Lunch time came and Selena was feeling sick, she didn't know why

are you ok Selena? Taylor asked

yeah, I'm fine she gave a fake smile

right after she said that Justin enetered the cafeteria next to Demi and freaked out and stood up as quick as possible.

"What are you still doing here Justin?"

"Well, um since your "boyfriend hit me and broke my nose the school has offered to let me study year here for free, ohh and to sum it up, Taylor might get kicked out of school, so I think its time for you to break up with him, get us back together and think of my proposal.."

"Ok listen you bastard you have no right to tell me what to do so I think its better for you to take it back and leave this place now"

"No honey, Im not leaving and you know what? Taylor can find out about that "incident" of yours..."