~What Kiss?!~ part 5
by FaerieFlit

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/shows a character's thoughts/

Xellos stopped momentarily to adjust his cape, which had one end flapping in the wind, and the other tucked in his pants.

It had been steamy hot, and as sweat dripped down his face, he tryed to recall that misting spell he had tryed to memorize.

After he had said the lines, and the mist had circled around him, he relaxed. Maybe it wasn't as hard to fly as it was to walk, but still, a person could get hot under this death glare of the sun, couldn't he?

There was a delicious smell of bread baking as he neared the north part of the city. He licked his lips and put on some speed, dust billowing from behind him as he sailed cross-legged down the old dirt road, remarkably like a genie.

"Huh? Is it morning allready? I'm not getting up unless breakfast's ready." Gourry flopped back down onto the pillows.

"If you don't get up, you won't be getting any breakfast, Gourry!" Lina rolled her eyes and proceded to drag the sleepily protesting knight in blue boxers out from under the covers.

But once Gourry smelled the sausage and rolls from down the hall and on the lower floor of the inn, he jumped up and raced for the door.

"Whoa, hold on a minute!" Lina shouted, grabbing the band around the top of Gourry's boxers, revealing a bit too much tanned skin. It halted him momentarily, then snapped as she let it go.

"Itetete! Lina, not so hard next time." Gourry rubbed his bottom, turning to Lina.

"Well, you'd rather have me stop you so you could dress and have to wait *one* minute rather than go straight for the food in just those, am I right?" She sighed, motioning torward his blue boxers.

He flushed, and grabbed his pants. But finding them stained from the previous night, he discarded them and looked around for the travel sack. He found it and rummaged inside, pulling out a clean pair. Slipping them on, he then picked up a shirt and pulled it on, yawning.

Lina waited patiently by the door, watching him. When he finally finished, he marched over, and, sweeping her up in his arms, made for the stairs at the end of the hall.

"Hey, Zel-kun? Should we go back and check up on that boy?" Zel stopped walking, and turned to Ame. He seemed to think it out, then snapped his fingers.

"You know Amelia, that boy could actually be the future culprit. You know, we only have three months till the explotion. I think your idea is exactly what I've been trying to piece together for a while now." he smiled at Ame, and the feeling was returned.

It was not long before they returned to the same area, the same one where the people were crammed cheek to jowl like sardines. Ame clutched tightly onto Zel as he forced his way through the swarming mass of flesh and blood.

When the magic shop came into sight, the couple felt a strong magic presence. Peeking their heads into the room, they saw the old magician with eyes closed, meditating over a glowing orb embedded with emeralds.

They shrugged, asuming that that was what they had felt. They turned and left. The old magician, ignoring all else, concentrated on the messages he was recieving; there was an incredibly strong magic radiating from somewhere nearby, and he tried to capture it in his crystal ball.

"Jesus! This city is so concentrated, I don't think we'll ever find the culprit, if he is here!" Lina fumed. Gourry opened an eye, studied his furious wife, then shut it again, biting into the thick biscuit. Lina noticed, and spun around, grabbing the blond by the collar.

"Whoa, Lina!" He started, and dropped the biscuit. "Save it for the bed!"

"WHAT?!!!" Lina yelled into his face. "Gourry, do you have *any* idea where we are?!" There was steam coming out of her ears.

"Uhhh...." Gourry looked around at all the people watching them. "Ooops....?"

Lina's eyes rolled up, and she let him go, puffing out her breath in frustration. "Oh, Gourry. Its hard to stay mad at you for long." Gourry sighed in relief, and wiped his forhead.

"You had me worryed there, Lina-chan." His eyes suddenly took on an impish gleam, and her swept her up, ducking out of the crowd and into a back alley.

"Gourry, what the HELL do you think you're doing?!" Lina growled. "We only have three more months to find the creep that's *sigh* better than me!" Her eyes took on a far off look of sorrow as she bounced along in Gourry's strong arms.

Gourry emerged from the dark alley with Lina in his arms. At the end of the long, twisting corridor was a gentle, clover-covered slope with trees scattered about. Gourry lowered Lina to her feet, panting.

When Lina came out of her trance, she looked around in confusion. "Hey, what are we- mmph!" Her words were muffled by Gourry's kiss, and she shrugged, submitting to the tall knight's passion. Gourry broke the kiss, breathing deeply. He looked positivly smug, and reached for Lina's shirt laces.

"Gourry, I *really* think we should just keep searching." Lina had a worried look on her face. But when she saw Gourry's dissapointment, she shrugged and captured his mouth with her own. Gourry looked suprised, but his eyes softened and he reached for her laces again. Tugging her two-layered shirt off, he continued to claim her mouth in a passionate kiss as he unbuttoned his.

The couple was rapidly removing their clothes, oblivious to everything else, until a bucket of icy cold water came pouring down on top of them.

"Naughty naughty!" Xellos called from above. Lina shrieked and snatched at her top, then her pants and boots; Gourry followed her example. But before the two could yell at Xellos, or Xellos could tease them, there was a thundering explotion from Zel and Ame's direction. It was small, but defeaning to those whose ears were finely tuned, such as Xello's, Gourry's, and Lina's. Lina and Gourry paused, then lurched to their feet. Xellos had already flitted away.

Zel and Ame threw spell after spell at the glowing figure encased in a deep crimson shield. The figure threw back it's head and laughed.

"I may not be ready to cast my spell yet, but I am drawing closer! This shield of crimson should keep me from being interrupted!" The figure was the boy from the magic shop, laughing hysterically and generating some kind of magic shield. The bodies of the old, wrinkled sorcerer and his thug were thrown against the wall, unconcious.

It seemed to Zel that the boy had wanted to get back at his master and the brute that abused him, and had been working on some kind of new spell for a long, long time.

When Xellos appeared, along with Nahga, (who looked mightily suprised at the Chimera turned human) Zel and Ame blew out their breath. They wouldn't have been able to fight this creep alone. Then something in Xello's mind flashed. His insight told him that the spell the young boy was working on was a mixture of black magic, and Smamanist techniques, combining the two strongest of the black magic spells with the strongest of the Shaman powers. /How he managed that, I don't know/ Xellos thought.

Lina and Gourry finally arrived, panting. "Why didn't you just use that levitation spell, Lina?!" Gourry cried.

The others ignored him, concentrating on the matter at hand. "This is it, guys!" Lina yelled over the boy's maniac laugher. She paused to look around, and saw Gourry staring at Zel, and she learned with a shock why. Snapping out of it when Gourry did, she continued. "This is what the Oracle meant!" Nahga nodded, and Xellos agreed by winking.

After Gourry had stopped staring, he withdrew his sword and looked ahead. he knew it wouldn't be easy, but he had to break through that barrier. He yelled, then charged forward, squinting at the pulsing, crimson light. Then he was gone, pulled into the shield.

"Gourry!" Lina yelled in confusion.

"Oh, no!" Ame followed.

After a few moments of falling through some kind of strange, dripping dimension, he fell with a PLOP! into the the ball of crimson, fortunatly, on top of the boy.

"Oww!" He yelped, as he tried to free himself from under the confused knight, who still had the Light sword in attack position.

"Huh....? . .. ... ......Ohhhh! Okay, I think I get it; I just got pulled into your bubble thingy!" He started to get up, and looked around. He spotted Lina and Ame, Zel, Nahga and Xellos on the other side, and pressed his hands and face against the inside wall of the crimson energy shield.

"Hi guys! Look! Lina! I'm inside it!"

"You fool! You've totally ruined my plan of revenge!" The scrawny boy yelled furiously.

"Uhhh... I have? Sorry. Oh! Wait a minute- I'm supposed to get rid of you!"

"Can you see anything, Lina?" Ame shouted worridly over the static hissing of the energy field.

"I can't see a damn thing, Ame! Oh, Gourry, you jackass! Why did you have to do that?!" Tears dripped down her face.

"I see something!" Nahga suddenly piped up. They all turned to where her finger was pointing, and their skin faded to a ghosly white. There was a very familiar face and two big hands pressed to the inside wall.

The mouth moved, as if Gourry was saying something to them, then the face jerked away in suprise, and was gone. The five couldn't see anything beyond that because once Gourry had been pulled inside, the crimson had become opague.

"That was.... Gourry...." Lina shivered, and was grateful for the small hand that suddenly clasped her own.

"Okay, I'm sorry to have to do this to you, but..." Gourry sighed and tipped his sword, resting it against the boy's forhead.

"Huh? Wha- what are you d-" His words were suddenly cut off as he was enveloped in a blinding light. Gourry shook his head, and lowered his sword. With the harnesser of the power gone, the shield shrunk, and melted into the ground.

"Gourry!" The young man looked up, and was suddenly glomped by a very excited Lina Inverse, with tears streaming down her face.

"Uhh, Lina, your crying."

Lina stopped, and sniffed. "I was not!"

Ame giggled, and looked upat Zel.


Lina grinned in spite of the argument, and the feeling was contagious. The whole group broke out in smiles.

"Well, dear Lina, I must go now. I have buissness to be taken care of...." Nahga smiled one last time and leapt out the window, sack slung over her shoulder.

There was a silence, then Xellos popped up beside Lina. "Told you so...." He slowly faded away, the last thing remaining his smug grin, lingering behind like a cheshire cat.

"Well, I guess its just us four once again!" Ame piped up. Zel nodded. Lina and Gourry then popped up under Zel's nose, questioning him about how he had turned into a human once more.

When Lina had gotten seven good answers out of the couple, she happened to look over at Ame. Lina's eyes grew wide. "Ame, let me see that!" She clasped Ame's hand and held up her ring finger. The silver band shimmered in the dying sun's light. She looked in disbelief back and forth a Ame and Zel.

"Wow, congrats!" Gourry cut in.

"And same for you two. Don't think we havn't noticed." Zel added.

Lina sighed, and dropped Ame's hand. "Well, it looks like the Slayers are back together once more! And this time, we can't ever be seperated again." She observed cheerfully. Gourry began to clap, then Ame broke in and Zel followed, till their ears were ringing with applause and laughter.

"This has been one helluva journey, don't you agree?" Lina asked her comrads after the tears of laughter in her eyes subsided.

"It sure has!" Ame sighed.


"Yeah, its been wild, Lina." Gourry grinned and scooped Lina up. He claimed her mouth with his, and neither seemed to notice Ame and Zel.

"You know what, Zel-kun?" Ame asked, leaning her head against his shoulder. "I bet they've been like this ever since we split up. You know, they kinda remind me of... bunnies..." Zel's eyes widened, then softened in amusment. He put an arm around Ame, and they went outside to wait for Lina and Gourry.

"Ohh.... Gourry, how 'bout later....." Lina moaned.

"Who.....cares...." Gourry gasped.

Lina shrugged half conciously and slid down the wall, with Gourry's arms around her. Sure, the Slayers were reunited, but it would never be quite the same again....

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