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Chapter 1


Its been six wonderful years that I've spent with my husband Jacob Black.

We had a small wedding ceremony in our meadow, with family and friends. Then our honeymoon was on a beautiful island , Grandma Esme bought for us.

Too bad we never left the room.

I'm sad to say that there are no children yet. Me and Jacob talk about it constantly, but he says he wants to wait to have kids. That he wants me all to himself for a few years. No matter how many times I tell him we have forever. But I can't object if he really does just want me to himself.

"Good morning beautiful." Jacob said, come up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

I smiled, "Goodmorning babe. I made you some breakfast. Its in the oven."

He kissed my cheek then pulled his over stuffed plate out of the oven.

"And you made my favorite? Whats going on?"

I laughed softly, "I can't make my husband his favorite meal with out something being up?"

"No now tell me whats going on." He pulled me into his arms and I sighed.

"Its been six years, and I'm getting alittle frustrated. Why don't you want to have babies with me? Is something wrong with the idea of having my kids?"

"No honey its not like that. I would love for you to have my babies, there's no one I'd ever want to see pregnant more than you."

"Then why don't we try?"

"Because I'm busy with work and Emily and you busy with Claire. Plus with the little money I get every two weeks, we don't have the time or money for a baby."

"Claire is not a problem and neither is money! We can always get money from my parents."

"No. I am not taking money from your parents. I want to be able to take care of my family on my own. I have no problem working hard to get where I want to be."

"You know the only actual problem is that your only worrying about Emily and her son, since you spent most of your time with them anyways!"

I pushed his arms off me and walked into the livingroom. I felt his hands on my shoulders a minute later.

"I'm sorry. Emily is not my main concern. You are. If it bothers you I'll cut back on the time I spend with her. I love you."

I turned to face him, "I know you do, but I really want us to start think about our own family."

He kissed me softly twice, " I promise we will. Still love me?"

I smirked. "Of course, have a good day at work."

With one more kiss, he was out the door.


I pushed my glasses up my face as I continued taking notes off the board.

Everyone around me was whispering, laughing or throwing paper across the room while the teacher, , typed away on his computer.

Me? I just sat way in the back of the room, my safe place at school.

The bell rung soon after I finished my work and notes and gave out homework. Then he called me up to his desk.

"Um, yes ?" I asked quietly, not looking him in the eyes and not getting tOo close.

"Claire, you are such a good student. You do all of your work, ace your tests, but you know that class participation is a big part of your grade too. I don't bite, you can raise your hand every once in awhile.

"I'm sorry. I will. Bye." I sped walked out his class and out of the school, searching the parking lot for Renesmee. When I found her car, I made a beeline for it.

"Hey Claire how was your day at school?" she asked.

I smiled, finally feeling comfortable, "Hi Aunt Nessie, my day was fine. My history teacher said I need to participate in class more though because its affecting my grades."

"You just do whats comfortable for yourself, okay? But if your grades are getting too bad then just raise your hand and answer a question. Im sure your mom won't be too happy if your grades fall."

I nodded and we rode the rest of the way to my house in silence. We we got there a smile worked its way across my face when I saw Quil playing football with a couple of the guys out on the front lawn.

"Hey Claire-bear!" Quil exclaimed. He jogged over to me and kissed my cheek. "You have a good day?" I nodded and hugged him tight around the waist. "Go take your medicine sweet heart. The come watch me kick some ass in football."

I smiled and seperated from him to walk upstairs.

When I was raped by Rowan six years ago, I contracted H.I.V from him. (I know thats impossible since he was a vampire and dead technically, but just go with it!) I had to take a different vitamin or antibotic for it every morning, evening, and night. I was surprised that Quil didn't run for the hills when my mom took me to get test when I was eleven, but instead he stayed everyday, helping me remember when and which one to take.

Quils always made sure I was safe. He's so protective of me, especially when it comes down to men and I love him to death for that. He's my own personal security blanket.

I took my pill, changed into my pajamas, and walked back outside.

"Aw, why'd you get undressed Claire-bear?" Quil whined. "I was gonna take you out for dinner since you mom is working late again."

"I'm sorry. I can go get dressed again?"

He smiled, "Its fine, I can fix us something to eat."

I smiled back, "Your going to cook? Quil Ateara?"

"Oh well well well, you have jokes Ms. whitaker! I am a very talented chef, thank you very much!"

"Quil, i'm sorry but you burn salt water. I don't want to die in a tragic fire accident."

He chuckled, "That shit sticks to the pan, Its not my fault."

"Your suppose to boil water in a pot. Not a pan."

He playfully pushed me then put an arm around my shoulders.

"Shut-up before I MAKE you eat my dinner!"


I was debating on whether I should go to Emily's on my way home from work.

I mean on one hand, I didn't want to upset Renesmee, but on the other, Emily needed someone to talk to. To help her out alittle from time to time. I know it was hard for her to lose her soulmate, and then to raise a child, a boy at that, alone was just too much for anyone to handle.

I decided to stop by just for a minute and see how she was doing. I made a quick U-turn and dialed Renesmee's number.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hey beautiful."

"Jake! Are you on your way from work? I made this new pasta I want you to taste!"

I smiled at her childish excitement, "And I can't wait to taste it baby, but I might be alittle late coming home."

She was silent for awhile.

"Going to see Emily?" She finally asked.

"Just for alittle while, Don't be like that."

"Yeah whatever. I knew you were lieing to me this morning."

With that she hung up on me.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

I don't know why she was acting this way now. I thought at first, maybe she's pms-ing, but I learned the hard way to never tell a woman that she was on her period. They have what I like to call a , P.P.B.F.

Post period bitch fest.

Then I thought maybe she actually was pregnant and just didn't know and that scred the shit out of me. Until she had a P.P.B.F a couple days earlier.

It wasn't like I didn't want or like kids, I just didn't want to bring one into the world and then not be able to take care of it. I wanted to be able to give him/her anything their little hearts desired.

But Renesmee will be Renesmee.

I love her regardless.

I pulled up in Emily's driveway seeing Sam Jr. running around the lawn by himself. I snuck up behind him and lifted him up from the ground, making him squeal in laughter.

"Hey little man! Where's your mommy?" I asked carrying him towards the door.

"She making me some food!" He exclaimed.

I smiled and walked straight into the house.

"Sammy is that you?" Emily called.

"Yeah and Jake!" I yelled back.

I set Sammy down and he ran off somewhere right when Emily came walking in the room.

"Hey Jacob," She smiled giving me a small hug. " What brings you over today?"

"Just wanted to see how you and Sammy were. I can't stay long though, Renesmee's upset with me right now."

"Did you guys have a fight?"

"Not really. She thinks I spend too much time with you."

"Oh. Well, I don't want to cause any problems between you and your wife Jacob."

"You not Em, I promise its not you." I assured. " I don't know why she has these moments like this now-a-days... I mean we've been having some disagreements about kids lately, but I don't know what else to tell her. I don't want to have a child when I can barely take care of two of us. Im trying my best out here, and with a baby, we'd just be struggling even more. I'm sick of depending on her parents."

She put a hand over mine, and gave me a look that made me just a tad bit uncomfortable, but I made nothing of it.

"I understand where your coming from Jake. You want to take that next step as a man and take care of everything, giving your family everything they want, but lets be real. Jobs don't pay that much now, and this is a small town. I know your doing your best, and I'm sure Renesmee knows that too. She doesn't care if you guys have to struggle for alittle while, because you'll always take care of her."

I thought about what she said, and Emily was right.

I was acting like a idiot because of my own stupid pride and selfish reasons.

I stood up," Your right Em, I have to go talk to Renesmee."

She smiled, "Good luck. She's a tough cookie."


I drove home like a mad man.

I'm pretty sure I got a couple tickets, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get home and make things right with my wife.

When I got there, she was still at the table, eating dinner by herself, tears silently falling down her cheeks and it broke my heart to know that I did that.

I pulled her out of her chair and kissed her lovingly on the lips.

"I'm so sorry baby, please don't cry." I said softly, wiping her damp cheeks.

She sniffled, "I'm still mad at you."

"I know Ness. I have been acting so dumb lately. I've just been so stressed out with working and getting money to make you happy, that I didn't realize I was doing the complete opposite. I'm going limit my time with Emily, so I can come straight home to you after work, because your the first person I want to see after my boss has been on my ass all day."

A smile that I never tired of seeing, etched across her beautiful face and she gave me a small kiss.

"Thats all I wanted. Thank you Jacob."

I smiled, "Don't thank me baby, I'll do anything for you." She kissed me again. "I want to start trying for a baby. I can't to see you round and glowing."

Her eyes widened about ten times their regular size.

"Really?" She asked, jumping up and down.

I chuckled, "Yes really!"

She squealed and threw her arms around my neck, kissing all over my face.

"Oh my GOSH! We're going to have a baby! We have to talk names, room colors!

"Honey, honey, calm down. " I laughed, feeling excited myself. "We have to make the babies first right?"

She raised an eyebrow at me, "What are you suggesting we do then ?"

"Oh I don't know ... Its been a long day at work and I think I could use a shower."

"Oh yeah? Well I've been running around all day and I'm thinking I could use alittle shower too."

"Well we do have two showers..." I smirked.

"But whats the point in wasting all that water, right?" She smirked back.

"Your absolutley right Renesmee. You ready to get wet?"

"Too late." She whispered.

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I growled and picked her up throwing her over my shoulder, her squealing and laughing the whole time. I was stripping her while I walked too. I yanked down her jeans and left them somewhere in the hall. while she did the same with her shirt.

Once we got to the master bathroom. I turned on the shower, set her down and immediatly attacked her lips. She moaned and gripped my hair, hard. I unbuckled my jeans and sepped out of them, then pulled my shirt over my head without breaking our kiss.

I trailed my lips across her jaw down her neck and gently bit on her sweet spot.

"Oh Jacob... Will you stop teasing me?" She moaned.

I smirked, "Why baby? Its so much fun." I said while gently caressing her love button through her soaked panties.

She tossed her head back and groaned. "Please?"

Hearing her beg for me, just aroused me even more, and my friend down south sprung to life.

"Tell me how bad you want it." I whispered, continueing to rub her, kissing along her collar bone again. "Just say it and I'll give it to you."

"God Jacob! I want you so bad, just make love to me dammit!"

And just like that, the more animalistic side of me came out. Only a side she could bring out in me.

A side she loved.

I literally ripped her bra and underwear off her body.

" I liked that bra." She whined.

"Shut up." I said lifting her up again and under the water streaming out of the shower. I slammed her up against the glass door, kissing her so hard, I tasted blood. But she was kissing me with the same passion that I didn't know who got bit.

She jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I seperates from her lips for a minute to slowly slip inside of her. We both moaned in pleasure and I kissed her alittle bit more tenderly this time as I moved deep and fast within her

"Oh god Jacob!" She screamed. I groaned in response and licked over a spot where her shoulder and neck met, preparing to mark her. "Jacob...Jacob... Its t-too much..."

I slowed my pace alittle, and just made long deep thrust inside of her.

"Too much honey?" I panted. "Does it feel too good?"

She moaned and nodded.

Her legs tightened around me and by the beautiful look on her face I knew she was close.

I reached down and circled her love button to help push her over the edge.


Her legs trembled and I kissed her softly as she came down from her high, her limbs going limp in my arms.

"You okay?" I asked before I finished myself.

"Better that okay." She panted.

I smiled and picked up the pace again, feeling myself dangerously close already.

"Let go Jake." She said seductively, know I was close too.

I sunk my teeth into her neck, groaning loudly as I spilled my love deep inside her.

We both stood there panting as the water beat down on our head.

Once I gained control of my breathing, I licked over my new mark and turned the shower off I carried her out to our bedroom and dried off her body, while she did mine. Then we just jumped into bed naked.

"I love you." She said smiling at me.

I smiled back and kissed her swollen lips. "I love you too." I sat up and kissed her stomach too, "You little guys swimming in there better do your job and get my girl pregnant!"

Renesmee laughed, "You are so weird. Talking to your sperm Jake, really?"

"Everyone needs alittle encouragement." I said and pulled her into my arms, sighing contently.

She just laughed again, and we drifted off into the most peaceful sleep we've had in a while.

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