~What Kiss?!~
Part One
By FaerieFlit

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/shows character's thoughts/

"Now, this is what I call a real meal!" Lina hefted her bottle of spirits higher and a few drops spilled out. Amelia rolled her eyes and stabbed at a piece of turkey with her slightly bent fork. She groaned; the reason it was bent was because the last person to eat with it was Lina.

"Uhh, Lina? Don't you think you've had enough?" Came Zel's almost frightened voice from across the table. Lina just hiccuped and shoved a roll into her mouth. Amelia took her eyes off lina, and turned to face Gourry, who was bent over in his chair, trying unsuccessfully to snag a potatoe on his fork. It kept slipping around the plate, and the three bottles of spirits he himself had consumed wasn't helping at all.

"You too, Gourry!" Amelia puffed out her chest and tryed to look stern.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah Amelia?" Amelia frowned and leaned over the table at him.

"Don't you think you've had enough of that?!" She gestured to the fourth bottle on the table beside his plates. Gourry just looked at her quizically. Amelia sighed. She grabbed Zel's hand and pulled him up from the table. "C'mon, Zel!" He reluctantly followed, even though he didn't mind being dragged around by the two women much anymore.

Gourry looked around at the two retreating figures, then back at Lina, who was happily guzzling down more spirits and shoveling in more food. He shrugged, and picked up his fork. There was lots more food, and the night was still young. Not to mention his stomache was growling.

Lina blinked her eyes, then shut them quickly as the bright light from the window hit her face. She had a major headache, to make things worse. What the hell happened last night? All she could remember was dinner and then Amelia and Zel leaving, and just her and Gourry left. Man, this headache was killing her. Maybe she shouldn't have drank so much last night. She sighed then flipped over onto her back. The sheet she was wrapped in was strangely iching. She looked down, and stiffened. These weren't her sheets! They were white and rough, and not mention quite sheer...

Someone must have changed the sheets on my bed! She thought. It was probally Amelia. I'll have to thank her at breakfast. She made a mental note to herself.

There was a contented sigh from the other end of the bed, and Lina froze, head spinning. Oh My GOD! She screamed in her mind. Suddenly the memorys of the previous evening came flooding back; she slowly turned her head. It was just as she thought; she was in Gourry's room, in Gourry's bed, and Gourry was sleeping soundly beside her! To make matters worse, she was in the nude!

She and gourry must have been really out of it last night because she had obviously followed him into his room and got into bed with him! I hope thats all that happened, she reflected, looking at her stained clothes on the floor from her messy dinner.

She clutched the sheet tightly to her chest and snuck a glance at Gourry. She was afraid even one little look would wake him. But looking at his peaceful face, and purple dragon boxers, she thought that maybe it wasn't so bad after all...

But she couldn't afford to have Gourry know what happened! What would everyone think if they knew the lovely sorceress supreme Lina Inverse had slep with Gourry Gabriev?! Talk about humiliation; a major blow to her ego and pride. But wasn't this what you always wanted? A little voice in her head said.

"No, of course not!" She shouted, denying the truth. She turned blue when she realized what she had done.

Gourry sat up with a jolt, sending his side of the covers flying. "Coming Lina! Sorry Lina! Please Forgive me Li... huh?" He sleepily rubbed his eyes and squinted, leaning into Lina's face. Lina shook nervously and clutched the sheets to her heaving bosom, hoping against hope he'd go back to sleep.

"Uhh, hey Lina, what are you doing in my bed?" Lina tryed to come up with something to get her out of this mess but all that came out was a squeak. "Hmm...?" Gourry looked down at her chest, and Lina's face got redder if at all possible. "Wait a minute... whoa!" Gourry leapt up on the bed as realization sunk in. The bounce sent Lina flying off and thudding against the wall. She yelped and forced out an 'aaack!' as the sheets came next, hitting her in the face. She hurridly snatched the sheer fabric and wrapped it tightly around herself, then muttered hasty excuses as she inched out the door, too horribly embarrased to do anything else. Gourry suddenly reeled and collapsed on the bed, the onslaught of a major hangover gripping him- it was so powerful he even forgot about that strange morning and Lina- imagine that.

Lina gulped and walked into the kitchen, holding her breath. Seeing Zel and Amelia talking cheerfully with no sign of Gourry (once again, imagine that) made her release her breath in thankfullness. She was spared. For now. Amelia absently shoved her a plate full of steaming hot food, while talking animatedly with Zel. They make the perfect couple, Lina thought, watching them, then blushed crimson and began to poke at her food.

"Uhh... Lina? Arn't you gonna eat your breakfast?" Amelia asked worridly. She had never seen Lina just poke at her food like that before.

"I'm not hungry; I have a headache." There was a loud clang as Zel dropped his fork and Amelia just gaped.

"You... Your not HUNGRY?!" Zel was thunderstruck. Not to mention he had a dizzy look in his eyes. "Okay... its happened... I never thought it would... Lina's not hungry... excuse me while I faint." Zel's chair fell over, him in it.

"Lina... are you okay?" Amelia asked. It was that moment that Gourry walked into the kitchen. Lina stiffened up, and watched the tall airhead as he moaned, holding his head in his right hand, and sat down at the table.

"Man... I've got a killer headache... its making me hungry..." he dove for the food. Lina looked down into her lap and blushed, as Gourry pigged out on eggs and bacon and waffles, stealing sausages from the overturned Zel's plate. He obviously had no memory of that morning.

"Amelia just looked back and forth at the two, then for a moment it seemed she might catch the subtle hint and figure it all out. But then she just turned and roused Zel, who shook his head, asked what happened, then shrugged and continued his conversation with Amelia.

Lina sank down in her seat and groaned under her breath. /He may not remember it now,/ she thought, /but later he might. This is just my lucky day, now isn't it./

Gourry finished chewing and looked up, spotting Lina shrunk down in her seat. "Hey Lina, don't you want your breakfast?" he said between mouthfuls.

"No, I'm not really that hungry." Lina sighed.

There was another loud clang as Gourry dropped his fork in mid-bite. "L- Lina not H-Hungry? I MUST be dreaming!" He laughed.

"Will Everybody stop acting like its a crime?!" Lina groaned.

Suddenly a light bulb appeared over Gourry's head. "Hey..." Gourry started, waving his fork in her face. "Is it cause of-"

"NoNoShhShhShhh!" Lina had her hand clamped over his mouth, and was waving the other one around in frantic denial.

Zel and Amelia looked suspicious, and were exchanging weary glances. Lina moaned in frustration and dragged Gourry off into another room.

"Are you CRAZY?!" She yelled in his ear once they were out of earshot. Lina was fuming, but Gallant Gourry didn't seem to notice.

"Lina Inverse," He started, putting an arm around her and the other over his heart. "through all bad times, and embarrasing ones too, through all dangers and threats, when facing the wrath of a huge dragon, or the deadly annoyance of a little princess, I vow, Gourry Gabriev, to honor and protect you with all my might!"

Lina's eyebrows shot up. "YeahYeah, but not here, not now, you big airhead!" Lina's eyes grew wide as Gourry did something unbelievable; he picked Lina up, aiming for a kiss.

CRUNCH! Their noses collide. "GOURRY!!!!" Gourry goes shooting through the roof, courtesy of Lina Uppercut express. "So much for that." Lina says, and falls back onto the bed.

Later that night at dinner, Zel and Amelia were pigging out, while Gourry and Lina just sat there, staring into space and occasionally stealing a glance at each other. Amelia stopped, and looked up.

"BOTH of you arn't hungry?" She questioned. Gourry just grimaces and Lina frowns, arms crossed over her chest. Suddenly Amelia brightened up. "I know!" She cries, hugging Zel to her, who squeaks as she squeezes him tightly. "We can go out tonight!" The sorceress, Chimera, and gallant knight exchange looks of dread.

The torchlight played softly across the tops of people's heads, as they sat in the local theatre, watching the play. Zel and Amelia are enjoying the show, and seem to be absorbed as the actor dips at the actress in sword-swinging action. Lina sits with her arms crossed over her chest, still mad, blushing and frowning at the same time. Gourry's face sports an apolegetic look, and every thirty or so seconds would sneak a glance at Lina.

Finally Lina couldn't stand it anymore. "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!!!" Gourry grimaced and exaggeratingly leaned backward. For a brief moment Lina regrets yelling at him, but then returned her track of thoughts to the play, ignoring the strange looks the audience was giving her.

Later during the play, when she had cooled off, Gourry sensed it and stretched to put an arm around her shoulders. Lina is shocked but decides to just leave it there. After a couple minutes, a sly grin forms on her face. /I know he just can't resist my deadly attractive charms.../ She sighed and put her head against his chest, provoking a startled, but lazily happy smile from Gourry.

"Hey, Gourry?" Lina asked near the end of the play, without looking up. "You know, I think, and this may sound strange, but I, the powerful and lovely sorceress supreme, Lina Inverse, just might be falling for you..." She sensuously inclined her head in his direction, ready to put on all her charm... he was snoring. /Well, guess I couldn't expect much more from him, anyway/ she pondered. /But honestly! Well, so much for that./ She sighed and leaned her head back against his warm chest.

Amelia and Zel sent one another looks of suprise. They had tried not to eavesdrop, but really, Lina's voice carries.....

Anyone wanna know what happens next? Anyone? Oh come on! Well, for the few of you out there that do, you'll just hafta tune in for part two! See ya there!

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