Love Means Trust

Love is a four letter word that is awfully said a lot, but one never thought years down the road they'd look back and see what they thought was trust and honesty, was just another four letter word. Lust, lies, hurt, pain. Now you're left with a simple phrase. What if? What if I held your hand? What if I understand? Another word called could which turns into could not or should not. Because I know I should not be thinking about you at this hour. But you have all the power. All the seasons have changed twice and now on this starry night, the on shimmering star reminds me of you.

Your bright shimmering eyes, the ones that caused me to cry, the ones that lied to. Staring at me. Screaming those words. And I did all that I could do. At least, I thought I did. When in the end no one did win. Because no one can win when the game that your playing at is love. A four letter word.

My name is Lena Cornett. The foster girl who bounces from foster home to foster home within three weeks. The last home I was in was The Simmons. They complained that I was a stuck up brat because I refused to talk to them. I'm a semi-mute. Im not permanately quiet, I just don't like talking as much as most girls my age do. I was now on my way, with my attorney, to the Blacks. It was James and Ciara Black. Ciara couldn't have kids, she graciously excepted.

"Now, Lena." Ms Judy coaxed in a voice that implied she was talking to a child. "This is your last stop before I am forced to put you in an orphanage."

I nodded, telling her that I understood what she was saying. She has said it the last fifteen times. Only instead of it being last, it was third to last, second to last, etc. I always was returned to her with the same excuse, Lena is a spoiled brat! She does nothing but sit around and stare into space.

It was a few more minutes before we arrived to my new home. The couple was already standing in front the white victorian house. The man casually had an arm wrapped around the woman's shoulders and the woman was smiling ear to ear with her arms crossed. Judy looked at me with her eyes narrowed, "Be nice." She hissed before pushing open her door with a million dollar smile plastered on her face. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Black!"

Judy practically skipped over to my new foster parents. They began to chat animatedly. I grabbed my messengar bag from the floor and slowly got out of the car. By the pace I was going, Im pretty sure a turtle would look like speed racer. The threesome turned to watch me walk towards them. Ciara offered me a small smile when I got close enough.

"Welcome to our home, Lena." She said, gently wrapping me in a hug. My body was tense at first, but slowly softened as she held me close to her chest. James watched us, he caught my eye and smiled. This place might not be as bad as I thought.

Review please. this is my first secret circle story so it might be a little off,