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My feet pounded on the ground as I dodged trees left and right. How stupid was I to think I could outrun a vampire. At least he had given me somewhat of a head start. I made the stupid mistake the escapee always makes. I looked over my shoulder. Unfortunately, my foot caught in a root and I fell on my stomach, twigs poking my skin.

I rolled on to my back and closed my eyes. I knew it was too late. I felt a heavy weight settle itself on my chest. I gulped down the lump in my throat and slowly opened my eyes. Piercing blue eyes met my light brown ones.

"Dakota?" My mother's voice sounded frantic. "Dakota!"

"What, Mom?"

"Get up, get dressed and come downstairs immediately."

I jumped out of bed and quickly changed into jeans and a t-shirt before running down the stairs.

"Mom, what's going on?"

"We need to leave town immediately."


"I'll explain when we get where we're going. Now go get some shoes and meet me in the car."

I ran back up the stairs and threw on a pair of converse, grabbed my phone and my iPod before running back downstairs and into the car. My mom was already there.

She closed the garage door before pulling out of the driveway. I thought I saw a flash of something in our yard, but when I looked it was gone. I settled back in my seat and watched the trees pass by.

"Mom, where are we going?" I asked almost an hour later.

"I'll tell you when we get there." Still doesn't answer my questions.

For some odd reason, I felt like someone was watching us. I had felt like this since we left our home in Dallas, Texas. My mother would never keep secrets from me.

Almost two hours later, we passed a Welcome to Louisiana sign. Why Louisiana? Suddenly, something flashed in front of the car. My mom slammed on the brakes, the car sliding a little on the road slick from the rain the night before. I looked up and there was a person standing in the middle of the road. A venomous grin found its way onto his face. Suddenly our doors were ripped off their hinges. I was grabbed around the middle and pulled out of my seat. I struggled against the cold arms, but it was useless. I was dragged to the man in the middle of the road.

He was tall. Taller than the vampire holding me. He had short black hair that was spiked and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a crimson button down shirt and black jeans.

He looked me up and down like I was a piece of steak. He took a deep breath before his fangs popped down.

"Wait. Lets drain the old one first." I looked over to my mom who was being held by a frizzy red haired vampire. The vampire holding me pushed me down on the asphalt of the road. They all stalked to my mom.

I closed my eyes and tried to block out the sounds. Suddenly there was another rush of air and a bunch of yelling. I squeezed my eyes tighter as I heard footsteps coming towards me.

A cold hand moved my hair out of my face and cold fingers traced along my neck.

"They didn't get this one." A soft voice said. "It's all right. You can open your eyes now." the person whispered.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw a person leaning over me. I rolled over onto my back and slowly sat up. I looked over and saw my mom covered in blood. I slowly got up to my feet, but nearly fell because of a searing pain in my ankle. The person beside me caught me. I looked up and nearly gasped.

He was pale. Very pale. But he looked young. Just a few years older than me. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I looked away and back at my mom. I slowly limped over to her.

"Dakota." She whispered as I fell to my knees beside her.

"I'm here Mom."

"Dakota, there's a folder in the glove compartment of the car. Take that and find your way to Bon Temps. Find Merlotte's bar and ask for Sam Merlotte. Give him that folder. It will explain everything. You must do this, Kota."

"I will mom."

"I will take her." The vampire with brown hair said.

"Thank you, Godric." So his name is Godric.

He nodded to a different vampire before going to the car and grabbing a manila folder. He handed it to me before picking me up bridal style. He began to run, the wind slapping me in the face. I tucked my head into his chest to keep it out of the unusually cold air.

He stopped running when we got to a sign that read "Welcome to Bon Temps."

"I cannot go any farther. Merlotte's is just a couple miles up the road. Good luck."

"Godric?" I asked before he left.


"Thank you." He nodded once before speeding off.

Just my luck, it started to rain as daylight came. I stumbled my way the two miles, which seemed to take hours. I saw a sign that read Merlotte's with an arrow pointed down a dirt road. I crossed the highway before stumbling down the dirt road.

The trees opened to a clearing where I found Merlotte's Bar and Grill. I stumbled, soaking wet to the door. How I wished I had brought a coat. I clutched the folder to my chest as I stumbled in.

There weren't many people in the bar, just a couple of men sitting in a booth. I limped up to the bar to a black man who was washing shot glasses. He looked up and smiled at me.

"What can I do for you, Sweet-pea?"

"I-is Sam Merlotte here?" I was trembling from the cold.

"He sure is. Let me go grab him for you."

He went into the back. I could feel eyes on me. I turned and glared at the two men who were now looking at me. I turned back to the bar when I heard footsteps. I almost gasped. A dark-blonde man entered the bar area. His eyes were a grey blue and he was wearing a blue and white plaid shirt tucked into a pair of jeans. He seemed familiar.

"I'm Sam." He said.

"M-my mom told me to give this to you." I handed him the folder.

He took it, opened it and pulled out a folded piece of paper. He read a couple lines before looking up at me.

"Why don't you come back into my office." He lead me into the back into a cozy looking office.

I sat down on the couch and he pulled a blanket out from under his desk. He wrapped it around my shoulders and I gladly excepted it. He moved his desk chair in front of me and pulled the rest of the items out of the folder. He started at what looked like a birth certificate.

"Did you know about this?" He asked, handing me the paper.

I read it over twice. It was my birth certificate. One line said Mary Weitz and the other said Sam Merlotte.