"There was one thing McGee could do and that was sad. Those puppy dog eyes of his could break your heart when they wanted to." – From the story Companion by Precious Pup.


He did not like this at all. No he did not.

First, he had to go to the bathroom somewhere different because the current bathroom was occupied. Every time he tried to get someone's attention he was brushed aside.

No, he was not happy.

The only thing stopping him from tearing and destroying everything was because he knew Tim wouldn't be happy. In fact, he'd be sad and then he'd give him those sad puppy eyes. Those same puppy eyes that got him in this situation in the first place.

First Tim had asked him to get a haircut, then for him to get his nails trimmed. Now he had to wear this ridiculous thing.

Jethro huffed as he lied down. 'The things I do for my human.'

Jethro "Jett" Gibbs loved his owner even though they started off badly. He was still surprised his human kept him after what he did. But he tried to be good the best he could so Tim wouldn't give him away. So…he chased a few squirrels while Tim was holding his leash, and snuck up on the bed from time to time when he was finally asleep, but his human still kept him.

Then, Jethro came around. It had been confusing. Especially at night sometimes when his owner would scream his name, but he couldn't get into the room. If his owner wanted him, why keep the door closed? So after scratching at the door for a few nights, Jethro the human pulled him aside and told him that his name was to be shortened to Jett.

At first he didn't like that, he was Jethro and had lived with his owner longer than this other human, but after a staring match that he lost, he accepted the new name. It wasn't so bad. It sure did stop the confusion.

He liked human Jethro. He was strong, Alpha, protected them. Mostly his owner, which he liked. Tim was special, he needed extra protection. Like from that female friend of his.

He had heard his owners talking about the female Abby, and he had missed her. But from their tone, he could tell something bad had happened, and not to her. To his owner, and Abby had been the cause. So, he hadn't been surprised when he didn't see her for a few years.

She slowly came back into their lives, and at first he wasn't sure if he wanted to trust her around his human. But Tim had told him Abby was a friend, and a friend of Tim was his.

They were happy now.

However, he was not happy. Right now. No he was not.

The humans were walking around, his nose twitched at all the new smells. Normally he'd go investigate at all the new delicious smells, but every time he tried, he was pushed aside. His owners'—and his—home was being invaded by other humans. He knew them from his humans' pack and others, but he wasn't allowed to go to them. He had to stay where he was instructed.

"Ready Jett? We're last."

His head came up to look at his human's sister and stood up with a bark. Yes he was ready.

She giggled. "Okay, let's go."

She took his new leash that matched his new collar that he wasn't a fan of, and they walked between the other humans, only to come to Jethro. He smiled down at him. "Good job boy."

His tail wagged at the praise. 'Maybe I can be fed a treat for my behavior.'

He went to sit tall and straight beside Tim's sister—want to make my Tim and my Jethro proud—and looked around. In front of them were two other females, Ziva closest to Jethro and Abby. And beside his human Jethro was Tony and Ducky. He remembered Tony saying things to Tim about being a female which made Tim pout. He didn't understand it though.

'Where is my human?'

Sound came to his ears, sound similar to what his humans listened to, and all the sitting humans stood up. He looked over and finally saw his human. Jett wanted to run to him, but Sarah had a good hold on his leash.

Jett's head cocked to the side as he looked at his human. He looked happy. He looked to his other human, Jethro, and saw that he too looked happy. That's good, though he didn't expect anything else from them. They were always happy. Well…except for the few times their voices rose at each other, but they always were happy afterwards.

His two owners stood in front of a human he didn't know. He didn't seem like danger, so he stayed still though he kept his eye on the stranger. Jethro and Tim traded something shiney and then kissed. He barked at all the happiness and cheers, happy for his humans. He didn't know what happened, but obviously it was happy.

His owners were licking each other again. He didn't mind it as it was natural but he wasn't getting the attention he wanted from them. So running over to them, he nudged his way between them and wagged his tail in glee as they looked down at him and gave him a good rub.

'Oh yeah…right there.'

He was not happy. At all!

His humans have been gone for a long time. Ziva had been staying in his home for the past days and nights, and it was fine and fun at first. Now, he wanted his humans!

"Jett!" Ziva cheered, coming back from the kitchen and into the living room. He was lying on the couch, his head between his paws. "Aww, Jett, do you miss Gibbs and Tim?"

Jett huffed. He wasn't in the mood for her happy mood. He wanted his owners.

"Well don't worry boy, they'll be back soon."

He perked up at that. Soon?

"Yep," she smiled. "They should be back tomorrow."

Jett sat in front of the door, waiting. Ziva tried to get him to move and play with her, but he had no time for that. He wasn't to be distracted. He was going to be there when his owners came home. And she seemed to understand that because she soon joined him on the floor beside him. While he sat, still and straight, she sat with her legs crossed—that must be uncomfortable—and back straight.

He didn't know how long they sat there, but in time he heard the sound of human Jethro's car pulling up into the driveway. They're home! He started barking, jumping up and down, back and forth, and licking Ziva.

His humans opened the door and he charged. "Jett!"

He knocked his Tim down and licked him all he could. His tail was wagging so hard he felt it hit Tim a few times. Jethro walked in and set their bags down before joining them. "Hey boy." Jett fell on his back to let Jethro give him a good rub before he had to be on his Tim again. He missed him the most.

Tim held his face in his hands. "Did you miss us?"


Tim sighed, "Damn puppy eyes."

Jethro and Ziva laughed while Jett just went back to licking and loving his human.

The End.

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