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Lan Hikari, a young boy, had saved the world several times. His NetNavi, and partner, is called Megaman. They've gone up against Wily twice, his son once, Nebula twice (A/N: I think.), defeated Bass several times, and even defeated Cybeast Falzar.

Geo Stelar is also a young boy. He is not of this time, and instead, is from the future. Geo Stelar has saved the world of his time several times, as well, though he could never do so on his own. With the help of the AMian known as Omega-xis, he took down the FMians, changed the heart of Cepheus, Stopped Vega and destroyed Le Mu, and even stopped Meteor G from Crashing into the planet. On their own, they are weak. But together, they are powerful. Their combined form is called Shooting Star Megaman.

Sonia Strumm is an Idol from Geo's time. Like Geo, she can combine with an FMian called Lyra to turn into Harp Note. She and Geo have been dating for a year, much to Luna Platz's disappointment, and both have been happy the way things have been going. They were both ready to take care of something that would cause anyone normal to freak.

One problem: Geo Stelar and Sonia Strumm are NOT normal.

And so our story begins.

Chapter 1: The Mission

Geo and Sonia were in front of A. C. Eos, codename Ace, for their next mission. It was supposed to be a tough one.

"Geo Stelar, Sonia Strumm. The 2 of you have been asked to test something out." Ace told them.

"What do you mean, Ace?" Geo asked. Omega-xis came out of his Hunter.

"Why the hell do we have to test something like this out?" Omega-xis is mad apparently.

"I'm quite Curious as well." Sonia stated. "What could you possibly have that needs us to test it?" Harp chose that moment to come out of her Hunter.

"I think there's a risk that would make you two the only ones that might be able to survive... Aside from Solo, but he wouldn't bother with something like this." Lyra stated.

"It's not a risk, per se, but a feature. We'll be sending you to the past through this particular item. This is why you've both been selected for this." Ace stated. "Testing begins in 3 days. Be here then, and you'll get some items that should still work in the past. They are a little outdated, as they don't run on EM waves, but your hunters should still work. That will allow you to communicate with each other."

Geo and Sonia nodded. "Sir."

"Dismissed." Ace stated, as they all left.

-Echo Ridge-

Geo went home almost immediately. He had to tell his parents this.

He found them in front of the TV. "Mom, Dad. I've got another mission coming up as a Commando. It's been a few years since Meteor G, and nothing of this scale has come up."

"Well, are you sure it will require your help?" Hope asked.

Hope Stelar is his mother. She is generally a kind person, but always fears for her son's safety.

"Yeah, mom. This is, I'd need better information on the past. I was planning on asking Zack for but I figured I should at least let you know." Geo told them.

"Well, I can help you on some of the information." Kelvin, his father, stated. "For example, way back when, and this is probably 2 centuries ago, EM technology didn't exist."

"What do you mean?" Geo asked.

"Back then, they did have something similar to Wizards these days. They called them NetNavis, and they've been discontinued for a long time. Wizards are the closest thing we have to NetNavis." Kelvin stated. "I should know this, working for WAZA for so long. Of course, back then, it was called NAZA and still separated. Though you're probably right on asking Zack for information. He is a brainiac."

"His Zackpedia will help out a lot as well. I'm not talking about his wizard, Pedia. No, he had it long before Wizards were even implemented. I'm guessing that back then, people had something similar to Wave Tournaments?"

Kelvin nodded. "They were called Netbattle Tournaments. From what I know, the net wasn't just a server then. It was a society for NetNavis. They are the same thing in essence, but the means are different. I'd be careful of the Net Police of that time, should you end up there. Megaman may or may not be known at that point. If there is a Megaman there, and I don't doubt there is, then you'd be better off with something somewhat different."

"How about Starforce Megaman? Should the need arrive, I'd be calling myself that, and Megaman is for short." Geo suggested.

"Not a bad idea." Kelvin stated.

"What do you mean, not a bad idea? It couldn't possibly get any worse!" Hope was worried.

"Mom, you need to relax. Remember, I've taken on the FMians and Le Mu. I went to Meteor G to stop Dealer. Every time I did that, I was going against all odds. At least this time, Sonia's going to be able to be there all the way. With the FMians she wasn't able to last long against Andromeda. Against Vega and Le Mu, she wasn't completely on my side, but she did help out in certain areas. When it came to Meteor G, she was not able to help out the majority of the way. Besides, the two of us are dating now. The Prez still isn't happy that I chose Sonia over her."

"Actually, she's not happy that Megaman chose Harp Note over her. You and I both know she always had a thing for Megaman." Kelvin stated. Hope just looked at him.

"Fine... Just be careful, okay? I worry about you." Hope asked.

"I will mom. Besides, what's the worst th..."

"GEO!" Omega-xis yelled at him.

"What?" Geo asked. Omega-xis was then right next to him.

"Don't ask me what! You remember what happens every time you say that particular line?"

"Hey, it's not like something that bad could happen. I mean, come on."

"Don't even say it!" Omega-xis was obviously pissed. "I'm not just doing this for your sake, but your mother's as well. You know full well that when someone says that, chances are it will. So take my advice, and DON'T SAY THAT PHRASE!"

Kelvin and Hope looked at Omega-xis, then back at Geo. Kelvin started to chuckle. "You know, Geo, he has a point. Now I see what he doesn't want you to say, and quite frankly, I agree. Saying that will definitely make something go wrong. It always does."

Hope nodded at that. "Thanks, Omega-xis. I guess I can count on you to take care of him?"

"Sonia and Lyra are coming as well, so they'll be helping out. There's no guarantee that things will be okay, so they're making precautions. Although, if I know Sonia like I think I do, she won't let Geo get himself hurt easily." Omega-xis told them.

"MEGA!" Geo yelled, blushing. Kelvin and Hope looked at them both.

"You know it's true!" Omega-xis retorted.

"She doesn't need to do that, and she KNOWS it!"

"Won't stop her from trying!"

"That doesn't mean I have to like it!"

This was the moment someone rung the doorbell. Geo and Omega-xis were still arguing. Hope took this as a sign that she should get the door.

It was Luna, Bud and Zack. "Hey, Mrs. Stelar. Is Geo home?" Bud asked.

"Yes, but he's currently arguing with Omega-xis. Something about Sonia." Hope told them. "Although, he was planning on visiting Zack for his Zackpedia."

Zack's eyes lit up. "He wants to know everything I've found out?"

"Actually, it's for a mission he has coming up. He said he could use the information there, and its not likely that he'd need it updated." Hope told them. "Come on in."

The 3 of them walked in. The scene they saw when they walked into the room was Omega-xis and Geo sitting in opposite corners of the room, both clearly pissed.

Luna was the first to speak. "Wow, I didn't think they'd get in an argument about Sonia. Lyra, maybe. But Sonia? Not likely."

Hope nodded in agreement. "Hey Geo!" Zack walked up to him.

"Hey Zack. You think I can have a copy of the Zackpedia? The only areas I'd truly need, near as I can figure are the History and Science subjects." Geo asked, noticeably calmer than before.

"Why only those sections?"

"I've been asked to test out a Time Machine of sorts. That same mission is the reason Omega-xis and I was arguing. Sonia's coming along. He just had to mention what she'd do." Geo stated, ending off a little ticked.

"Oh, that bad huh? Anyway, I'd give you the full thing. Some of the other areas could also come in handy. You never know." Zack explained. "Better to be informed and prepared, than not informed, and winging it."

"I'm already winging it somewhat." Geo stated. "I don't know what time in particular I'd be sent to. I don't even know if I'm truly going to the past. So, I'm doing as good as I can with I know already."

Zack nodded. Bud took that moment to speak. "Hey, why didn't they choose me to come along? Taurus and I could help!"

"I think they still some Commandos here, in case something happens. Ace and Acid won't be able to handle everything himself, and the others aren't up for fighting. Tia and Jack can't Denpa Henkan due to Corvus and Virgo being deleted in Meteor G. You're the only other Commando they know is capable, so the need you here. At least that's how I'm looking at it." Geo asked.

Omega-xis came back over and went into the Hunter. "I'm not talking to you for a while. You do realize that, right?" Geo only nodded at that.

"Anyway, I'll transfer the information to your Hunter. It should come in handy." Zack stated, as he begun the transfer.

Sounds of Coughing could be heard from Omega-xis. They were ignored, naturally. "You idiot! You know how much that hurts?"

Geo didn't bother to reply. Zack smirked at that. "That's for ticking off Geo. Regardless of how true your words were, you didn't have to argue about it."

Geo smiled. "Thanks for that Zack. I'm a lot better for that. Although, I knew it would hurt him a bit, but I just didn't tell him. He had that coming."

"That he did." Zack agreed.

"Anyway, when does the mission start? I want to be there for the send off." Bud asked.

"3 days. Thankfully, you all were invited. As were my parents." Geo stated. "Sonia's mother might come, but I doubt it. I wonder how her other directors are going to react when they find out."

"That's if they find out." Hope stated. "I got word a few days back that they don't approve of her dating you, regardless of the fact you two are brothers. Going on a mission through time? They wouldn't like it. Not one bit."

It was at that moment Geo's Hunter rang. "Speak of the devil. Hey, Sonia! What's up?"

"I told them that WAZA asked me to do something for them. They don't know what, and in all honesty, I could only guess. They're okay with it, as long as you don't come along." Sonia told him.

"Is there anyone else there? You know, aside from Lyra?"

"No, there isn't. That's why I'm calling you now. I've got 10 minutes for this. They don't know that you're coming along, but they aren't coming along for the send off. Thankfully. I didn't want them there in the first place. They don't like the fact I've been hanging out with you, much less dating you."

"If i were in their position, I would probably say the same thing. I mean come on. An ordinary boy, and an Idol. What are the odds it would work out in the public's eyes?" Geo asked.

Sonia was silent for a few seconds. "Point taken. Anyway, I have the go. What about your parents?"

"Well?" Geo asked.

"I'm good with it." Kelvin said.

"I'm not okay with it, but I know it has to be him. Since you're going along as well, take care of him for me." Hope told her.

"What kind of girl do you think I am? I'd probably take a lethal blow for him if it came down to it."

Geo sighed and facepalmed. Omega-xis said one thing. "I told you so!"

"Shut it Omega-xis. I'm still angry at you." Geo stated.

"What did he do this time?"

"Nothing you really need to worry yourself with, Sonia. Anyway, I'm good here on resources. The old spot? Maybe tonight?"

"Why not? It's not like I have anything to do tonight. Oh yeah, they know I'm Harp Note, but they don't know that you're Megaman. Think I should tell them that to get off of your case?"

"As much as I'd hate the fact someone else would know, I think that would do some good for us. Just make sure they know not to make it go public. That's one thing I'd seriously like to avoid. I don't think my mother could handle all the press." Geo told her.

"I'm not that weak!" Hope shouted.

"I never said you were weak, mom. Trust me when I say, she's glad she's also Harp Note. That makes for great escapes from her millions of fans." Geo said.

"He's right. I am glad for that. I just need to get out of sight, and then I'm out. I make it to Loch Mess in a few seconds. Hide out there for a few hours. Always works."

"Yeah. I could probably handle that, but you guys could never do something like that... Okay maybe dad might, after being turned into an EM Life form, but that's not really easy. He doesn't really have anyone to teach him something like that. Omega-xis might have been able to, but he's coming along."

"True. Think you can ask Taurus to do that? Maybe he could teach him how to."

"Tried that. He didn't agree." Bud stated. Luna was keeping her distance.

"Bud's there too?"

"So is Zack and the Prez, but she's keeping her distance, for some reason." Geo told her.

"No surprise there. She's probably still upset you chose me over her. Did you even tell her why you chose me?"

"I don't recall telling you that reason, either. In all honesty, I didn't think it really mattered." Geo stated, shrugging.

"You didn't. I never asked myself, but Omega-xis told Lyra, and Lyra told me. That's why I never asked, not that I'm complaining, or anything. I'm glad you chose me. I think you should explain it to her before we leave."

"I don't really see the point in doing so, but I don't see one in not doing so."

"Well, I've gotta go. See ya!"

"Later, Sonia." Geo replied happily, before she hung up. "I've got some time before I get to meet her. I guess I'll explain it later on."

-3 days later, WAZA HQ-

Everyone that was invited was there, except for one that wasn't really wanted at first, but decided to come anyway. It was Sonia's lead Director.

"Sonia Strumm. I expect you to come back safely. I trust Megaman will do some good there." The man said.

"Don't worry so much." Sonia told him.

"You shouldn't really worry. I may be coming, but she can take care of herself." Geo told him. "I wouldn't let anything happen to her if I can help it, and the feeling is mutual. It always has been."

"And always will be." Sonia continued.

"Past, Present or Future doesn't matter. I'd still take care of her, and she'd do the same for me. We both know this." Geo told him.

Hope walked up to the director. "I know how you feel about them leaving for this. Trust me when I say I didn't want him to come along, but I know they can handle it. They've basically been together ever since he helped her out of a tight spot during her retirement a few years back. With the world in chaos, they've never really had a chance to settle down until after Meteor G was stopped."

The director looked at her. "I realize that they're both capable, but there's something I don't get." He turned back to Geo. "Why don't you want anyone to know you're Megaman? I mean, anyone else would rather shout it to the world."

"I'm not normal. I never really was. I don't like to be the center of attention, and I like the Megaman Fangirls even less. It's like Sonia with her fans. She can't stand them. Besides, I may be able to get rid of them, but my parents, who have a direct relation to me, will be hounded by the press. I still doubt they could handle all of that. It's protection of those that are close to me. I lost my father once, and that's not something I want to repeat." Geo explained.

"Is that why you're so hung up on keeping him close?" The director asked Sonia.

"That's one of the reasons, yes. He's my first brother. The only one who bothered to help me out when I was alone. He's more like me than anyone else I've known, and I'm glad I actually retired for a while. Otherwise, I might not have met him, and I would not be the same as I am now." Sonia explained.

"If not for her being so pushy back then, I'd still be a loner. I was the only one who didn't care whether she was an Idol, a singer, or whatever. She was highly depressed, and I came to help, knowing full well what it's like to feel alone. We've been together that long. Nothing you can say on that. I'm not denying I didn't really want to have a brother, but I didn't want to see her alone. I've been down that road, and believe me, it's not a good path to take." Geo told him.

"Just get going. Geo, I'm glad to know she's in good hands. Be it physically, or emotionally. You're a fine man. Definitely not the way most see you. Don't worry about your secret about Megaman. It's safe with us."

"Thanks. I appreciate it." Geo told him. Ace took that moment to show up.

"You two ready?" Ace asked. They both nodded. "Well, you better be. There's no guarantee you'll be coming back. You realize that right?" 2 nods. "Then Trans in to the machine right here, and go through the warp hole. That should send you to the past. You've already got the TPS installed?" 2 nods. "Then get going."

They stood apart from the others. "Denpa Henkan!"

"Sonia Strumm,"

"Geo Stelar,"

"On air!" They both Wave changed. Everyone present knew they could do this, but the Director was a little surprised that she wasn't joking.

"Any doubts I had on you Geo, are now gone. Get going." the director told him. Megaman nodded.

"Harp Note?" Harp Note nodded, and they both went into the machine. They found the Warp Hole quickly and went through it.

-ACDC town-

Lan Hikari was in his room, doing his homework.

"Hey, Megaman?" Lan asked.

"Yeah, Lan?" The Navi in his PET asked.

"How do you think we'll do in the tournament in a few weeks? You and I both know that anything can happen." Lan asked.

"Don't know. We can only wait to find out. Can't say much else. You should get back to your homework. You know your mom would have a fit if you didn't finish it." Megaman told him.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Lan went back to work.

That was a fluctuation came in, right above ACDC town. It caught Megaman's attention. "Lan, do you feel that?"

He turned his head to the window. "Yeah, I did. Hopefully Scilabs can do something about it without us."

Just then his mother came into the room. "Lan, did you cause that disruption downstairs just to get out of doing homework?"

"What disruption?" Lan asked. "All I know is there was a fluctuation outside somewhere. I know I still have homework, and I'm hoping Scilabs doesn't call me to check it out so I can finish it quickly."

She seemed to accept that answer. "How do I know you're not lying?" That shot that idea down. Just then, Lan's PET went off. "Lan, it's Scilabs."

"Argh!" Lan was sending his hands through his hair. "Yes?"

"Lan Hikari. You're currently in ACDC town, correct?"

"Yes, I am. Unfortunately, I have homework, and my mother won't let me check it out." Lan replied.

"So you know why I called?"

"Unfortunately. Megaman sensed the fluctuation, and told me. Apparently some of the appliances downstairs were affected by it." Lan told him.

"Lan. Go ahead."

"What's with the sudden change?" Lan asked.

"I thought you did cause that just to get out of it. Now I know you're not lying about that. So go ahead and check it out. Just be back for dinner."

-elsewhere in ACDC-

Sonia and Geo were standing in the park. "Looks like we made it." Geo stated.

"It seems like we went back 203 years." Sonia said, looking at her hunter.

"What do you know? The time of NetNavis. Omega-xis and Lyra are gonna have to be called NetNavis for now." Geo stated. "After all, they are similar to NetNavis."

"Well, let's see what we can find out about this area. That's the first thing we should do. Focus on contacting them later." Sonia suggested.



This is the end of the chapter.

To answer questions that I'm sure will come up:

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2: Is this going to be a SoniaXGeo fic?

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3: How come they appeared in their human forms?

After they came out of the Warp Hole, they were still in Denpa Ningen state. I define a Denpa Ningen, as a Human that has merged with a Denpa Life form. Meaning Starforce Megaman is a Denpa Ningen, while Geo is a Human. At the same time, Harp Note is a Denpa Ningen, while Sonia is a Human. All they did was deactivated the Denpa Henkan when they landed.

4: Do their Hunter-VGs still work in the past?

Yes they do.

5: Will Geo and Sonia reveal that they are from the future?

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