How Ch. 23

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Narrative POV:

Beetlejuice held Lydia in his arms as crossed the threshold into their house.

"Home Sweet Home" He said with a smirk of pride.

"I swear it's bigger and more beautiful than I remember." Lydia's eyes scanned over every inch of the home had waited years to return to. A small, relieved smile graced her lips, unaware that her husband was watching her reaction with a smile.

"Well, It's been a while…for both of us."

"Yeah, I guess it has" she agreed

She finally looked back to him, and her eyes met his. She smiled, her cheeks turning slightly pink as she realized how intently he was watching her. "You…You can let me down now." She said nervously.

This snapped him out of his daydream like state and brought him back to the present "Oh, right."

He gently set her down until her sock covered feet hit the floor. She let go of him but he held on to her arms to make sure she could stand on her own.

She slowly stood straight and saw the slight concern on his face "Beej?"

"Hmm" He looked up from her feet to see her smiling at him

"I got it. I'm okay…" the look in her eyes confirmed her words

He relaxed and let go of her arms. She gingerly walked, with a slight limp, across the hall towards the main staircase "So, where to?"

"Follow me"

"Okay…" she said looking at him questioningly

He took her hand and led her down the hall to the living room. She noticed that he was acting excited like he was up to something.

Once she entered the room he let go of her hand and smiled. She looked at him, one eyebrow arching in curiosity, as her eyes followed his gaze.

On the coffee table was a huge bouquet of her favorite purple roses, a box wrapped up with a bow on top, and a single chocolate cupcake with a candle.

"Happy Birthday Babes" He said proudly

She couldn't believe it "You remembered…" she smiled slightly.

"What do you mean 'You remembered'? 'Course I remembered. Come on" He led her to the sofa where he sat next to her and handed her the big rectangular box that was wrapped in black and white striped paper and tied with a red bow. "Open it"

"Beej…" she started to protest

"Just open it"

She sighed shaking her head a genuine smile still on her face. She tore at the wrapping paper and it fell to the floor revealing a white box.

She pulled the top off and rummaged through the white tissue paper to reveal its bright red contents. She pulled out a long red silk dressing gown with lace trim around the collar and sleeves that when looked at closely looked like intricate spider webs. She audibly gasped as she ran her fingers over the fabric.

Beej watched her in silence, smiling at the way her eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. She was in awe.

"You like it?"

She blinked and looked up at him still smiling "Beej, its beautiful." Her eyes fell to the robe in her hands and then back to him "You made this for me?"

He nodded nonchalantly, "Yeah"

She sat back admiring the smooth silk in her hands "Thank you" she said quietly her big brown eyes finding his green ones.

He smirked and realized something. He reached down picking up the plate with the cupcake, with a snap of his fingers the candle ignited and the single flame flickered in front of Lydia.

"A birthday isn't a birthday without a wish." He said holding the plate out to her.

She just grinned and shook her head "You're crazy."

"I think we've established that by now."

"Don't you think I'm a little too old for blowing out birthday candles?"

"Hey, I missed ten of these, don't leave me hangin' okay?"

Her smile faded slightly, remembering the ten birthdays that she had spent alone wishing that he would come back. Despite herself she closed her eyes and thought of something to wish for before blowing out the candle in front of her.

When she opened her eyes he had put the plate back down, smiling at her.

"And…" he said snapping again and suddenly and the lights dimmed just slightly, and the TV came to life.

She looked confused until she saw what was on the TV. "Night of the Living Dead?!" she smiled "That's my favorite movie… Look at you, with all your tricks up your sleeve."

"I gotta have a little bit of fun with the 'juice every once and a while Babes."

She laughed, actually laughed, before moving the box and robe from her lap and leaning back against him on the couch. He wrapped an arm around her and kissed the top of her head, and savored the moment.

He had almost lost her, his everything, the woman who had broken his shell and made him feel again, the woman that held his heart. He stayed like that for a while thanking whatever power that be that she was warm, and her heartbeat was strong, because this was how he wanted her to stay. Full of life, and love, and warmth and he'd do anything to keep her that way.

They stayed like that for a while, until he remembered something.

"Hey Babes"

"Hmm" she sounded like she had started to doze off.

"I got one more thing for you…"

She sat up and looked at him. "Beej, you didn't have to-"

"Hold on" he cut her off

He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket.

"You're not gunna pull out snakes and cockroaches like last time are you?" she asked frowning playfully

He chuckled remembering there train-wreck of a wedding and how he had emptied his pockets trying to find the ring. "No" He said finally pulling out a tiny plastic bag. "Ah, here it is"

Lydia's frown faded and her eyes fixated on the bag in his hand. "My ring" she whispered

"Yeah, they…they uh… gave it to me at the hospital, while you were in surgery…" He said, his eyebrows pulling together in a frown. "They wanted me to keep it safe, I guess."

"I looked for it everywhere." She said watching him undo the latch of the gold chain and slowly remove it from where it had hung ever since he had left all those years ago.

"There we go" he mumbled to himself as he set the bag and chain next to him on the couch.

"It doesn't fit, remember?" she reminded him absentmindedly

"I can fix that" he smirked "Let me see…"

He gently took her left hand in his and the ring glowed slightly green as he slid it on her ring finger. It slowly shrunk to just the right size to fit her finger.

He let go and the green glow was gone. "There, good as new" he smiled

She tried to smile but her eyes started to water. This was more than just her ring fitting again, it was him finally being back in her life as her husband, and her finally being able to be his wife and the both of them together without anyone trying to get in the way of that.

He watched her in the faint glow of the TV. Shadows cast on her beautiful face seemingly hiding her like the outfit she wore; an all-black turtleneck ensemble, almost exactly the same as the day before. Somewhere deep down he hated that. Hated that she felt the need to hide, and resort back to the day when he first laid eyes on her. None the less he couldn't help but admire how truly beautiful she was, even with the faint bruises on her face, she was the most perfect thing he had ever seen.

"What's wrong?" he asked as she examined the ring with her head tilted ever so slightly.

She looked up her eyes shining as they met his. "Nothing…It's…its perfect." She smiled

There was a silence that hung between them, both of them tuning out the movie completely. He finally moved and brushed her hair behind her ear before taking her face in his hands and kissing her. The simple action hit both of them with more intensity than either of them thought. To him it was the relief of knowing that she was here and safe, and just as alive as ever. For her, it was finally getting him back after thinking that she'd never see him again, and finally being able to love him without anything holding her back.

Her eyelids slid closed and so did his, their lips moving in an age old synchronization they both had missed. Her hands found their way into his hair, and one of his slowly found its way to the column of her neck where he held her steady and relished the feeling of her heartbeat under his fingertips. He pulled away to let her breathe, but after a quick inhale of air she pulled him back for one more long deep kiss.

When they finally pulled apart he smiled at the way she tried to catch her breath, which made her smile in return.

"What?" she asked but he just shook his head and wore his signature smirk that gave her butterflies.

She sat up a little her gaze turning serious "I didn't think I was ever going to be able to do that again."

He looked up at her "You're tellin' me" He sighed and let his forehead rest on hers "I almost lost you." He said but it came out barely above a whisper.

"I thought you hated me." She admitted looked down

"I didn't hate you; I tried to, but I couldn't" he shrugged. A deep frown found its way to his face, and she watched him in silence.

"Lyds, about that…There were some girls…I was drunk and I- well I was trying to forget you, so I made out with some girls at Dante's and…" guilt hit him in the most uncomfortable way twisting through his chest. He finally looked up at those big brown eyes, watching him calmly with a gleam of forgiveness. He laughed dryly, uncomfortably. "You can scream at me if ya want... Kick, punch, curse…"

She shook her head "It's not important" she said cutting him off. She tilted her head just slightly, holding his face with one hand "This is all that matters… right now."

He could feel it in that moment, just how pure and loving her soul and heart were. It scared him in a way; just how loving she was and knowing he would never be good enough for her.

He swallowed, "What'd I ever do to deserve you, Lyds?"

She smiled quickly kissing his cheek and settled back against him, snuggling into him and turning her attention back to the movie.

About an hour later the credits started to role, and he waited for her to get up but she didn't budge.

"Lyds…" He whispered.


"Hey Babes… come on let's get you to bed." She still didn't move, and he got up carefully, before picking her up in his arms. She let out a sigh of acknowledgement, and snuggled into the crook of his neck.

Beetlejuice carefully carried her down the hall to their bedroom, and with his powers pulled the blankets back before laying her gently into bed. He kicked off his boots, dropped his jacket on the floor along with his tie and climbed in next to her.

Within minutes she had subconsciously figured out they were in bed, and found her way to him once more. She clung to him like she had the first night he came back, and he felt that pang of guilt return. "Please don't ever leave me again…" she sighed sleepily

"Never" He said making the same 'promise' he had almost a week ago, "You're stuck with me, Kiddo."

A small smile found its way to her face, and they both fell into a deep sleep.

Beetlejuice woke up to the muffled sound of crying next to him, and groggily opened his eyes to find Lydia had rolled away from him in her sleep, and seemed to be struggling. Her cries got louder, and started to mix with muffled screams and sobs. Beej sat up straight, turning to her to roll her over onto her back so he could see her face. Tears stained her bruised face and her expression was twisted into a frown, she was squirming trying to fight him off.

"Lyds" He said with a frown trying to wake her up and shaking her slightly.

"No!" She cried and the sobs continued

"Lyds…come on Babes…"

"No…ple- please" She cried in a hushed whisper "s-stop!"

Beej's gut wrenched at the raw fear and desperation in her voice. He knew what she was dreaming about, it was the same thing Dylan had insinuated in the shack; that bastard had forced himself on her, god only knows how many times. Beetlejuice felt his anger start to boil, but pushed it aside for the minute.

"Lyds, Lyds come on… wake up" He shook her with slightly more force to wake her from her nightmare.

She continued to scream, and he finally grabbed her sitting her up slightly and took his face in his hands. "Lyds!"

She jolted awake with a gasp and her eyes snapped open.

"It's okay…it's just me." He tried to reassure her

She looked around the room nervously, breathing heavily she looked like she was waiting for Dylan to be lurking in the shadows.

"Hey," Beej gently pulled her face back to him getting her eyes to focus on his "You're okay, we're at home he can't hurt you."

"What happened?" she asked dazed, her voice weak.

"You were dreamin'…you had a nightmare."

She relaxed a bit, but instantly pulled out of his hold.

"Lyds, it's okay-…"

Before he could say anything else she sprang from the bed, and towards the master bathroom.

"Babes" He followed right behind her only to have the door slammed in his face, and next thing he knew he heard the lock click and the shower turn on.

He leaned against the door defeated, and decided to just wait for her.

He paced and paced waiting for what seemed like forever, hearing the occasional sob come from the bathroom even through the constant hum of the shower. Finally, the shower cut off and he waited a few seconds before talking though the door.

"Lyds, are you okay?"

She didn't answer but he heard the door unlock.

He reached for the handle, but instead heard her voice. "Can you turn around?"

He looked up at the door in confusion. "What?"

"I…I didn't get any clothes and…Can you just turn around." She paused "Please."

He sighed, his face forming a sorrowful expression, before snapping his fingers. "They're behind you."

Lydia was quiet for a few minutes as she watched a pair of baggy pajamas appear on the bathroom counter. She quickly got changed, wincing a bit at the fabric against her skin that she had scrubbed raw.

She didn't want to open the door; she was far too ashamed to look at him. But she did, she slowly unlocked, and opened the door keeping her eyes on the floor.

"Thanks…" she said just above a whisper

"No problem, you okay?" He watched her as he sat on the edge of the bed. Lydia just nodded

"You wanna come back to bed?" He asked after a few minutes of awkward silence.

She waited a minute, weighing the options before shaking her head.

Beej sighed "Okay, what do you wanna do?"

"Tea usually helps." She mumbled more to herself than to him.

He looked relieved "Tea." He repeated his eyebrows lifting "Okay… tea it is."

With a snap of his fingers he was holding her 'Mrs. Juice' mug from long ago, filled with warm tea which he handed to her.

She tentatively took it from him and looked at the bed uneasily.

He watched silently trying to read what she was thinking, his eyes watching her uncertain ones.

She finally moved to sit in a deep burgundy colored arm chair that sat catty-cornered next to the bed. She curled into herself, her knees pulled up to her chest and her arms wrapped around them as she slowly sipped from her mug.

Beetlejuice sank to sit on the floor with his back against the side of the bed, one leg bent and the corresponding arm draped over his knee.

After a few minutes of silence, Lydia who still didn't look at him, spoke up.

"You don't have to stay up, I'm fine." She shrugged

He looked up shrugging as well "I got my whole afterlife to sleep, remember?" He smirked

She didn't budge, and he couldn't help but wish that he had been met with that airy cross between a chuckle and a giggle that she always gave him after a joke. Instead she was lost in thought, seemingly in another world.

He got up scooting over to her on his knees. "Lyds…"

He finally reached up to gently take her chin, but as soon as she saw his hand moving towards her she flinched.

She flinched, and he felt it in his gut. She had cringed away from him, thinking he would hit her. He didn't know what feeling was more overpowering the hatred for the little shit that had done this to her, and made her this way, or the tug of sadness that he felt that she didn't trust him and couldn't let him touch her.

She must have noticed it too, along with the split second of shock and hurt that flashed across his face.
"Beej, I'm sorry…I didn't meant to-…"

He shook it off and looked up at her finally meeting her eyes. "Lyds, you're not fine."

She took a shake-y breath and looked back down at the mug in her hands.

"I just…" tears started to fill her eyes and he felt that same ache that he did when he held as she sobbed in her closet the night before. "I thought it'd be different, y'know?" She nervously pushed some loose strands of hair behind her ear. "I thought we'd get home and it'd be over…like it'd all just go away."

"But it doesn't. I can't close my eyes without re-living it all, it's like I see everything. It's like I'm back there and I feel everything all over again." Her eyes looked up desperate to find his, needing for him to catch her as her world came tumbling around her.

Without another word one of his hands started to glow that all too familiar green, but this wasn't like when he was angry, it wasn't strong. This energy was soft and looked like a thin electric current around his hand.

She watched cautiously as he clasped his hand over the top of her mug and held it there for a minute before the current was gone and he moved his hand.

"What was that?" she whispered looking back up at him and feeling comfort as his eyes shone that breathtaking electric green.

"It'll help you sleep." He said calmly

"I don't want to sleep-…"

"It'll take care of the nightmares too, for now."

She looked at the mug hesitantly.

"Lyds, you gotta trust me on this one. You need your rest."

With that she drank the contents of her mug, noting the slightly darker taste than before.

Almost instantly she felt the effects of the 'Juice' hit her senses.

"That fast huh?" He cracked a grin

"Mmmhm" was all she could muster as she felt her eyelids get heavy.

He got up slowly, and cautiously started to pick her up from the chair. She tensed up at first before letting the effects of the magic comfort her, and curled into him.

He gently placed her in bed like before, pulling the blankets over her now sleeping form.

Her breathing was steady, and her face smoothed of any sadness it held before. As he started to get up he felt a grip on his hand and found her fingers loosely intertwined with his.

He couldn't help but grin at the way her subconscious always made sure she was close to him while she slept. Suddenly the chair she had been in moved to sit right next to her and he sat watching her sleep peacefully for the first time in a while.

The ghost with the most fell asleep holding her hand sometime later. Both of them would need their rest to tackle the talk he knew they would have to have sooner or later.

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