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"You look very beautiful, you know, sis."

Twilight smiled sheepishly at Cadence, shuffling her hooves while trying to remain absorbed in the soothing atmosphere of the garden party. She had been both happy and relieved during the time she spent with her family back in Ponyville. With the inclusion of Discord, of course. It still surprised her, even now, how well he and her brother got along during the time they, along with her and Cadence, had lunch together.

And they had all laughed when Discord had summoned chocolate rain over the restaurant.

The unicorn nervously shifted her eyes over to where the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony stood. He was deep in casual conversation with a few Canterlot ponies, their faces filled with awe and curiosity as they rambled on with questions and details to the redeemed creature. Twilight couldn't help but smile with relief, however, her eyes were glued on what exactly Discord was wearing.

A dark, slightly turquoise suit with a white shirt inside. And a poison joke pinned at the side of his chest.

Twilight swallowed before she shifted her eyes to what she, too, was adorned in:a green gown that glittered with sashes and lace ribbons; a blouse with silky light green sleeves; her ears dawning earrings that were the shape of leaves; her hair slightly softened down with a bun on top, two green feathers on top as decoration.

She couldn't believe she had found an exact dress like this while going shopping with Cadence. She had thought it had all been just something that only appeared in a dream!

'Only one seemed to have been ever made' was what the owner of the dress shop had told Twilight.

And what made it more coincidental in Twilight's case was the use of green eyeshadow, which Rarity kept complimenting about how it brought out the sparkle in her eyes and made the lanterns of Fancypants' party appear so dull.

Garden party...Discord's suit...Twilight's new dress...green eyeshadow...

This was beginning to appear like the dream Twilight had not too long ago.

If this truly was to occur like in her dream, wouldn't that mean that the Canterlot ponies would consider Discord a...?

"I say, my good Draconequus," her fears were immediately halted when she turned to find Jet Set and Upper crust deep in lively conversation with the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. "I can understand that this party might differ from anything you've been accustomed to back then." The stallion gave a sheepish shrug.

"Oh, darling, please," Upper Crust laughed as she nudged her husband, "a thousand years isn't that large a gap, and our fine, chaotic friend here has adapted to times so well. But perhaps sometimes society can be rather dull."

"Oh, nonsense," Discord gave an amused chuckle, "this all seems fine to me. Could use a little chaos, but who's complaining?"

Twilight felt her fears disperse as she shone with a relieved smile while watching her best friend among ponies of her own kind. She had been afraid that although he had been released from the hospital a week ago, ponies would still tremble at the sight of him. Worse, lash out and call him a monster.

But now everypony seemed to realize how redeemed he was, even high-society ponies of her hometown, and that made her smile even more.

He was happy. Truly accepted.

Seemed her dream came true with some alternations.

"So Discord's house," Twilight turned when she felt a soft touch on her hoof and found her brother smiling down at her, "it's like totally floating above Ponyville, right?"

"Actually, more centered high above my house," Twilight explained.

After Discord had left the hospital, he had temporarily stayed with Twilight and Spike in their library house. Although Spike still felt guilty about everything, the more he got to know Discord, the more his anxiety lessened; and this became even more successful with Discord conjuring as much gems as Spike could eat. Soon, Discord had announced he was going to conjure up his own house. Right above Ponyville.

Out of all the places in Equestria, he could have created a house in either Canterlot or Manehatten, but he decided to reside in clouds high above where Ponyville was.

True, he may have fallen in love with the town mostly because when he had been first released, he had turned it into the 'chaos capital of the world'. Or maybe because his best friend, as well as the Elements of Harmony, resided in it.

"So high in the clouds that Cloudsdale can spot it?" Cadence laughed.

Before Twilight could speak, she felt delicate hooves wrap around her neck from behind, and soon she found herself cheek-to-cheek with Upper Crust.

"Oh, dear, you have no idea how happy I am for you!" The older unicorn exclaimed, hugging her even tighter.

"Uh, thanks?" Twilight spoke, her face being nuzzled be the overjoyed mare.

"I've always known you were a special girl," Upper Crust said softly as she loosened her grip on her, "you're still full of surprises. And hopefully, I'll get to witness some of them."

Twilight's mouth hung low, stunned by the older unicorn's compliment and confession. Though her mind had been blurry, she did recall that time during her childhood when her mother introduced her to Upper Crust and Jet Set, but that had been it; she was just so absorbed in her books. But, now a grown mare, during her birthday and through re-introductions, it brought back some memories. However, Twilight had always assumed that Upper Crust and her husband were just a couple of snobby, flamboyant, ill-mannered pricks.

But after everything that happened, after Twilight found out how much this older unicorn had gone through to bring her to safety, she realized just how much she had changed.

And she loved that about her.

"Thank you," was all Twilight could say, gazing at the motherly unicorn in awe.

Upper Crust held her tears back, her smile becoming too big for her face as she regarded the younger mare as if she was her own filly. Finally, she turned in Discord's direction, who was listening to another one of Fancypants' stories.

"Oh, Mr. Discord," she called. As he turned to her, the mare smiled cheekily at him. "Perhaps maybe you can liven this party a bit?" She lowered her eyes knowingly. "My, my..." She began fanning herself with her own hoof. "I'm dreadfully parched. I could use a drink."

Twilight's eyes widened, gazing at the older unicorn in disbelief before turning her sights toward Discord, who smirked.

"I think everypony could use a drink," he chuckled before snapping his fingers.

And, just like in her dream, a cotton candy fountain appeared, gushing out glorious chocolate milk. But unlike her dream, the Canterlot ponies came rushing over, bending their heads down and dipping their mouths to slurp up what chaos had created.

"Chocolate milk?" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, turning her attention away from the buffet table. "I WANT!"

Twilight could hardly contain her laughter as a bolt of bright pink pushed through ponies that have let their manners die down to savor the liquid.

"I got to tell you, Twilly," Shining Armor laughed as he watched Discord drink from a glass before shaking his paw with a grateful high-society stallion. "Equestria will never be the same again." Then he smiled sheepishly down at her. "In a good way, I mean."

The younger unicorn smiled up at her brother before she turned her gaze back to Discord. ""I know you do."

"You can check that off the list now, Spike."

The baby dragon nodded before taking out the long list that fell to the floor and marked it once again. "Blow up balloons. Check."

Cadence smiled as she watched everypony do their job and worked around the massive ballroom. This would definitely be better than a boring gala. Then she smiled over at her sister-in-law, watching her look over the list she had prepared and laughed.

"You know this celebration isn't for a few more days," she chuckled.

"Things have to be perfect!" Twilight exclaimed, appearing a bit frantic. "I want everything to be perfect for Discord!"

"What about for you?" Cadence asked her carefully.

"Discord and I share the, though not all, same interests," the unicorn insisted. Then her eyes widened when she caught sight of a fraction of work becoming disruptive and unimpressive. "No, Rainbow Dash, the sign doesn't go there! It goes right in the the very front of this ballroom between those two windows!"

The cyan pegasus turned back to her, raising a slightly irritated eyebrow. "What?"

"Come on, Rainbow Dash!" Twilight exclaimed. "The light centers from..." Spike and Cadence watched as she galloped away from them before stopping at what appeared to be the center. "...here! So the sign needs to be over there!" And she pointed behind her.

"Alright," Rainbow Dash scoffed before she grabbed the banner with her teeth and dragged it out from where she pinned it.

However, before she could even fly off, Twilight let out a horrified gasp.

"What is it?" Cadence asked her.

"Rainbow Dash, what is that?" Twilight cried.

The pegasus looked down and regarded the writing on the banner. Spike cocked his head and read.

"Welcome, Disco..." His voice trailed off. "Hey, where's the rest of his name?"

"Oh, well, the ponies who made this didn't have any room," Rainbow Dash said. "So they gave me a sticky note to put at the end." And she held out in her hoof a yellow piece of paper with 'rd' on it.

"That's not going to do!" Twilight cried. "Tell them to redo it! Please!"

Rainbow Dash sighed and rolled her eyes. "Fine," she said before flying away, dragging the material with her.

Cadence watched as the pegasus flew out the doors before turning to Twilight with a worrisome smile.

"Don't stress so much over this party, sis," she told her, "you didn't stress out when you were planning my wedding."

"But this is Discord we're talking about," Twilight said calmly. "More than a thousand years, Cadence! He deserves the best, and by the best, I mean he deserves perfect."

"I thought chaos meant imperfection," Spike scratched his head.

"Oh, Spike, Discord may-" Twilight began but was cut off when she caught sight of another disruption. "Applejack, why in Equestria are you dragging those plants into the ballroom? They belong in the royal gardens!"

The Earth pony turned from hauling a dozen green roots and gazed at the unicorn. "Sorry about that, Twi," she apologized with a smile, "just grabbing some greens for the royal kitchen."

"But you're trailing dirt on the floor!" Twilight cried.

"Easy now," Applejack chuckled, "the party's still days away, we can clean it up by then!"

"I think this needs to be cleaned up now," Twilight said sternly.

"Calm down, sis," Cadence told her gently, placing a hoof on her side. "I'll call the servants."

As Applejack left to continue on toward the kitchen, Twilight let out a sigh. Cadence and Spike offered her supportive smiles.

"Things look great," Cadence assured her.

"And all the kids are getting excited about dressing up," Spike said.

"You have your dress set, right?" Cadence asked her.

"Of course," Twilight said, "had it cleaned many times to make sure it doesn't falter or wrinkle."

Cadence smiled. "That's gre-is that poison joke?" Her eyes widened in slight horror.

Twilight turned and watched as a few ponies, dressed in air suits and complete with protective helmets with glass coverages, were cautiously hauling a wagon of blue flowers. The unicorn chuckled before turning back to a shocked Spike and Cadence.

"Don't worry," she assured them, "just as long as you don't touch them."

Shining Armor walked into the royal kitchen, watching as ponies bustled around with preparations and completing recipes. He wanted to see how his sister was doing, considering it seemed like, just as his wedding, she was in control of the whole operation.

He wasn't too surprised when he found her sitting on one of the stools, hunched over a few notes and lists she established just for the celebration.

"No, Applejack!" The unicorn exclaimed, her eyes bugging out as she took sight of the pastries the Earth pony took out of the oven. "You can't put apple slices on those brownies! They're only for the apple tarts! You're suppose to drizzle chocolate syrup on the brownies only!"

The orange pony rolled her eyes before placing the rejected confections beside the bewildered unicorn. "Sorry about that, sugarcube," she said. "You know how I love putting apples on almost anything."

"I'm sure the next pony does as well," Twilight sighed before checking her list, "well, at least the food is fine. But those..." She pointed a hoof toward the brownies with an apple slice on each. "Just no."

Shining Armor chuckled and shook his head and made his way over to his sister while Applejack rushed off to continue making sweets. The stallion rested his hooves atop the table while watching his sister burry herself in more work.

"I see my sis is getting into another one of her organizational frustrations," he said, nearly startling her.

"Oh, Shiny!" Twilight gave him a nervous smile, hooves placed firmly on her papers. "Barely saw you there!"

"Saw you," he laughed, "and man, oh, man, do you need to chill!"

"I'm perfectly chill!" She retorted, narrowing her purple eyes. "It's everything around me that seems completely un-chill!"

Her brother laughed before turning over to the batch of brownies she disapproved. "Nopony going to eat those?"

Twilight rolled her eyes, pretending to gag. "Take them."

"Don't need to tell me twice," he said happily before using his magic to float one into his mouth. He chewed thoughtfully, savoring the taste of apple and chocolate mixed together before placing another brownie into his mouth. "Man, this is good!"

"Okay, so you like it," Twilight shook her head, "but Discord...goodness me, I think he would like all chocolate which is why anything with chocolate recipe deserves chocolate and only chocolate! Though strawberries is a good addition as well." She rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"Gee, that's too bad," Shining Armor said before eating another brownie.

"What's too bad?" Twilight asked, anxiety hinting in her tone as she regarded her brother with fearful eyes.

"Oh, nothing," he hid his smirk behind his stuff cheeks as he continued eating, "just me and the chaos man were talking earlier and he kept going on and on about how he hoped the dessert variety would be mixed, you know like daisies and cream, carrots and cheese..." He shifted his eyes at her, his smirk deepening. "...apples and brownies."

He tried to stifle his laugh at the sight of his sister's jaw dropping in disbelief. Finally, after consuming the last brownie on the tray, he turned his back and made his way out the door.

"But I know my little Twilly knows what she's doing!" He stated aloud. "She doesn't need anypony to add ideas to her notes! She knows exactly what Discord wants!"

As soon as he was out the door, he rushed to the side and pressed his back to the wall, ears attuned to the sounds inside the kitchen.

"Applejack, wait!" He heard his sister cry out.

As he overheard the squabbling and desperation from Twilight, Shining Armor didn't flinch when a bright light shone beside him, and soon mismatched feet hit the ground.

"Did you tell her?" Discord asked him, his height overpowering the stallion's as he pressed his back against the wall as well.

"Sure did," Shining Armor winked at him, "maybe now Twilly will trust her friends a little more in regards to great additions to the party. Like the dessert."

"I still can't believe all of this is for me," Discord said quietly resting his paw against his cheek, eyes lowering in awe.

"Hey, you totally deserve it," Shining Armor told him, "I mean, though I had been a little doubtful the first time we met, after getting to know you a little more, you really have redeemed yourself."

"Amazing to believe redemption had never been my calling," Discord scoffed, "well, that was before I met your sister and her little friends."

"She's great, isn't she?" Shining Armor sighed before turning his head to peek in the doorway to witness Twilight giving orders to all the cooks in the kitchen while pointing at the brownie Applejack held proudly in her hoof. "And this party, with her in charge, it will be the best celebration all of Equestria's ever seen."


Both he and Discord jumped at the booming sound of Twilight's voice before they both peered inside to witness the Element of Laughter with a chocolate beard and a fuming Twilight who looked ready break a mixing bowl over her pink friend's head.

"I was only testing them to see if they would be tasty enough for the guests!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a nervous smile.

"Don't wipe your mouth on that! Those are my notes!"

Shining Armor and Discord winced before turning away.

"Okay then," the stallion said with a chuckle. "It will definitely be the best celebration all of Equestria's ever seen."

Pipsqueak's eyes widened in awe as he stepped into the ballroom.

Dressed in a blue suit and tie, the little colt let out a gasp as he gazed around him. The marble floors shone like ice in winter, he could even see his reflection in it. The balloons and streamers were colorful, adorned on every window while the moonlight trailed through the glass and mixed with the bright lights of the ballroom.

He smiled as he caught sight of the sign at the center: Welcome, Discord. It sure was a nice sign.

"Look..." He turned to see Scootaloo's eyes sparkling, her tongue wagging out like a dog. "Brownies..." He looked over and he was amazed by the various colorful treats on the tables; he couldn't wait to get his hooves on some of those brownies with apple slices on them.

Food would come last, all he wanted right now was to see a very special unicorn that had made all this perfect.

"Excuse me," he said, turning to a passing Wonderbolt. "But have you seen Twilight?"

"Sorry, kid," Soarin's said, "nopony's seen her or Discord. Better wait later when the room's full and the party can really start."

Though he was a bit disappointed, Pipsqueak would patiently wait for the mare as well as the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony.

"You know, even though we didn't get our cutie marks," Scootaloo said as she gazed around the massive ballroom, "despite adventuring creepy forests, getting chased by creatures, and living it up with some Canterlot ponies...this is better."

"Discord sure was nice!" Sweetie Belle beamed. "I think I like chocolate milk better when he makes it. It tastes so much better than what you buy at the store!"

Apple Bloom laughed. "I couldn't agree m-poison joke!"

Pipsqueak halted in his tracks while the other two Crusaders bumped Apple Bloom from behind as the Earth pony came to a complete stop, an expression of horror on her face.

"Poison joke?" Pipsqueak repeated. "But that stuff's only been in the Everfree Forest."

"Or caused by Discord's magic," Scootaloo added.

"Then what are those?" Apple Bloom exclaimed, pointing a hoof in front of her.

Eyes followed in her direction and they were shocked to realize that every guest table held a pot of assorted flowers. And in the middle of every assortment was a piece of poison joke.

"Uh-huh," Scootaloo muttered, eyes still wide. "This is definitely Discord's party."

Suddenly, the sound of trumpets erupted as all heads turned toward the doorway.

Pipsqueak's body quivered in anticipation when a dark blue, transparent mane came into view as hooves gracefully touched the floor. Princess Luna and her solar sister smiled to everypony as they made their way across the room. The music continued on as the royal sisters made their way down the carpet, smiling as every pony bowed down in respect before they finally made it to the stage where the DJ pony was standing, desperate to play her music soon.

The trumpets' music blasted even louder, and Pipsqueak's heart pumped before everypony turned their attention away from the sisters.

Finally, the moment had arrived when all heads turned toward the doorway once more in anticipation. Two figures stood before everypony, heads held high with proud expressions of pride and regality.

Shining Armor's eyes widened in amazement as he prepared his camera. Cadence stood by him, her eyes glittering like stars in the sky as they both awaited for Twilight and Discord to make their grand entry.

"Do you see them?" Sweetie Belle asked the others as they waited.

"Ask lover boy over there!" Scootaloo hissed, jerking her head toward the awaiting little colt. "His eyes are scanning for any sign of Twilight!"

Pipsqueak lowered his head, his cheeks turning red. He was about to send her a snappy reply...but his attention drew back to the figures that were finally making their way down the carpet. His jaw fell.

There stood Twilight, dressed head to hoof in a beautiful dress that shone of red and gold. Glittering red slippers clopped against the floor as she gracefully made her entry, her eyes shining proudly as she held her head high, her mane curled below her neck while a bun stood atop of it.

It was like gazing at a fairytale fantasy coming true.

Pipsqueak smiled, awestruck by the mare's beauty and his cheeks reddened even further.

"Wow..." He murmured quietly, watching her.

Scootaloo shifted her gaze toward him, then turned away and shook her head with a laugh. "Yeah, she does look great, doesn't she?"

But it wasn't just Twilight all eyes were focused on. Beside her was Discord, dressed in the same suit he had worn during his little celebration with Twilight regarding both their birthdays. The suit was astounding, what completed it even more, and showed off his chaotic personality, was the poison joke pinned to his coat jacket.

Twilight smiled to every pony that had come to their celebration tonight. She especially casted a bright smile at her five friends, all gazing at her with joy and content. As she gave smiles and nodded her head a few times, she quickly turned to Discord, who was drinking in the positive attention.

"So, uh..." Twilight smiled nervously, unable to meet his gaze. "This is perfect, right?"

Discord smirked, staring down at the anxious mare. "Considering you're the one who made it all possible...yes."

Anxiety immediately died down as Twilight's eyes sparkled. She and Discord shared one last smile before they made their way toward the center of the room, standing before the princesses. Twilight lowered her head in a bow while Discord stood on one knee, his head down as well.

Princess Celestia smiled proudly at them before gazing over everypony.

"We are all gathered here today..." She announced. "To celebrate the return of the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. To celebrate his welcome, as well as the new life he can now live in this new Equestria." She smiled down at Twilight, who raised her head to regard her teacher.

"And to celebrate the pony that had faith in him from the very beginning, who offered her sympathy and friendship, holding the strength and belief through all trials."

Discord raised his head, eyeing Twilight with a smirk.

"Discord still is the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony," Princess Luna announced, "however a grander title has been added to his name, regarding the balance of his chaos with our harmony." The moon princess raised her hoof to everypony, a proud smile on her face.

"Discord, the Spirit of Chaotic Order."

The Draconequus smiled, stroking his beard. "I like that name. It has a nice ring to it."

"Behold, everypony!" Luna announced, raising her hoof to him. "Behold a new spirit of chaos, a balance between him and us. A newfound friendship of magic."

After Luna finished her monologue, cheers erupted from the crowds, hooves clapped and hoots and hollers rose from everypony, all proud for the Draconequus.

And for Twilight.

The unicorn could barely stop the tears from falling down her cheeks as she watched Discord drink in the attention he was receiving.

Positive, wonderful attention.

Finally, he got what he had been longing for so long. Friends, ponies who respected and liked him for who he was.

A new life.

"Hey, Twilly!"

The unicorn barely had time to turn before a flash of light nearly blinded her.

"Shiny!" She protested.

"Aw, come on, sis!" He laughed, holding the camera up with his magic. "You look so adorable in your dress!"

Twilight smiled happily as Discord trailed her across the dance floor by her waist, a reminder of the time they spent together on their special double-birthday. She felt elated, overjoyed, proud that she and Discord's friendship had spread across everypony, and that her best friend was enjoying a real good time for once in his thousands of years.

Her hoof never stopped grasping his lion paw while the other never left his side, and his mismatched hands never let go of her either as he continued dancing with her, his smile massive and his red and yellow eyes shining with gratitude and pride.

Suddenly, Twilight felt a tug on her gown and ceased her dancing for the moment as both she and Discord looked down.

There stood Pipsqueak, grinning at her, a rose grasped between his teeth. His eyes twinkled as Twilight gazed down at him.

The unicorn's heart melted before she and Discord shared a laugh. Bending her head down, she used her magic to take the rose from his teeth, his smile never fading. And before Pipsqueak knew it, she leaned in and gave him a loving peck on the cheek.

The little colt's heart soared into greater heights as be gazed at the lovely unicorn with an expression of awe and mesmerization. His legs felt like jelly that Scootaloo had to assist him by dragging him by the tail, leaving behind a confused Twilight and Discord.

"This is the best night ever..." Pipsqueak muttered, his lovesick expression never leaving his face.

After a few hours of dancing, chatting, and eating sweets, Twilight and Discord broke away from the massive array and made it to one of the nearest balconies of the castle. The two simply gazed up at the glorious moonlight that blanketed Canterlot, feeling more content than ever for this wonderful night they were sharing together.

"You know, almost more than a month ago, I had wondered what could have been if you hadn't been encased in stone the second time," Twilight said, breaking the silence.

Discord, his arms resting on the ledge and his back hunched to be at level with her, raised a curious eyebrow. "And our time together had answered your question?" He asked.

Twilight turned to him, smiling softly. "Trust me," she whispered, "you gave more answers than I had questions."

He gave her a confused look and Twilight bursted out laughing.

"Hey, that means you are definitely a smart Draconequus," she insisted. Then she gave him tender smile. "And a very sweet one, of course." She wracked in her mind for one more statement. "And sometimes a sweet jerk."

Discord chuckled, feeling very amused by her quips and compliments. "And you, my dear..."

Twilight rolled her eyes, bracing herself for a smart comeback so she could throw him one again.

"...are the most amazing pony I've ever met."

Her eyes widened and she looked at him in slight surprise. It was his turn to laugh.

"Well, you should have realized that even before I stumbled into your life," he added, "I mean, you're very gifted, of course; intelligent, kind, caring...and the fact that you, of all ponies, had a little faith in me from the start..."

He lowered his head, eyes turning away to gaze up at the moonlight once more.

"I am truly grateful that that pony is now my best friend."

Twilight remained still, simply gazing at the creature before her, hooves shaking a bit from surprise.

Amazing to believe they had been the worse of enemies when he had been released the first time. His rude remarks, his cocky attitude, his annoying invasion of personal space...

But now...now he was a beloved figure, adored for who he was and what he could do. The past had become nothing more than a mere horrid memory, history would repeat itself with a better, alternated perspective, chaos can be looked upon as an equal balance along with harmony.

And the magic of friendship, and its lessons, were now recognized by him.

Discord smiled at her, his eyes lowering in a calm, serene expression before he turned back toward the moonlight.

"Have you ever seen such a lovelier night?" He commented.

Twilight slowly turned her head and gazed at the moon once more.

"This night seems much lovelier," she said simply, "considering this night has become one of the best nights ever for both of us."

Discord smiled before resting the side of his face on his lion paw. "Equaling that to our birthday time together."

Twilight beamed. "And there will be many more wonderful nights ahead of us, as well as daylights, of course." She chuckled. "The time to start anew has already happened for us, Discord. However..." Her eyes sparkled as she gazed up at the moon. "This night, this moment between us on the balcony...this proves we've started anew."

The Draconequus chuckled, amused by every word coming out of her mouth. "Oh, Twilight, you're like a poetry book, you know that?"

The unicorn grinned. "Beats your cover of being a joke book."

"Touche," he snickered.

Twilight just laughed. After a few moments, she simply gazed at him, her smile resuming and her eyes twinkling more than the stars in the sky.

Finally, she leaned forward and her nose touched his, before she shifted and her cheek nuzzled against him.

"I know I already said this a week ago, Discord," she said, "but welcome home."

Discord smiled, absorbing the nuzzles and kind words of his best friend.

"Since I met you," he stated softly, "it's truly felt like home."

The unicorn felt her heart go to the depths of bursting, feeling ever so touched by this usually cocky creature. She was about to speak, but something immediately swooped up toward the balcony, nearly startling them.

"There you two are!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, her wings flapping rapidly. She gave Discord a brief nod. "Come on, the Wonderbolts are waiting!"

Twilight looked at her in confusion. "Waiting? Waiting for what?"

The pegasus rolled her eyes. "Flight games, duh!" She smirked at her. "We totally want to see the wings Discord cooked up for you, as well as the Sparkling Boom or whatever you made that totally had ponies' jaws hitting the floor."

The unicorn gasped, her eyes widening, then turned over to Discord, who seemed to possess the same expression Rainbow Dash had.

"Well, well, well, Twilight Sparkle," he chuckled, "looks like that one day experience just might become a special quirk of yours."

Pipsqueak and the Crusaders stood among the audience as everypony crowded and stood at a safe distance while Soarin' stretched his wings.

The male pegasus could barely hold in his blush as he watched Twilight, her glorious wings now poking out of her dress, clopped her hooves repeatedly against the grass to psyche herself. Beside her was Discord, simply sipping a glass of chocolate milk while waiting patiently for the games to proceed.

Everypony had been so amazed when Discord had summoned a pair of wings on the unicorn. They had been in complete awe by how much Twilight's wings sparkled, going so well with her eyes. A few members of the Wonderbolts had regarded her with slacked jaws and shaking hooves.

"Yeah!" One pony shouted "Go, Soarin'!"

The Wonderbolt barely heard him, his eyes unable to break away from the sight of Twilight's wings. They were nothing like the usual pegasus'. Finally, he snapped out of his daze and stretched his wings once more.

Rainbow Dash smirked, standing between him and Spitfire. Finally, not only would she hang out with the Wonderbolts once again, but now one of her best friends was going to experience things only a pegasus could. And to make it even better, the inclusion of a fun flight with the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony.

Cadence smiled, ever so amazed by Twilight's beautiful wings; she quite envied her a bit, seeing as how her wings truly did sparkle.

"Oh, she's beautiful, isn't she?"

She turned and noticed Shining Armor standing beside a well-dressed stallion pegasus, both mesmerized by the scene before them. However, the pegasus seemed more mesmerized than Shining Armor himself.

"That's my sister there," Shining Armor said proudly.

However, his smile quickly faded as his eyes shifted to regard the expression on the pegasus' face. He could have sworn he saw a bit of drool trail down his chin.

"Don't even think about it, buddy," he growled, startling him out of his daze.

Cadence rolled her eyes. Always the protective brother...she thought with a chuckle.

"Alright, winged ponies," the announce spoke, "first flight race: ten feet below on the ground, then the rest in the sky. You guys know what to do."

Twilight just smiled before she slowly extended her wings. She and Discord exchanged a glance, his mismatched wings extending and shifting up and down like antennas.

"Go!" The announcer shouted.

With one leap and a flip of her mane, Twilight glided across the grass, Discord close to her side, nearly taking some of the Wonderbolts, especially Soarin' by surprise. 'Ooohs' and 'ahhhs' emerged from the crowd, taken in the breathtaking sight of the mare as she finally glided up and her silhouette coursed upon the bright moon, soon joined by a much large silhouette in the process.

In the middle of the course as other flyers soon came close behind them as they proceeded with their flying skills and tricks, Discord snapped his fingers.

The moon suddenly grew brighter, and some people needed to shield their eyes at first.

However, the near-blindness slowly faded as the light washed over the body of the unicorn, revealing her wings and sparkling dress flapping as she flew with the Draconequus, his suit becoming a bit rumpled but fine.

Cadence's eyes sparkled, smiling as she watched her sister-in-law appearing to look as if she were glowing from the light of the moon that Discord had possessed to make so much brighter for this particular night. Their wings extended further, twirling around each other while imbibing in the moonlight, the satisfaction and exhilarating clear on their faces as they regarded each other with wide smiles.

Chaos and harmony. The greatest combination of friendship.

Spike smiled as he continued watching them, eating a brownie that contained an apple slice.

"Now this definitely beats the gala," he said happily.