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Chapter 14

Geo woke up in his human state. He found himself in a Pure white area. No sky. No ground. No trees. Nothing. Not even a bug.

"Where am I?" he asked, thinking someone would answer his question. That is, until he heard an all too familiar groan. He turned to the source and saw Solo and Sonia laying next to each other. "SONIA!" He rushed to her side and checked her vital signs.

She was alive, just tired. She opened her eyes after a bit, though. "Geo?" She rubbed her eyes, and then remembered what happened. "GEO!" She gave him the usual Worried Bear Hug. He didn't feel anything this time, which he found was weird.

"I was worried that you died."

"If I did, then you did as well." Geo said. "I did say I'd go down before you, didn't I?" Sonia wiped her eyes, and nodded. "What gets me is, why Solo is here." Sonia blinked, before turning around. They both walked up to him. "Whatever happened, either we died because of it, or someone else intervened, and stopped us from dying."

"Thing is, I can't sense Lyra or Omega-xis. Laplace is gone as well." Geo stated, looking around. "It's just the 3 of us."

Solo chose that moment to wake up. "What the hell? Am I dead? Cause I'm pretty sure that if I died, I'd end up in a place with a combination of Fire and Darkness."

"We're not sure ourselves." Sonia told him.

"I can answer that, though." A voice told them. They recognized it as Ra Mu Xa's voice.

"Ra Mu Xa?" Geo asked. "I thought you were absorbed into Le Mu."

"I was. However, this is the gift I gave you. I am only the life force that I gave you 200 years ago. That's not the issue, here. You all did die. However, I stopped you from passing on."

"Why do that?" Solo asked. "Not that I'm not grateful, but isn't that against all laws that you must follow?"

"Normally, yes. However, I have the go from their respective Deities. They are to be given another Chance. They have earned it, and therefore, will go back to the beginning."

"What do you mean by the beginning?" Geo asked.

"The beginning is the beginning. Which beginning, I am I not sure. That is for them to decide."

Geo sighed at that. "They didn't tell you, did they?"

"They only said the beginning of it all. I know there are many beginning in each of your lives."

"When Planet FM was about to attack Earth? That's one." Geo started.

"When Mu was about to be unsealed. There's another." Solo said.

"Meteor G. There's another." Sonia added.

"And then there's birth." All 3 of them tensed. "I can't say for sure, but that is the beginning of all beginnings in a life. Search each other out. Try to make heads or tails of everything. I couldn't."

"Lack of information." Geo deadpanned.

"Well, this sucks." Solo stated, earning very curious looks. "We're being sent back in time, again, and you don't even have your Denpa Beings."

"Geo will not need Omega-xis, as I said before." Ra Mu Xa stated. "If I'm right about one thing, Lyra will meet up with Sonia once again. Though, I am not sure how."

"How so?" Sonia asked. "If I'm going back in time to... wait a minute."

"We're going back to before Planet FM's invasion. That's for sure, but I think we're going to be in our old bodies."

"All experiences you have had, will come to you over time. That's my guess, at least, especially if you are put in your old bodies. Geo, your current abilities from gaining the Overdrive form will transfer to your new body. That much, I will guarantee."

They all nodded. "I will send you into the time portal, however, they have a set place and time for each of you."

A Blue light formed a Swirling vortex. "Here is the portal. Head through, and take note of your surroundings. You will need to find out, just when you got sent to."

All of them nod again. "See you on the other side." Solo stated, before walking through.

"Search each other out when we get there?" Geo asked.

"I'll do the searching. If we're going to our lives in the past, it's obvious that I'd have the influence needed to find you. I'll come to you, but if you find me there, don't hesitate to say something." Sonia replied.

"Like a Code word?"

"How about a key phrase?" Sonia suggested. "Overdrive?"

"Overused." Geo replied.

"How about... Tribe on?"

Geo shook his head. Then an idea hit him. "The lyrics of Tribe On. We both know the lyrics, and until we meet each other, that one won't be going into your singing career."

"That'll work. Alternate lines?" Sonia asked.

"The one to notice gets the first line,"

"and the other gets the second!" they both nodded at this. "I can only hope we remember this time. I don't want you to be alone out there." Geo added.

"Nor I, you." Sonia said, before they kissed. They pulled apart and walked through.

-with Geo-

The moment he entered the portal, Sonia's hand no longer held his.

He had to clear his eyes from the light. He found himself in his room. In his own bed, to be more precise. He looked around and found a Transer. His old Transer, to be exact. He got up, and ran to it.

He then opened it up and checked the date. 'I remember this day. It's the day Luna first came to get me to school.' Geo thought for a moment. 'So when he said the beginning, this is what he meant. The whole Megaman business. This is just before it all started. Planet FM's invasion will start when Omega-xis hits me at Vista Point.'

He put on the Transer, as if he'd done so thousands of times. But this time, he turned it on immediately. His mother came in at that point. "Oh, you're awake. I was hoping to ask you about the problem with the Food dispenser." hope stated.

"Don't worry, mom. I'll take care of it." Geo replied.

They both went downstairs. Geo decided to try something else out. He activated his Denpa Vision. 'Sweet. That works.' He then pulled down his visualizer. "As I thought it was." Geo said, repeating what happened last time. "Denpa Viruses."

"Denpa Viruses? Oh no... Now we'll have to wait for the Satella Police to get here."

"No we won't." Geo told her, smirking. "I can take them out pretty easily." He pulled out a Battle Card. The Sword battle card. "With this, I can. Watch. Battle Card. Sword."

The viruses materialized, only to disappear. "It should be okay now." He went back to a gloomy state. He knew he'd be like this at this point in time. He father was presumed dead, but no body was found.

Geo, however, already knew the truth, so he decided to play his part until Omega-xis came along.

-with Sonia-

She woke up, finding herself in front of her old manager. "Get lost. I have no reason to sing right now, as I had one of the craziest dreams ever."

The man looked at her. "What are you talking about? You have to sing!"

"I'll do more concerts, but on one condition." Sonia said. "There is a boy that said he was calling out to me. We are bonded by space, soul, and time." She paused. "I don't get the last one, but I figure it has something to do with the fact I'm up later than I usually am." She lied at the end. 'He can't know that I'm the Sonia from the future, and he's already been replaced. Now I just have to wait for Lyra to get here, and then I can convince her to drop the act. Maybe we'll even team up with Megaman when she shows up. After all, I know how to reverse it all. And the moment he shows up, I'll force her back.'

"What do mean? Why would you want me to find this boy?" The man asked. "He's worthless!"

Sonia turned a deadly glare at him. "Do it, or say goodbye to my career, as I'll intentionally sabotage the concert, saying it's my last. And it won't be a joke either."

The man started sweating. "You can't do that..."

"The hell I can!" she snapped. She then pulled out the contract. "Right here, it says that if either party singing this contract is extremely displeased, which I am, the contract can become void, and the career: over." She tossed it to him. "So you have a choice. Find him, and I meet him in person. No guards. No interruptions. Not even you in the area. No eavesdroppers. Or, the contract is terminated, and you lose your best source of income."

He looked at it, and saw she was right. 'Why is that even there? More importantly...' He looked at her. 'How did she even notice it?'

"So what's your choice?" Sonia asked, her tone cold.

'The choice here is obvious, but I can't allow her to become distracted.' he sighed. 'I guess I have no real choice.'

"What's his name?" He asked, his voice down.

"Good choice." Sonia replied. "His name is Geo Stelar. His father is Kelvin Stelar. That's all I got." The man nodded and walked out.

'Hook, line, and sinker.' Sonia thought, inwardly smirking.

-with Geo-

Geo had just finished eating. Someone had just rung the doorbell.

Hope looked up. "Who could that be this early in the morning?"

'It's Luna. She want s to get me to school. Unfortunately, I'll have to avoid her until Omega-xis gets here.' Geo thought. "I don't know. I'll get it, though." He got up, and answered it.

"Yes? Stelar Residence."

"I'm looking for a Geo Stelar." a female voice stated. 'As I thought. It's Luna.' "That's me, and if you're going to try and take me to school, you're out of luck. I've got other things to take care of before I even think about going back." He started to close the door, but she stopped it.

"You're coming with me to school whether you like it or not." she stated. "Luna Platz does not give up."

'I knew that.' "Well, until I get everything I need in order, you're not going to succeed." Geo retorted. "Besides, I have a reason not to go to school. I need to sort through a lot more than you'd ever think. More than the amount of money your family owns."

Luna raised an eyebrow. "How would you know about that?"

"Luna Platz. Your father is a multibillionaire, if I'm right about that." Luna tensed. "yes, I know this, and yes, I can still say I have more to sort through than your family's money count. Until it's all done, I won't be going to school."

Hope was standing behind them. "What's with the confident voice, all of a sudden?" She asked. "and how would you have that much to sort through?"

"Things happened last night, that I still have to figure out. What's more is, Luna here, was tied into it. A lot. There were a few others, as well. I can't place names, but they always seemed glued to her at the hip. Once I've got everything sorted out, I'll be heading back. No sooner than that." Geo explained, determination never waning.

'That's mostly a lie. I'm actually waiting on 2 things. Omega-xis and Sonia.' Geo thought. 'But they can't know about that yet.'

Luna was shocked and this turn of events, but she steeled her resolve. "You seemed to know Bud and Zack. This is one of the few times they aren't by my side."

"Which one is the big, round guy?" Geo asked. 'I already know this, but it's best if I play along a bit.'

"That's Bud bison. The Short guy with glasses? If you saw him, that's Zack Temple. He's a brainiac."

Geo nodded. 'That would be about right.' "Well then, even if you come, I still have other things to take care of, so until then, I'm not going back to school. I'd just be distracted anyway."

"Regardless of that fact, you're going to school." Luna stated, as she grabbed his arm.

'Just like before.' She stared pulling at his arm. But by the time she got to the gate, she let go, feeling something too hot for her hand. "Ouch!" She waved her hand. Geo was standing on the wall. "As I said before: I'm not going to school until I sort everything out." He paused. "That includes how I did that, because I have no idea."

That was when a car came up to them. A man that looked like a big businessman got out and looked at them. He saw the boy on the wall. "Are you Geo Stelar?"

"What do you want?"

"I have no idea why she wants to meet with you," he stated, making Geo tense. "You're too rude."

Geo took in the man's appearance. He made the connection almost instantly, and 1 word came to his mind. 'Sonia.' "I take it the one that wants to meet with me is quite famous?"

"Yes, and you're far too rude for someone like her. Why she even wants to meet with you is beyond me." He stated. "The only reason I'm here is because she found a loophole in her contract, and threatened to cut it off."

Luna watched them talk. 'What is going on here?'

Geo stared at him. "Give her this message. VP. Tonight. 8:00. She is to be there, with no one else in the area. Not even you. We will see each other there and then. If she knows who I am, she'll understand the message. And tell her not to be late."

The man glared at him. "And why tell her this?"

"Because she will likely cut off the contract if you don't. That area is always vacant at that point in time. Later." He disappeared, but a Tricycle was in his place.

"Did he just switch places with that Tricycle?" the guy asked.

"He did the same thing while I had his wrist in my hand." Luna replied. "He did it with that hot rock right there. Almost burned my hand."

"I'm sorry about that, sir." Hope said. "he hasn't been that sociable since his father was reported KIA on the Space Shuttle Peace. Please, at least try to forgive him. He's also been acting strange this morning. Almost like he's been switching between two different people."

"Well, things are definitely getting interesting." the man said. "I guess I'll tell her. Don't want to risk her quitting."

"If I may ask, who wants to talk to my son?" Hope asked.

"My client." He got back in his car and drove off.

Luna and Hope looked at the car drive off. One thought passed each of their minds. 'Why does someone want Geo/My son to meet them? And what did he do?'


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