Because my first MLP story "Could Have Been" received such wonderful reviews, I thought I'd make another story featuring Twilight's thoughts about Discord as well as after "The Return of Harmony". Unlike my last story, which was a oneshot, this one will be having a few more chapters. ;)

On Devianart, I will be making a MLP FIM cartoon crossover story that will take place after the events of my Invader Zim cartoon crossover story, as well as take place after the events of "Return of Harmony". Will I post that story here on FF? Hmm, that depends if many of you will consider reading major crossover...:)


That book could have been a little longer...

Twilight smiled to herself as she closed yet another classic she had finished reading just today. While she did enjoy going out and being with her friends, there were times when she just loved to stay in her library house and read her books. Her friends, especially Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, have constantly told her that just staying in with those books instead of coming out to play was not a good thing; there were times when they hauled her out the door by her tail so she could enjoy outside with the others. Though that did seem unnecessary, Twilight knew they meant well. They really cared about her.

The bond Twilight had with them was more important to her than anything. Without friendship, she would be nothing.

Thinking of friendship and how much her friends meant dear to her, Twilight couldn't help but recall the recent events in which all of that had almost been taken away from her...

...when Discord had been present.

The thought of Discord made Twilight's tail twitch with sudden anxiety as she reflected on the spirit of chaos and disharmony. That Draconequus had been more cunning and deceitful than he appeared to be, if not incredibly irritating in Twilight's opinion.


Twilight used her magic to pick up her finished book and place it back in its slot before she slowly walked over to another section of her library. Her violet eyes scanned the titles until she found the one she was looking for.

The Tale of Discord

Twilight was surprised she had only found that book now after she and her friends defeated Discord. Maybe if she had found that book sooner before disharmony began she could have prepared herself for what Discord had up his sleeve.

But Discord was defeated, sealed back in his stone prison and placed in the gardens of Canterlot as he had been before.

Everypony in Equestria was grateful for Twilight and her friends' bravery in using the Elements of Harmony to defeat him. Her friends, as well as the princess, were happy that harmony reigned the land once again.

But Twilight...though she was glad as well as thankful for all they've done in restoring Equestria to its beautiful glory...her heart still ached.

Just recently, after the defeat of their enemy, Twilight had been in Canterlot with her friends, simply enjoying themselves and having fun.

But while her friends were enjoying themselves in their separated ways...Twilight had visited the gardens. She had visited Discord.

The unicorn had no idea why she brought herself to visit the statue of the creature that nearly destroyed harmony as well as the bond she had with her friends. The pony had simply gazed upon the sight of Discord in his frozen state, simply watching him.

But then she had surprised herself when she began talking with the Discord statue. How ridiculous she must have looked! Good thing no pony was around when she did that...

The more she talked to the statue, the more she grew into realization for why exactly she came to him in the first place.

Because she felt sorry for him.

He may have been evil and mischievous and had turned her home into a nightmare of a wonderland, had turned her friends into cold and heartless pawns in his twisted game, and had even led Twilight to nearly losing hope of everything...

But deep down, Twilight knew there had been some good in him.

The unicorn didn't want to read the entire book of her enemy. She simply turned pages, her eyes gazing at the pictures that represented each summary. She didn't need to read the entire book; Celestia had informed her much of what Discord had done before she and Princess Luna had stopped him.

He was the former ruler of Equestria. He made ponies suffer under his disharmony, much to his satisfaction. And when the princesses rebelled, he was turned to stone.

This time, Twilight and her friends had stopped him. And he became stone once again.

Stone...could there not have been any other solution? Twilight knew that although Discord needed to pay for the grief he had caused for ponies everywhere, turning him to stone, again, did not seem like the reasonable punishment for him.

"It just doesn't seem fair..." Twilight sighed as she closed the book. Thankfully, Spike was out doing errands or he would have questioned her why she was suddenly sad.

She was sad because she felt guilty. She felt guilty for what she had done to Discord.

Though Twilight knew that it seemed like the best way to end Discord's second reign, she still felt there could have been another solution...that the Elements of Harmony could have done something better.

Twilight remembered her element: friendship. It was the most powerful element of them all...and what had she used it for? To turn Discord back into stone. The unicorn thought she could truly control the element, use it to simply stop Discord, and maybe knock some sense to him.

But no, instead it just turned him into stone.

Twilight could recall how she had visited him, telling him soothing words of her guilt and her feelings about everything. Even though he couldn't hear her, she hoped he could feel her words through his stone prison. She hoped he could see that she wanted to be his friend.

Twilight sniffed as she recalled that visit to the gardens, having seen the scared expression on the frozen Draconequus's face. She had cried for him when she saw him like that, and she felt it was all her fault for his punishment.

She didn't want to cry again. Instead, she used her magic to summon one of her quills and a notebook that served as her personal journal. She hadn't written in it in a while, having focused most of her writing in her studies as well as her messages to the princess.

Today she would write her inner thoughts about the past events. About Discord.

Dearest Journal...she wrote.

How long it's been since I've written in you. I haven't written in you since the night of the Galloping Gala, having told you all that had happened that unexpected yet wonderful evening.

But enough about that, I have opened you up to spill my deepest thoughts about the recent events that occurred. About a dark creature by the name of Discord.

Twilight sniffed a bit before she dipped her quill into the bottle of ink and continued on with her writing. Expressing her deepest feelings into her journal would better help her with her grief about Discord. She had never told any of her friends about that visit to the gardens, about how guilty she felt about what they had done to stop him. They wouldn't understand her the way Twilight truly understood Discord.

It was during one day in Ponyville, everything didn't seem right. Clouds became cotton candy, rain tasted like chocolate, even Fluttershy's rabbits had grown with long legs! My friends and I needed to get to the bottom of what was going on. Our questions were answered after we received an urgent message from Princess Celestia.

She told us Discord had escaped. And he would set out to do what he had done a thousand years ago when he was ruler of Equestria. And he knew each of us so well without 'introduction'.

He knew which element we stood for. He said Pinkie Pie's element of laughter was his favorite, but he seemed more interested in my element for some reason, calling mine the most powerful of all. Though I did act brave, I was a bit intimidated by the way he said that. Celestia told me he was trouble, and he took the Elements of Harmony as soon as he broke free of his prison.

My friends and I were on a mission. To get back those elements and defeat Discord.

It seemed like hours as the unicorn wrote in her journal, filling the pages with everything she had seen and done while going against Discord. She wrote about how he had taken her horn as well as Rarity's along with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's wings, how he manipulated each of her friends, thus literally stealing the color of their friendship.

Though her magic was making her tired, Twilight's mind was tireless in writing down everything that happened when disharmony reigned Equestria. She wrote excessively about how she endured the consequences of her friends 'changes' while she tried keeping them together, recalling having suffered Fluttershy's cruelty while also selflessly helping Rarity with her 'diamond' even though the other unicorn had been too selfish to show any trust toward her, claiming the newfound item all hers.

It pained her a bit to write about what Discord had done to her friends. Though he never hurt them physically, what he had done to them truly hurt her. It almost made her give up on her friends as well as herself.

I almost left Ponyville, almost left it in the hands of Discord. She wrote, her eyes drooping with sadness as she remembered how she had tossed her element into the trash while packing her things.

But then I received constant messages from Princess Celestia; Spike was getting sick from delivering so many. They were old messages I sent to her during my time in Ponyville. Messages that reminded me of why I wrote them, awakening something in me I thought I had lost because of Discord.

I read through old messages about helping others, sharing with others, being truthful to others, every lesson I learned about friendship. Then another message came, and it was written from Celestia herself. Apparently, what I had learned from the princess was that friendship is worth fighting for, that you can never give up on your friends.

That was just what I needed, and with that message I raced to bring my friends back. I started with Applejack, whom kept on with her excessive lying. I used my magic and got into her head. In her mind, I showed her images of our time together, from helping her buck apple trees to assisting her in Winter Wrap-Up day.

That did it and the color in my friend was restored. She was so sorry for her lying, having believed in Discord about how being honest would just get you in trouble. Of course I forgave her, she just didn't want to lose any of our friends. One down and four to go as we worked together to bring back Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.

Rainbow Dash was the hardest. She was even more gray than before, and her words were cold as she refused to even help us, insulting the honor of her element known as loyalty. It was a wild goose chase, having chased her on her little cloud. We worked together to tie her down, Fluttershy the most determined because she was angry with Discord for being mean to all of us.

I can honestly say, I have never seen her fly so fast before.

And of course we caught up with Rainbow Dash and brought her to her senses. She was immediately filled with grief and regret, hoping we were all alright as well as worrying about the elements, which I kept safe.

Now that we were all together, it was time for the final battle.

Twilight bit her lip, feeling a bit nervous about describing their final encounter with Discord before he...

"I have to write it down," Twilight told herself with determination and firmness, "maybe one day it'll become useful for...whatever will happen in the future." And with that said, she used her magic to dip her quill and continue her writing.

There Discord sat, in his little throne with a cup of chocolate rain. He looked so relaxed despite seeing us together, in full color and with our elements. He assumed we would mess up like the first time and just stood and watched.

A little piece of me wished he could have stood up and fought us, while my mind was more focused on controlling our elements and taking care of him once and for all.

Like how we defeated Nightmare Moon, our powers combined and we created a rainbow of harmony which completely engulfed him. Though my eyes were in focus mode with my magic wielding my element, my ears had heard the cry of horror from our enemy.

I don't think I could still call him my enemy after defeating him. I kept thinking that our elements would eventually show him the light. Like when we stopped Nightmare Moon and brought back Princess Luna, and she and her sister were reunited in a beautiful, sisterly friendship. I had hoped the same would happen for Discord. Though my hope was far too extreme for any possibility, I still hoped. I hoped that I was right...that Discord could change once he got a taste of friendship medicine...

I was wrong.

Twilight stopped her writing, her magic having ceased for the moment. Her quill fell helplessly atop the half-covered page, spilling a little ink on the side, though not too much to ruin it. The pony's eyes glistened a bit as she recalled what she had hoped for, and what had happened which pained her heart a bit.

Taking a deep breath, Twilight summoned her quill once again and continued writing.

After the rainbow faded away, I assumed we would see Discord lying on the ground, half-unconscious.

Instead, we found him made into stone.

Oh, dear Celestia, how shocked I was when I realized that Discord was given the same fate he had received a thousand years back! His expression of horror was something I would never forget, because it was frozen that way, forever plastered on his face for everypony to see.

I forgot what happened after we turned him into stone but the next thing I knew, Princess Celestia had come to congratulate us, telling us how proud she was that we saved Equestria. I watched as she looked down at the stone figure on the ground that was Discord; I half-expected she would scowl at him as she had done before when he was released from his stone prison.

Instead, her expression showed slight remorse, as if she felt guilty that Discord had taken his fate once again. She had said nothing to him because her focus was on us, the Elements of Harmony.

Celestia explained she would put Discord back in the garden where he had been originally, ever sure he wouldn't escape again. Pinkie Pie made a joke about how funny his face looked and how every pony would laugh about his expression...

Though I laughed along with my friends, I knew it was definitely not funny.

Discord's expression was nothing to laugh about. His expression before he became was a mix of horror along with fear. I can't get it out of my mind even during the celebration in honor of our victory!

I keep thinking that maybe I didn't use my element right, that maybe I did something wrong. That I was responsible that this happened to Discord. I don't know...all I know is that Discord is back in that garden because of us.

A small tear slid down her cheek and fell unto the page. Twilight's eyes sparkled with sadness as they became clouded in more tears. She quickly wiped them away as she tried to focus on her writing. She was almost done.

She wrote about the celebration, about Celestia creating a beautiful stained glass window in their honor, showing all six of them defeating Discord. Her friends were so proud of themselves and so was Twilight.

But deep down...the guilt never ceased.

After those events, we went back to our usual lives, enjoying each other's company in our society of order and harmony. Just earlier today I helped Applejack with bucking for apples.

But while I do spend time with my friends...I sometimes spend time in the gardens of Canterlot. Where Discord is.

I have been using a transport spell that can take me there from Ponyville in a few moments, though it does make me tired easily, so I save it for the special occasion.

Really, I visit Discord whenever I can. Sometimes I even talk to him. That sounds crazy, huh? More crazy than Pinkie Pie saying random things like oatmeal and stuff? But sometimes when I get up the nerve to talk to him, I feel as if he can hear me. Probably taunting me about my sympathy and guilt for him...

But even if he still taunts me, I'm still willing to offer my friendship to him.

Though that seems impossible now, I will try...if there ever is a next time. I will try and be diplomatic with him. I will try and make him realize the error of his ways in the most compassionate way possible. I will try and become his friend.

Twilight stopped there, biting her lip as she lowered her eyes in remorse. She had spilled her feelings into her journal. This all needed to be completely private. She couldn't dare tell her friends about her feelings after the events of Discord, nor could she confess to Spike, whom had been her loyal assistant since day one.

They wouldn't understand.

But maybe when the time was right and maybe Discord...

"I might never see him again..." Twilight told herself quietly. She sighed as she closed her eyes for a bit, taking in everything around her, remembering how everything was once out of place thanks to Discord. Slowly opening her eyes, Twilight finished the rest of her journal entry.

Even though all of that seems impossible, I will hope. I never gave up hope in bringing back my friends, I will never give up hope that one day, if I ever do see Discord again, I will make him see the light.

As Celestia's message said: Friends don't give up on friends.

Finally, Twilight put her quill down, having finished writing her deepest thoughts and feelings. A small sad smile formed on her face as she used her magic to close her journal and put her quill away.

Looking toward the clock, she hadn't realized how long all that writing took her. She needed to go out for a while, let her mind wander away from her inner sadness and enjoy the happiness that was Ponyville.

Using her magic to open the door, Twilight made her way out. However, she stopped in her tracks as she turned back to the journal on her desk.

With a wistful smile, Twilight used her magic to bring out the lock on her journal and sealed it. Extra tight.

Chuckling to herself, she went out, closing the door behind her. Though Spike was her number one assistant, she knew he could be nosy sometimes.