"There was one thing McGee could do and that was sad. Those puppy dog eyes of his could break your heart when they wanted to." – From the story Companion by Precious Pup.

I love that story and I'll admit to reading it a few times. Anyway, when I came to this sentence, this story exploded in my mind. The few chapters are rated K or T. Something in between. Nothing too major. However, the last chapter will be M and that's why I put the rating as that.

As always, I don't own.


Tim walked into the bullpen, his shoulders slumped and his eyes sad. He completely ignored the bantering between Tony and Ziva—they should just get together already and save everyone from their uncomfortable sexual tension—and walked to his desk.

Tony watched his Probie walk to his desk and knew something was wrong. Tim wasn't able to hide his feelings; he wore them on his sleeve. Or in his case it was all in his eyes. If you wanted to know how McGee was feeling then you just had to make him look you in the eye.

He looked over at Ziva and saw that she saw the same thing. She sent him a questioning look and all he could do was shrug. He didn't know what was wrong with Probie and frankly he wished he could make him feel better. McGee sad was just so depressing; it damn near broke your heart.

"Hey Probie," he said, easily slipping on his charming smile.

"Not now Tony," he said and waited for his computer to boot up.

"McGee, are you okay?" Ziva asked from her desk and Tony watched as McGee gave her a small smile and nod before answering.


They knew it was a lie. Probie was sad.

'He needs normal.' And that only meant one thing. Taking a head slap from Gibbs.

"So, my weekend was great."

"I really don't care Tony."

"Did you get lied?"

"Laid, Zee-vah, it's laid. And why yes I did." He smiled his DiNozzo smile. "She was hot; gorgeous body, blonde, brea-brains. She had brains."

He saw out the corner of his eye McGee roll his eyes.

"Ah, so she was a…what is it? McGee?"

"Bimbo," he answered with a small smile.

Ziva snapped her fingers. "Yes. That is it. A bimbo."

"She was not," Tony denied—for McGee because really, the woman was a bimbo.

Suddenly, he straightened as he felt the presence of the all mighty Gibbs and then the infamous head slap.


"Thank you Boss."

"Get to work," Gibbs said sipping his coffee and making his way to his desk.

They all went to work and Tony peeked at McGee out of the corner of his eye and saw him smiling.

'There you go lil brother.'