's thoughts were most rudely interrupted by the boy who constantly wore a cocky smirk. "I'm not stalking," he grumbled irately, reaching into the bento and grabbing a handful of sushi, before walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Takeshi called after him.

"Library," Hayato replied, disappearing down the stairs before the other could reply.

Takeshi sighed lightly, shaking his head, and taking his own piece of sushi. Now that they were alone… maybe he could finally convince his sexy lover to let him do him on the school roof.

And is if he could read the other's thoughts, a tonfa swiftly cracked down on his head, "Don't even ask."

"Aww," Takeshi laughed lightly, "that's too bad."

Soshite. Vitamin. B. 2. Wa. Soshite. Vitamin. B. 2. Wa.

Hayato all but scarfed down the couple pieces of sushi he had snatched from his friends. He had eaten nothing but pasta for the past three weeks, and the much needed change really got the pianist thinking he should learn to cook something that involved more than boiling some noodles and adding the premade sauce.

Deciding the library was the best place to check, he headed down the hall. He preferred theory over all else.

The library, unsurprisingly, was quiet, despite the immediate sitting area being crowded. Their library was huge, though, probably the size of Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan(1). Ah, the merits of being a (stuck-up, in Gokudera's case) rich kid.

But, back to the point. The recipe books would most definitely be in the far back, an area no one dared tread for fear of being caught. The back was filled with the kind of books no one ever read, like recipe books, tourism guides, and whatever else the library managed to grab for cheap, merely for the sake of expanding their collection, and people who wandered back there tended to be, for lack of better word, "losers". However, Hayato being Hayato, most definitely did not care if he was considered a loser if it meant he could have something that didn't have tomatoes as the main ingredient for once.

With a yawn and the turn of the corner, Gokudera found himself in the back shelves, more than a little shocked to find not a single soul anywhere near the area. God, his snobby classmates were even vainer than he had thought at first. Treading further into the stacks, however, found him more than just a little bit creeped out. The lights were dim back here, and there weren't any sounds besides his footsteps… the kind of place you find yourself trapped in while in the worst of nightmares. Shuddering, and shaking off the thought, the sound of pants and gasps caused the chain smoker to stop in his tracks.

"Hahh… hahhhh… haaahhh… hahh…. aah…"

That… was probably the scariest shit he'd ever heard. And then, dripping. The sound of liquids hitting the floor with a little pattery splash… caused by what his imagination could only think of as blood.

But, you see, Hayato was a man. He wouldn't run… no matter how petrified he was he refused to run! No! So, taking a deep breath, he continued walking down the alleys of shelves, silently searching for the recipe books and praying to gods above that he was imagining that unmistakable panting that was getting louder and louder with each step he took, now to the point it was so loud he could clearly imagine the repulsive demon that would be around the corner, gasping as the blood dripped from its wounds, groaning, waiting for the next innocent human to round the corner so he could eat it alive and…!

He came face-to-face with none other than the gorgeous sempai that haunted his dreams.

Belphegor looked up in alarm, eyes filled with panic and being caught. "Wha-... who are you?"

Hayato frowned lightly, all fear completely blown away by the shock of meeting his secret crush. "Gokudera Hayato… what are you doing back here?"

Bel just shook his head. "I was trying to get away from the others… I had to run to lose them…" he panted, totally winded.

Hayato had to force down a smirk. It must really suck to be popular.

"Why are you back here?"

Hayato raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, no one really comes back here… ever…" the blond sempai pointed out, catching his breath and straightening up, usual grin back in place.

Hayato shrugged lightly. "I came to find some books."

"What kind of books do you read to come all the way back here?" the other snickered lightly.

Rolling his eyes, the hurricane bomb grabbed a recipe book from the shelf and waved it in front of the others face. "You got a problem with this?"

"Well, most students here have private chefs to cook for them," the lithe boy pointed out quite smugly. "Unless, you're actually a scholarship student…"

Hayato felt irritated at this. So the school's idol was a bitch behind the scenes? So cliché, he really should have expected that… "And if I am a scholarship student?"

The blond just continued grinning, shrugging. "Oh, nothing…"

The silvernette had half a mind to whack his crush upside the head with the book in his hand. Cocky bastard… deciding to ignore the other's presence (and the slight heartbreak that came with realizing the other wasn't anything like he'd expected him to be), the bomber walked to the shelf and started looking through the cookbooks, blatantly ignoring anything that had the word "Italian" in the title, and hoping that the blond over his shoulder would get bored and wander out of the stacks. Unfortunately for him, the blond seemed to find it amusing that the other was taking no notice of his presence.

"So, Hayota."

"Hayato," came the annoyed response.

"So, Hayota," the prince continued, not at all disgruntled by the other's response, "don't poor people make their parents cook for them? Why are you so interested in cook books?"

This only served to tick the half-Japanese off even more. "For your information, I'm not actually a scholarship student. My parents are just as rich as yours, I'm sure, and I came to Japan to live on my own, hence the need to provide for myself."

"Hmm…" Bel hummed, as if mulling over the other's response, "you didn't even bring a maid or two with you?"

"Too suffocating." God, Hayato didn't even know why he was bothering to respond, it's not like it was any of the other's business.

"Ushishishi, is that so?"

Hayato arched an elegant brow at the abnormal chuckle. "'Ushishishi'?"

The usual Cheshire grin was all he got for a response, and he sighed, grabbing the handful of books and glaring at the other. "I'm leaving now. You can go back to whatever the hell you were going before I got here," he replied rudely, before walking off.

Bel's grin disappeared the second the other was out of sight, and he sighed, leaning against the shelf. God, that was too close for comfort… the last thing he wanted was to be caught.


The next day found Hayato leaning against the same chain link fence, looking out on the same school grounds, secretly watching the same blond head, and silently waiting for the same friends to come up to meet him. The only difference was that the cigarette in his mouth, as the other had been long used up. And, as if on cue…

"How many times do I have to say it to get it through your thick herbivorous skull? Smoking is prohibited on school property."

"Now, now," Yamamoto laughed, draping an arm around the irritable skylark's shoulders, "you two should at least try to get along."

"I refuse to even try with someone who won't reciprocate," Hayato grumbled, sliding down the fence so that he was sitting.

"I don't reciprocate with herbivores," Kyoya replied simply, leaning into his lover's half-hug.

Hayato made a gagging noise, and glared at the baseball idiot and tonfa bastard. The former just laughed awkwardly, moving away from his boyfriend, who just smirked at Hayato. "Jealous cause you're not getting any?"

Vein pop. "Yeah right," he growled.

Kyoya just continued smirking. "You know full well he's too good for you," he said smugly.

"That cocky bastard? Don't fuck with me!"

Kyoya raised an eyebrow at this. "Cocky bastard? Finally seeing through unclouded eyes?"

"Ahaha, now, now, you two, let's just enjoy lunch, alright?" their cheerful friend laughed, holding out the usually large bento for the other two to devour.

Kyoya wasted no time in snatching the cloth right off the box, happily (though, the average person would have no way of telling) grabbing the first piece and biting into it.

Hayato just snorted and grabbed another handful, standing and walking towards the door.

"Library again?"

"Yup," came the short reply, and soon the silvernette was out of sight.

Ore. Wa. Yogurto. Ga. Ore. Wa. Yogurto. Ga.

Once again stuffing all the sushi into his mouth, Hayato dropped his previously borrowed books into the return bin before wandering back into the eerily quiet back shelves. This time, however, he wasn't nearly as freaked out at the sound of panting and dripping from his destination. When he rounded the final corner to the recipe books section, he found the blond gasping and panting once more, leaning against the shelf.

This time, being a lot calmer than he was the day before, the storm decided to take in the other's appearance before making his presence known.

The prince's hair was ruffled slightly, disheveled, and the same could be said about his clothes. The sweat that dripped down his temples was surely the cause of the dripping sounds, causing some stray strands of gold to cling to the sides of the teen's face, and his usually pale skin was a slight flushed pink. His moist lips were open as he gasped desperately for air, and his arm was braced against the heavy self for support.

"Do you do this every day?" the part Italian asked, miffed. He would have to keep meeting the sexy teen if he wanted to eat something decent every now and again!

The blond looked up, and his parted lips twisted into a grin, immediately re-composing himself. "And if I do?"

"Then I might actually have to bring a couple maids over from Italy," Hayato grumbled, looking through the cookbooks once more.

Bel raised an eyebrow. "You're already done with the others?"

"Memorized them last night," came a simple reply, and the pale hand tugged a couple more books from the shelf.

"You sure you're not here on scholarship?" the other grinned.

Shooting the boy in tiara a glare, he huffed lightly. "You don't have to be poor to be smart."

"Ushishi, I suppose," Bel smirked, before looking around. "Are you planning on memorizing all the cook books here?"

"And if I am?"

"Then you have your work cut out for you," he said, gesturing to the shelves and shelves of recipes surrounding them.

Hayato ignored the last comment, and turned back to glare at the other. "Anyways, I'm leaving now. Don't be here tomorrow." And with that, he was out of sight.

"Hmph, don't order the prince around," Bel huffed to himself, eyes trailing after his kohai as he left.

Echizen. Nihong. Da. Oi. Echizen. Nihong. Da.

Meeting with his beautiful sempai became a regular occurrence for the part Japanese, part Italian silvernette. However, with all the time he spent together with the other (which, really, when you think about it, wasn't that much) he began noticing loopholes in his stories.

For example, whenever Bel were to run from his fans they would only chase after him, so how would he manage to get into the loser section of the library to hide? The only way he'd ever be able to be alone would be to sneak off while everyone else was distracted, but then what would explain his flushed, gasping appearance when Hayato arrived in the stacks?

Another instance was when he said he came to the back of the library to be alone. It was a well known fact that when Belphegor wanted to be alone he would simply go to the student council office. Being the vice-president (he claimed president was too much work and refused to run, but Hayato had a feeling it was because Rasiel was also running for president and the younger was afraid he'd lose), he had the key and could go in and out without incident, and normal students weren't allowed in to bother him.

Feeling a little peeved about being lied to, the silvernette did something he thought he'd never do. I mean, he would probably hug his own FATHER before even thinking of doing this, but… he did it anyways.

He asked… his two best friends… for their opinions

Takeshi stared at him in shock. "What did you just say?"

"I said…" Hayato mumbled; face slightly heated, "I wanted to hear your view on something…"

The baseball player looked at the other blankly. "You… what?"

Kyoya, having been expecting this, just smirked at the embarrassed boy. "Can I make a guess?"

Hayato cursed under his breath. Maybe he should have just asked the swordsman, at least then he wouldn't have to put up with the smug look the other was sending him. "Well I'm sure as hell not going to say it…"

"Kavallini Belphegor?"

Takeshi seemed to regain his brain here, and started laughing, which, of course, only served to tick the bomber off even more. "OH SHUT UP! FORGET I SAID ANYTHING!"

Takeshi shook his head, grabbing the other's arm while trying to calm down his laughter down. After a good five minutes of hysterical chortling, the tanned teen wiped at the tears that had accumulated during his bout of laughter. "S-.. sorry, its fine… just, what do you want?" he said, between stupid grins and chuckles.

If Hayato wasn't embarrassed before, he was now completely mortified with his decision to ask for help. "I, uhh…"

Kyoya, having been silent during Takeshi's extreme state of hysteria, cut in here. "You want some love advice, right? Only herbivores seek help from others."

"Now now," Takeshi grinned, wrapping an arm around the smaller Japanese boy, "I'm sure it took lots of Gokudera's courage to get here~ let's hear him out, okay?"

The prefect just snorted, but having no intention to move from where the other boy was all but embracing him, decided he might as well listen to the other's pathetic whining.

"Alright, so, umm…" Hayato started, uncharacteristically hesitant, nervously looking around to make sure it was only the three of them on the roof (not that anyone dared to come up here when they were with Kyoya). Once he was positive no one was eavesdropping, he described all his meetings with the blond, and his doubts.

"Hmm…" Takeshi hummed, "that does sound awfully fishy…"

Kyoya almost sighed at the idiocy of his two 'friends'. I mean, how stupid could one get? "Isn't the answer obvious?" he asked, slightly irate. "Just go there earlier than you usually do, and catch him doing whatever the hell he might be doing."

Hayato blinked a couple times, before sweat-dropping. Damn, why didn't he think of that? "Thanks…" he mumbled, albeit slightly grudgingly, "I'll do that."

Kyoya just rolled his eyes at the other, leaning more into his lover's strong build, causing aforementioned lover to purr. "Kyoya…" he murmured, softly nuzzling and kissing his hair.

Hayato actually gagged this time, standing and storming off. He really didn't want to witness whatever might happen next.


Finally arriving in the library, Hayato quickly shuffled to the back, hiding behind the shelf where he usually found Bel, and waited. He had to wait a good 20 minutes before Bel showed up (during which time period he almost lost his patience multiple times), but when he finally did, the silvernette was met with the long awaited proof that the other had been lying to him.

Bel walked down the aisle, not looking like he had to run at all, let alone from rabid fan-girls, followed by his infamous twin brother.

"Really, Bel," the slightly taller blond sighed, "you'd think you'd at least try to get away on your own."

"Ushishishi," he chuckled, "It's easier if you help me."

Rasiel shot his brother an irritated glare before sighing. "Whatever, don't expect for help every time you come running."

Bel just grinned at this, watching as the other walked off. When he was finally alone (or, at least, he thought he was alone) he sighed in relief, turning to his usual shelf, and did something that froze Hayato stock stiff. He unzipped his pants, tugged them down (along with his boxers), braced himself against the shelf with a forearm, and stuck the fingers of his free hand in his mouth.

Hayato, being gay guy, immediately realized what he was about to do, and felt his mouth go dry. From here, he had two options. One; announce his presence to the attractive royal and possibly destroy what little friendship (if it could even be called that), or two; watch.

I think it's pretty obvious which one he chose.

Once his fingers were thoroughly coated in saliva, the self-proclaimed prince's hands trailed towards his backside, his pinky and thumb prying open his cheeks while the three fingers in between prepared to enter. Starting with the index finger, Bel gasped lightly, pressing his member against the shelf as he thrust it in. Hayato could hear the squelching sounds as the digit pushed in and out. Not five thrusts later was the slick appendage joined by the middle finger, the boy's body jerking lightly from pleasure as his cock was teased and ass abused. By the time the third was added, the prince was moaning, continually, his hard cock bouncing forward and meeting the shelf with each jerking thrust of his fingers.

"Ahh…" he all but whimpered in pleasure, arching and moaning. "Ahh…! Ngh… Haya-…"

Hayato froze. Did he just hear what he thinks he heard?

"Nmmh… haaah… Ha-… Haya… to…. Mmnn…"

As if the masturbation alone wasn't enough shock. Hayato just stood there, stock stiff, eyes staring off into nothingness as he listened to the older boy's moans with unhearing ears.

Belphegor was in love with him. THE Kavallini Belphegor was in love with him. Well, he wasn't sure if it was love or lust, but the fact that the blond was touching himself to thoughts of Hayato proved something.

By the time he had snapped out of his thoughts, Bel had already cum and was leaning against the shelf, panting and gasping. From here he reached into his bag, pulling out some tissues and cleaning up, before tossing the tissues into a trash can nearby.

Looking slightly more composed, Bel leaned against the shelf, still panting, waiting for Hayato to come into the stacks, as he always did.

'Oh, god… should I go out? But then he'll know I saw everything… and to leave, I'd have to walk right by him… dammit!' And so, our smoking bomber awkwardly argued with himself behind the shelf, hoping against hope that the blond would leave soon so he could leave, as well.

Bel frowned. He was late… that was unusual. Hayato came almost the same time every day. For him not to be here yet? He must be absent today…

And when the warning bell went, Bel finally left the stacks, slightly disappointed that his (secret) crush hadn't appeared.


After school, Hayato made his way over to 3-A, where his new friend would undoubtedly be, being harassed by fan-girls on his way out. When he spotted the blond locks, sporting a silver tiara, he sighed lightly in relief. His plans would be totally ruined had the prince left early.

Bel didn't notice as he approached, which worked to his advantage (to an extent).

"Oi, snob."

Bel's eyes widened slightly in surprise at the familiar nickname, but no one could have possibly seen it, so he played cool. "Ushishishi, what are you doing here, Hayota?"

The people surrounding the prince erupted in whispers, mainly consisting of "who's that?" 's and "how dare he speak to Bel-sama like that!" 's.

"Mind coming over today?"

If Hayato's presence wasn't enough of a shock, that question sure as hell was. "Hmm…~ I don't know, the prince is a busy person…" Bel said mockingly, smirking.

Vein pop. "Like I care," the silvernette growled, grabbing his sempai's wrist and dragging him away.

"Ushishi," was all he got in reply, and soon the blond was in step with him.


"Ushishishi, you're sure you're not a scholarship student?" Bel asked as they neared the part Italian's apartment.

"I'm sure," Hayato said through grit teeth. God, if he wasn't so fucking attractive, Hayato wouldn't even think of putting up with the fake prince's crap.

Once they were in his apartment, Hayato dragged Bel straight to his room, pushing up his bangs and looking directly into his eyes.

Now, this is where he was supposed to ask him what the hell the thing at lunch break was, but before he could even start forming the first word his eyes were met with the most gorgeous blue they had ever seen. So, where he was supposed to be intimidating and interrogating the prince, he actually wound up staring blatantly into his eyes.

Belphegor was quite shocked when his bangs were suddenly lifted, and he found himself staring Hayato straight in his eyes. He looked like he was about to say something, but was cut short surely by his royal blue eyes (he knew his eyes were gorgeous, and was not above bragging).

"Ushishi, stunned by the prince's beautiful eyes?"

The comment snapped Hayato out of his daze, and he blushed minutely, before his eyes narrowed on Bel's.

"What were you doing at lunch break?"

Bel raised an eyebrow. "I ran from my fans, and hid in the stacks."


It was the prince's turn to narrow his eyes. "The prince doesn't lie."

"I saw you," Hayato stated.

Bel stiffened at this, but it was so minute Hayato would have missed it had his hand not still been pressed to the boy's forehead, feeling the movement. "Ushishi, saw what?" he asked, playing it cool.

"You know what I saw."

"Ushishi, the prince has no idea what you're talking about."

Hayato noticed that Bel's eyes were like open books. While the rest of his face didn't show any change at all, his eyes were nervous, panicky. That, he was sure, was the reason he hid those wonderful blue pools of emotion, but the prince's terrible lying was starting to get him frustrated. "Then I'll have to refresh your memory."

And within seconds Bel's back was pinned to Hayato's bed, the silvernette crawling on top of him. Though, when those blond locks fell back to cover his face, Hayato scowled. Gently trailing a finger down the prince's neck, the silvernette got an idea. "Wait here," he said, before he got up and disappeared out the door.

He walked into the washroom, grabbing a black headband from his drawer, before returning. Upon reentering the room, he saw his soon-to-be lover looking slightly confused. Going to re-straddle him, he tugged the stretchy fabric over Bel's head, using it to push the troublesome bangs out of way.

"That's better," he smirked, before shoving the prince down even harder, pressing their lips together.

Aforementioned royal heir let out a sound of protest, but from the way he immediately melted into Hayato afterwards, it was surely for form's sake.

This had the chain smoker smirking, and he trailed his tongue over Bel's lower lip, purring in satisfaction when he was immediately let inside. The two battled with their tongues, pushing and pressing, while Hayato ground his lithe body against the equally slim one below him, who let a delicious moan out into his mouth.

Pulling back for air, Hayato attached himself to the pale and unmarred skin of Belphegor's neck, hungrily sucking. He could feel the other taking shaky breaths through their connection, and continued to grind against the other, all but erratically.

"Mmn… hhaahh…! M-nn… Haya-!"

Hayato pulled back from the pale neck, looking through his lashes up at the blond. "Yes, Bel…?"

The blue pools were swarming with a million emotions, most prominent being lust, though confusion and love and excitement was all their as well. Knowing how jumbled the other's head must be, Hayato gently pressed his lips against his prince's.

"I hate you, Bel," he stated quite simply, before he ripped the other's shirt right off his head.

The way the other glared at him made him chuckle, and he just smirked in return, before he took an erect nub into his mouth. The reaction was spectacular, the unexpected act causing the senior to cry out in shock and arch his back. Though, really, it was more of the squeak of pleasure, but saying that out loud, he knew, would get him into deep shit with his should-be-boyfriend.

Deciding the put him out of his misery, Hayato gently pulled back from the pink nipple, blowing on it. From here, he moved away further, before tugging the blond's bottoms and boxers down simultaneously, the sudden action causing Bel to cry out once more.

"Wait," the blond protested, propping himself up on week arms.

"What?" Hayato replied, rudely.

"Take off your clothes," the blond ordered, voice still condescending despite the compromising position he was in.

Deciding against laughing, Hayato make quick work of his clothing, tossing the set off them into the corner, before turning back to the blatantly staring blond.

"Like what you see?"

"Might," was all the reply he got, before the prince leaned upwards for another kiss.

Kissing back gently, Hayato pushed the other back down onto the bed, settling between his legs. Pushing three fingers against Bel's lips he ordered;


And the prince happily obliged. Sucking the fingers until they were thoroughly slicked, and making little moaning sounds as he did it, Bel was, be it purposefully or not, slowly setting cracks into Hayato's self control. If they didn't get on with it soon, the rich boy was going to burst.

Pulling the fingers out and positioning them at the blond's entrance, Hayato couldn't help but smirk at the noticeable amount of excitement in the other's eyes. Not even bothering to ask if he was ready, Hayato roughly shoved the first two fingers into him, thrusting them in and out mercilessly.

Bel cried out in pleasure, arching as the two long, slick fingers shoved into him. He arched and writhed, wanting more of that feeling more than anything else. Even as the third finger was added, he moaned for more, pleading with Hayato to hurry up and fuck him.

To which he happy obliged.

Grabbing his base, Hayato roughly shoved himself into the awaiting opening, groaning as he felt the tightness clench around him. Not having the patience or control to wait, he immediately began thrusting into the tense, moist heat that was Kavallini Belphegor, enjoying each moan and gasp his sharp snap of hips earned him.

At the scream of pleasure, Hayato realized he had found the other's prostate, and began to mercilessly pound into it, thoroughly abusing the blond's ass. Not many thrusts later did he feel the already unbearable tight ring of muscles clench around him, cumming inside of Bel, who had cum just slightly beforehand.

Collapsing onto the pale body beneath him, Hayato chanced at glance at the emotional blue orbs he found staring back down at him with love. He let a noisy breath out through his nose, kissing the skin of the boy beneath him before drifting off.


Hayato leaned against the fence of their school's rooftop, looking down at the grounds below he saw the usual blond head bearing silver tiara, only turning back to his companions after it ducked inside their school.

Takeshi was just grinning, haven being told the story by Kyoya, who somehow just knew what happened. Hayato didn't question it, though. It was Kyoya. Bad things happened if you questioned him.

"Going to the library?" aforementioned skylark asked smugly, elegant brow arched as he awaited the for the reply he already knew.

"Yah," Hayato answered, feigning disinterest. "See ya later."

And after the seemed too long walk, Hayato found himself in the usual stack, glaring at the usual blond who just smirked, leaning against the bookshelf.

"Not panting today?"

"Ushishi, why should I have to waste my own energy when I could just have the scholarship boy do it for me?"

Some things just never changed.

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