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Pair Puri 1

It was a nice morning in the U-17 camp. Ryoma was peacefully brushing his teeth but it was soon ruined when Sanada entered the washroom. Ryoma turned to look at Sanada with a 'what-are-you-doing-barging-in' face. Sanada headed towards Ryoma and slapped him in the face. Because of the impact, Ryoma spit the water he was gurgling.

"What did I do?" Ryoma asked, semi-shouting but Sanada just left the washroom. Ryoma's vein popped. He headed to Sanada's room which is Room 217 and there he saw Sengoku, Tachibana and Ishida. Ryoma was about to complain but then Eiji, Kintarou, Niou and Marui came. Members of Room 217 sweatdropped.

"Do you need something?" Tachibana hesitatingly asked. Somehow, he could already guess what they came here for.

"Sanada-kun slapped you guys as well huh?" Sengoku said with a tired smile while rubbing his cheeks.

"He also slapped you? Why did he do that nya?" Eiji asked.

"Yeah. Although I'm used to being slapped by Sanada, that one just hurt." Niou complained.

"I want Shiraishi's poison hand than being slapped like that!" Kintarou whined. Ishida appeared in front of them with a book. He stretched his hands and Ryoma took the book.

"What is this?" Ryoma asked while the others stared at the book.

"Read that and you'll find out why Sanada slapped you." Ishida said and went out of the room to pray or something. The group then crowded together and read a certain page in the book.

Fu nya~. You know Sanada, that guy, ever since he was born, I wonder if he has ever grinned, nya~? (Kikumaru)

"... I was just wondering nya. He didn't need to slap me." Eiji whined.

I know him! Sanada is that super gorilla-like guy right? That guy's tennis totally excites me! (Kintarou)

"I still don't get what I said wrong?" Kintarou asked.

"I'm sure it's because you called him a super gorilla-like guy." Marui popped a bubble.

"It was a compliment since he's super strong!" Kintarou defended himself.

"It doesn't look like a compliment." Ryoma muttered.

There's a side of Atobe-kun who is very hard-working. Sanada-kun needs to laugh more or else he'll grow old! (Sengoku)

"But he really needs to laugh more!" Sengoku complained while still rubbing his cheek.

I've always thought this, that Sanada's tension is high right from the morning. Then during practice, his voice is way too loud. (Niou)

"But his voice really is too loud. Che." Niou also complained.

Even though he's part of the discipline committee, it's still too much to take away my candy that I bought on the way home! (Marui)

"He slapped me just because of that? He's so cruel! I bet he only wants my candies for himself." Marui commented.

Atobe-san and Sanada-san? The matches, I enjoyed them. But, I did win both of them. (Ryoma)

"I was just stating the truth that I beat them. No need to slap me since that was the truth." Ryoma bluntly said.

"What's with this book anyway?" Marui asked while snatching the book from Ryoma.

"It's a fanbook I found lying around this room." Sengoku said. Marui flipped the pages and stopped as something interesting caught his eye.

You know, Atobe has been my hero since first year! I'm going to continue to depend on him~! ..zzz (Jirou)

"I thought I was his hero. That damn Jirou." Marui ran out of the room bringing the book with him while looking for Jirou. The people in the room just stared at Marui blankly.

"I thought he hated Jirou for always following him and fanboying over him." Sengoku commented.

"Maybe he just doesn't want to lose the only fan he has." Niou smirked. They all sighed.


Marui finally spotted Jirou sleeping while Atobe was near him having tea and coffee with Fuji and Mizuki.

"Jirou!" Marui shouted while Jirou snapped his eyes open as soon as he heard Marui's voice.

"Marui-kun!" Jirou was about to glomp Marui but Marui threw the book on Jirou's face.

"What's this?" Jirou sleepingly looked at the book and saw what he commented for Atobe. "Atobe has been my hero since first year because he was so cool beating all the members of Hyotei! Ah! Marui-kun, are you jealous of Atobe?" Jirou excitedly exclaimed.

"What! I didn't say anything like that!" Marui said while trying to stop Jirou from glomping him by pushing him away. Meanwhile, Atobe, Fuji and Mizuki stared at the scene in front of them. Atobe stood up and took the book that was left forgotten on the floor.

"A~n? What's this?" Atobe said while flipping the pages of the book.

I wonder if Atobe drinks coffee in the morning? I just acquired quality coffee beans. I'll give him some next time. (Fuji)

Nfufufu. I heard Atobe-kun also enjoys tea time. I wonder what kind of tea cups he uses? (Mizuki)

"So that's the reason we're having tea and coffee together." While Atobe was looking through the fanbook, an eerie presence appeared behind him but Atobe didn't notice it until it spoke.

"That book is a fanbook. It is a collection of information about the members of the U-17 camp and also some secrets about them and some interviews." Atobe turned around quickly, shocked by the sudden appearance but like usual, he can compose himself well and fast.

"Inui. Would you mind not doing that to ore-sama?" Atobe said in his royal tone but then, something Inui said puckered his interest. "Secrets? If I'm not mistaken, Oshitari called me during my interview to tell me that Tezuka came out of his interview all flustered. Is it in here?" Atobe then flipped the pages looking for it but Inui interrupted him.

"No. That fanbook is yours and Sanada's interview only. Tezuka's in the volume two." Inui said while Atobe threw the book somewhere and called Kabaji.

"Kabaji!" Atobe waited but Kabaji wouldn't come. Atobe vein popped. "That trickster!" Atobe then proceeded to look for Niou, forgetting the volume two of the fanbook.

The book that was thrown hit Zaizen on the face and he vein popped. But after looking at the book, he smirked.

"This is gonna be a great addition to my blog." Zaizen muttered as he walked away tampering with his cellphone.


In room 212 where Kenya, Yuushi, Kamio and Sakata are, a cellphone rings that disturb their rest time.

piro piro piroo~~~n

"That ringtone again." Yuushi muttered looking at Kenya.

"Why? Is there something with that ringtone?" Kamio innocently asked.

"It's a ringtone when Zaizen updates his blog." Kenya answered while taking a look at his cellphone.

"Zaizen has a blog?" Kamio asked.

"Yeah. It's a very dangerous blog. It has all of the tennis regulars, even from different schools' secrets." Kenya answered. "Let's see, he wrote here that during an interview with Sanada and Atobe, Sanada broke the door and Atobe and Sanada kept arguing all throughout the interview. Also the secret to the Hyotei chant Shiraishi and the others heard while Atobe was playing Irie is maybe because of the recorded version of it brought by Kabaji." Kenya sweatdropped.

"Woah! That's kinda amazing. How did he know all that?" Kamio asked, excitement spreading over him.

"From different sources. He also wrote that Yuushi called Atobe and let him know that Tezuka left their interview room with a flustered look?" Kenya read from the blog, slightly shocked that Tezuka would get flustered.

"You have a scary kouhai there." Kamio sweatdropped. Kenya smirked at Kamio.

"Yeah. He also wrote an update last time about you too you know. He wrote that you have a certain crush on Tachibana's little sister."

"WHAT!" Kamio shrieked.


In Room 205 where Kaidoh, Kirihara, Hiyoshi and Zaizen are, Kirihara kept glancing at Zaizen wondering what the heck he's doing with his cellphone.

"Ne Zaizen? Is playing with that cellphone that interesting?" Kirihara innocently asked.

"Yeah. It's also fun seeing people's expressions when they read it." Zaizen smirked while tampering with his cellphone. Kaidoh, Kirihara and Hiyoshi just looked at each other with confused faces. Just then, Shiraishi entered their room.

"Zaizen. You updated your blog again didn't you? I heard from Kenya. Also I heard from Fuji, that a book is roaming around with others' secrets in it. Did you get your update from that?" Shiraishi interrogated.

"You're no fun." Zaizen muttered as he closed his eyes but threw the book at Shiraishi in which he caught. Shiraishi then went back to his room.

Room 201, where no one dare to enter, is Fuji, Shiraishi and Yukimura's room.

"What have you got there Shiraishi?" Yukimura asked as he noticed Shiraishi come back with a book in his hands.

"The fanbook that Fuji told me." Shiraishi flipped some pages and suddenly coughed a laugh. Yukimura looked at Shiraishi confusedly.

"Oh it's nothing. I just saw this story that Atobe went to school on a Sunday." Shiraishi said while lightly laughing. Yukimura gently took the book from Shiraishi and saw another story that made him smile.

"So Genichirou loses his cool with his cousin huh?" Yukimura smiled. Shiraishi stopped laughing and slightly backed away from Yukimura sensing the hint of evilness behind the smile.


"Kabaji! Do not listen to this imposter!" Atobe shouted at Kabaji after barging in Niou and Kabaji's room, Room 214 which is changed to Niou Kingdom.

"Kabaji. You should not listen to this imposter and only follow ore-sama." Niou said to Kabaji while using Atobe as illusion.

"Niou. Are you challenging ore-sama?" Atobe composed himself and said in his royal tone.

"Puri." Niou just smirked. Kabaji just stood there, not knowing who to listen to.

Meanwhile, Ryoma who was passing by, noticed something outside Niou Kingdom. Ignoring Atobe and Niou's fight, he headed towards the something and noticed it was a book. Ryoma read the title of the book.

"Pair Puri Volume Two."

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