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Infinite Stratos

- Reaching for You -


Izuru Yumizuru & Okiura

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As soon as Ichika-kun arrived at his room, he quickly gets a shower. I noticed that he looks really tired and stressed out, could it be that he was resisting all the time?

We don't see any bruise, and the test from the lab indicated that sedative is used.

Hmm, might tease him a little, maybe that'll lighten his mood.


I managed to enter the bathroom and remove my clothes, wearing only my I.S. outfit.

"Want me to brush your back, Orimura-kun~?"

He looked me, inch by inch, without his expression of surprise did not change.

"Excuse me while I took a bath, can't you wait outside, Tatenashi-san?"

HUH? Maybe the old trick just not good… or that he's immune to it, who knows…

Even then, his flat reaction just too unusual.

"Hmm, isn't that response a little unusual?"

"I'm sorry if I offended you, but I'm embarrassed"

Even though he said it softly, his tone gave a little emphasis on it. It's not like it's his intention, it was something that came instantly.

It was something came from the deep of consciousness, I never felt so much pressure of rejection from a friendly and polite refusal.

Ichika-kun is very, very strange…

With that though, I quickly ditched the drenched outfit and dried myself with a pair of towel. The girls looking at me in such antagonism it's funny.

But still, can they be just honest to their feeling?

"I'm rejected"


"Yeah, he made me wet like this and refused to take responsibility"

"Swear god, not my fault" Ichika wailed form inside bathroom "and I beg nobody enter during my private time, oh-kay?".


"What the hell is wrong with him?" Ling chided.

"Maybe he's just tired, after all, he's just been kidnapped, then examined AND interrogated for hours" Laura mumbles…hmm, that may be true.

After all, it's his birthday. Even I would be saddened and tired if such things happen in such important day.

"Ahh, I'm refreshed" Ichika-kun laughed as he went out from shower, fully clothed.

"Ichika…are you really alright?"

"I'm fine, and I'm really tired now"

He's obviously not fine.


I slammed the doctor to the wall, strongly.


"Orimura-sensei, calm down!" Yamada, who is crying, and trying to hold me with her powerless body…

"We're very certain that there's some traces of… foreign genetic material left…"

The doctor said it without any hesitation, even then, her eyes looked right into mine, and I can see she's definitely horrified herself.

It can't be…Ichika…you…you…

I wiped my tears as soon as I left the doctor's office, knowing the truth.

Ichika, is that's why?

"Orimura-senpai! Orimura-senpai!"

"I'm gonna ask Ichika"



"Right now, his mental state must be very unstable, I know… I know you want him to be honest, I know you want him to recover by his own effort, but even then… you know even he ahs his limits, Orimura-sensei"

Now that I realized it…

I always thought that as men, he should surpass me in everything…in this cruel and unjust world, weak men never triumph and gain their glory…

Even then, I sometimes forgot…he's just human, he had weakness… and so did me…

"What should I do?"

"We should wait for a while, Orimura-kun is kind and strong, he'll recover…and we'll support him just like always…Uuu…Uwaaahhh"

In the end, it was Yamada who cried on my shoulders. Truly, she's too young to be a teacher…her hearts is still too fragile to accept the cruel reality.

Thank you, Yamada…

We might not need a drink right now, too risky.

Instead, I go to see Ichika's condition.

I have the spare keys, so it's not a problem even thought Ichika is already sleeping. But something made me interested.

The Head of Student Council, Sarashiki Tatenashi, is sitting in front of his room.

"What are you doing, it's already pas curfew"

"I can't, I lost my room's key"

"Don't lie to me; Ichika always complained that you broke onto his room using lock picking skill, the same can be done to your room, is that right?"

I looked at her with pity; clearly she also knew something is wrong with him.

"Checking him?"

"We're siblings; even I still a human"

My reaction was immature and unprofessional, seems like I'm also being irrational and too emotional in the face of this problem, but who wouldn't?

I don't care anymore.

"Sensei knew something?"

"Of course" I nodded at her, apparently gave up, she bowed politely and left.


I unlocked the door and apparently, Ichika is startled "oh, it's you Chifuyu-nee"

"I'm spending the night here" pointing the teaching uniform I always wore


"The girls is stalking you, didn't you realize that?"

I'm not lying; technically, Sarashiki is a stalker…if an attractive one.

"It happens all the time"

"But you're just kidnapped and lacked proper rest, unless you want the girls to come and-"

"Umm…please don't leave"


I dropped myself on the bed, thinking. Occasionally, I get a glance of his sleeping face.

His face was pale, and he looks very tired…occasionally, he's whimpering and muttering something in coherent… the damage was not only physical, I knew, and it made me sad. However, as Yamada said, I had to be calm…in order to Ichika to regain his real strength…

His idealistic point of view…

Silly, now that I, who am very cynical about everything, think about that…

Ichika should never lose that…

I won't leave it like this…I'll protect him no matter what it takes…


I don't know how many hours I spent here, it was cold. I was tied to a metallic chair, inside a room whose temperature is set low.

This is my HQ's prison room; it's small, cramped, and dark.


"Your hands go to a place it doesn't belong"

Just hours before, I'm violating him, now I'm the one being violated, by my own comrades, no less…

Pathetic…just pathetic… I don't felt anything, not even the feel of being humiliated. All I could tell was an annoyance because I cannot fell asleep… and the pain I endure in other form of torture session…

"How was that feeling, being helpless while surrounded by beast like this?"

"I have no interest in fellow women; go fuck your lover there"

Her wet hands flew and smacked my face, even though it was my own byproduct, it's still disgusting.


"Keep your mouth shut"

"Why? Because abusing an indifferent girl is not fun right? Che…"

…as if something like this will affect me…not a chance.

"Have you realized yet?"

"About what, exactly?"

"Your fault"

"My fault? I don't remember I'm getting a mission… I'm just playing a little"


"Stop it"

A Familiar voice echoed in the corridor, and she, our leader.


"It's seems that no matter what we told her, she's just as ignorant as always. However, she's ways too precious to be thrown as a pawn. Normally, your urge is to kill quickly even if I told you not to… why do you do that?"

"Me? Well, I just want to…curiosity kills…they said"

"With a single command, I can kill you"

"Don't mind…" it told them "it's not like my life has any relevance with your plan, sooner or later I just die"

"What am ungrateful bitch"

I laughed as hard as I can as the two women left me and locked the room again, it was dark…

I can't see anything, my eyes, open or close, there's no difference.

And then…

And then I felt something…Something felt really strange…when I realized, I was alone…

I'm all by myself.

I realized…just now…

That life is meaningless without anyone to trust on…now that even my comrades don't trust me, why should I bother?

With that though I felt asleep…

Moments before I fell however, my eyes got wet, I wonder why I even shedding tears in the first place. It was strange…

I felt something is missing…I want to be reunited with him once again…and now, I felt horrified…

If it's him then its fine, only he is okay… anybody else is not important…

This is too strange…why I should felt afraid? Why should I attach myself to him? It's not like I took the punishment personally… Maybe…maybe his interference makes thing too personal for comfort…


Something is injected to the back of my head, right into my spine.

It's seems that they're used cryogenic prison system…I can felt my tears froze in an instant.

Even though I'm frozen, and did not move, I retain my consciousness…this is how rebellious member of Phantom Task being punished…

Add to the fact that our life is prolonged during the frozen state…and that we're unable to sleep, this is actually worse than execution.

But at the least, there's still hope…

What's my hope anyway? I don't have anyone else…

I leave everything into your care, Ichika…


I woke up from my slumber, now it's already afternoon…considering the shit happens yesterday, me sleeping for 12 hours suddenly makes sense, even though it's very unhealthy…

I could run, why I'm not running and instead…

I violate her…

Okay, she started it, but I could just leave her or subdue her (in a normal sense).

Instead…Oh God…what have I done! Rubbed my head who is hurt even though I'm just thinking, I wonder…

I decided not to think too much after yesterday's incident, whatever happened back then… it's in the past…still…

"Are you feeling better, Ichika?"

It was Chifuyu-nee, just came into my room to get me the lunch, apparently. Oh, I'm so happy.

"Yeah…I'm sleeping a little too well"


She knew I always liked local dish, doesn't she? Well, I'm no the type that favor instant dish after all.

"The girls are worried about you"

Of course, my reaction yesterday is way too exaggerated; they must be seen through my act…

"Hmm, I'm fine so far…"

"…I guess it's useless for me to worry about your well being"

Well, that's sight. See? I'm fine.

"If you have any problem, feel free to tell me"

Well, if I can, I don't want to bother you. After all, you're the one that always protect me regardless-

"Promise me, Ichika"

"I will"

If I can't handle it myself, that is… and we never knew if unless I try.

"Expect me to back to school by tomorrow"

"I guess…"

It's fine…

It's all fine right, Madoka? There's no misunderstanding whatsoever…

Both of us want it, and it happens…even if the situation is way too strange to comprehend and too fast for me to digest.

With that thought, I determined to prepare myself for future encounter.

In this story, Yamada is 19; in short, she's a new graduate from I.S. Academy.

As the Title said, 'Reaching You' is both literal and metaphorical. I think I made them somewhat OOC, so flaming is acceptable.