E/O Challenge: Two for one this week! Bill and Flag. Double drabble for Fire 'CxO' Ice! Happy Birthday!

SPOILER ALERT: Set in S5, before "Swan Song"

The bar smelled like stale beer and overcooked fried food. Dean took in the familiar smell as he entered, in search of Castiel. The angel had disappeared on a bender before, but this time it would be easier to find him. He stood on his toes to get a view across the bar, and spotted a man in a trench coat sitting in in the back corner. The bartender poured him another glass of whiskey as Dean sat down next to him.

"We've been looking for you," he said calmly as Castiel downed the whiskey in his glass. "You know, you're not invincible to that stuff anymore."

"Don't remind me," Castiel said angrily, slamming his glass down on the wooden bar. "Another." Dean flagged down the bartender.

"Make it a double for me." Dean sipped his whiskey slowly. Castiel wavered slightly on his barstool, and Dean jumped up as he almost fell to the floor. "Ok, time to go."

"No! I won't go!" Dean took out his wallet and paid Cas' bill.

"Keep the change." He took Cas' arm and draped it over his shoulder to help him to the car. "Ok, let's get you some aspirin, and some coffee."