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Infinite Stratos

- Reaching for You -


Izuru Yumizuru & Okiura

TBS, 8-BIT, MF Bunko

And everyone else!

"Ooh, what a relief. It hasn't run out yet."

The vending machine closest to my house. I bought around 10 cans of drinks there to replenish the stock that had run out at home.

In the beginning, Charl said "We can't have the birthday boy to do something like that!", but today I didn't do anything at all, so doing this was my own wish.

"Ummm, canned coffee for Tatenashi-san, ocha for Houki, Ling's is oolong tea and Charl's is orange juice, Laura's is sports drink, Cecilia's is red tea, and then..."

I picked up the drinks that I took from the vending machines receive slot and carried them using both of my arms.

"Is this all? Well then, let's head back..."

But, from the place that I walk out from, on the spot that the vending machine's light barely reached, a person's silhouette can be seen.

"What the...?"

Even if that person wanted to buy some drinks, the place he's standing at is too far away from the vending machine.

On the other hand, it's definitely not someone I know too.

Thinking like that, when I take two steps forward, the silhouette also come forward a step.


The silhouette was a girl. Furthermore, it was a face that I recognized.

No, it's not something that can be said by "a face that I recognized".

A girl around 15- to 16 years old. But, that face abnormally resembled Chifuyu-nee.


The girl opened her mouth. A faint smile surfaced on that face, and that expression doesn't resemble Chifuyu-nee even a little bit.

"I am you, Orimura Ichika."

She is me?

Before I can realized, now that my body become numb, ByakuShiki is screaming in rage. She became closer and closer, and leaned to me. Her face is so close…


"Don't move; the tranquilizer will spread too fast, just enjoy the moment of helplessness" she pointed at a thin needle stabbed my arm, which is full of cans.

One of the dropped, two, and three…when I closed my eyes, all those cans scattered in the road, everything went dark.

Warm, it's warm, and yet, what I felt is not comfortable feeling, I'm really afraid…this feeling, this closeness is really unnatural.

When I open my eyes, she was there, sitting on top of me… and for God's sake, she's scantily dressed (literally).

"What the hell…" I mumbled, still feeling numb.

I tried to call ByakuShiki, but it won't respond.


"This is interference Zone… that would not work"


"Using I.S. core to power a generator which would prevent I.S. from materialize and cut them from Core Network system…"

Core network system, a special communication device which utilize quantum physic as base. It was stated that the link has nearly infinite range and faster than light, allowing real time communication between galaxies.

If it's cut then…

"Correct, my I.S. also cannot materialize within this block"

"You're… [Silent Zephyr's] Pilot…"

"That's right…and my name is….Orimura Madoka" she whispered gently in my ears, the feeling is insanely chilling and this is really unbearable… for me to be aroused by a lethal enemy while being captured…

Anyway, now that I just realized as my head became clearer and clearer. Even then, I was tied to the bed with metalic chains, she knew that I could broke normal handcuff…

"Orimura Madoka-"

"Correct, I am…"

She whispers something…horrific on my ears, I don't want to hear nor I want to believe it…she kept talking like that while start to undress me…

I was tortured, and she did unusual method. She doesn't even do any harm, like stabbing or shooting me…

All she did is to press me into my limit or sanity…

I couldn't give up, but how can I endure it? She attacks me with various words, ranging from something seductive to something horrific… the changes of mood is incredibly unnerving…

I tried not to listen, but it's seems that's my body and brains does not agree with my heart…

Feeling the touch and closeness somehow tortured me more than any training Chifuyu-nee and the girls…speaking of which, they're not here… I'm all alone, and ByakuShiki is sleeping.

I'm so pathetic…

"Why? Just gave up, Ichika… frankly, this was the only way for me to become myself, aside from killing you…"

My eyes widened in disbelief "What the…hell are you talking"

"Yes, it's either we merge or eat the other…that's how it works"


"I'm not"

Just then, I screamed and tried to rebel, but alas…

With my condition…there's no way…


That…could be…ByakuShiki! You're my only hope.

As we reunite, she wailed and gasped, mixed between pain, arousal, and satisfaction…odd as you can see, I feel humiliation in place of the latter.


As I unleashed Byakushiki's arm, I broke through the chain and grabs her shoulder, pining her to the bed.

I should be run, however...I lost control over my body...and my mind...

I smirked, and now, it was she who's horrified, even then, she could not move as I'm stronger than her.

Because I forcibly moved our consciousness to the quantum realms… she want our body to merge, then I'll give her the bonus, our whole perception for the real world was mostly shut off…

We stranded on the beach with the sunset as background, so familiar…

"What are doing?" She growled.

"You want us to be reunited…we can do it here better…"

"Tch…so you use the interference zone to maximize your synch with your I.S., you're cleverer than I can expect"

"I accept that as a compliment"


"…your suffering…I can understand" I reassured her.

Within this realm, there's nothing can be kept secret…everything, emotion, logic, memories, hope…between us, there's nothing

"…understand? You can't…you can't understand me…"

That smug smile again, but you can't hide anything…here I'll end your suffering.

I materialized Yukihira and Setsura, and she materialized her Star Breaker rifle and BTs…we began to charge at each other.

"Shoot me with all your hatred, Madoka!"

"I will"

Trading blows, none of us can connect to each other, our movements was perfectly synchronized, it's all useless, we can read each other mind, and thus can counter it.

If anything, our brutal fights appear like a dance of death, so close, so intimate, so romantic, yet bring a whole destruction to the whole section of the beach…

The sunset is endless…our stamina is endless…would this be an eternal fight? No, I felt something different as the time pass.

From the feel of disgust, there's acceptance. From the chill of fear, there's warm and comfort. From the feel of helplessness and sense of domination, there's the will to hold each other high. I can see that her expression also changed greatly, following the change in our emotions.

Our dance becomes less and less destructive, and then, both our attacks connected.

Yukihira was on her neck and BT's are here…

We smiled at each other; it was an honest smile…

We traded a final blow, our fist collided and broke a glass wall whose existence never been knew, the invisible and unreachable barrier that separated us… has collapsed to pieces, reflecting the eternal sunset.

It was a beautiful scene…

Our minds went back to reality, both of us are in the state of massive tiredness, my body is hot beyond belief…

It was very sensual, her drenched, naked body…and my metallic hands firmly grasping on her shoulder while her hands is clinging to my neck.

And there's strange feeling down there…


"Ahh…ahh…you…we…" she said between pants and gasp, again a mix of tiredness and pleasure…

Yes, we're reunited, stop talking! This is incomprehensible…I…


"How confident…you…look how wet it is…I could be pregnant for God's sake!"

"Hey, you started it!" I wailed in disbelief, so where's the money for the shot?

Seriously, this situation is comically surreal…is this nightmare or a dream, I don't know. But I still enjoy it…somehow.

Anyway, I still felt guilty, now that we're separated mentally, even though she back to her smug face, I can see that she's enjoying it and at the same time, embarrassed.

Now it's the time to execute my plan.

"Thanks for the birthday present, Madoka" I grinned and materialize ByakuShiki full form.

"You overridden Zephyr and cut-off its link to the generator"

Even if she said that, she was amused than angry.

Yes, it was my plan all along, if I can override the control using ByakuShiki, I can take the control and turned off the generator. Hell, I overclocked and fried it actually.

(Flipped the dominance of position however, is outside my plan...it's really pathetic)

She laughed and quickly put nearby garments she can get, lavender panties and bra, and wearing only that, she materialize her I.S. and breached through the room's window.

"I'll wait the day we'll reunited again for real, Ichika"

Same as me, but first, I should release you from the binds your comrades put on you.

I pick my clothes and quickly dressed myself as soon as I heard police siren.

By the time the girls broke the whole walls using their I.S.

"Ichika, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm not hurt in the slightest"

Though I lost my virginity…how pathetic…


Chifuyu-nee is panting, and wiped the sweat out of her forehead.

It was awkward now that I slept with her younger counterpart…but I could guarantee that she's still beautiful even if she's messed.

"Thank god you're not hurt" she hugged me.

"This must be the most unexpected birthday ever" I joked.


Chifuyu-nee looked me in disbelief…I felt that Orimura family interrogation scene will happen soon… but before then, I'll kept some as my own secret.

Until I can reach you for real, and so we can sail to the infinite space, together without any doubt…

See you later, Madoka.

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