The clouds are fine for the day and don't seem to be raining. Everyone is minding their own business and the kids are having fun of their lives. I don't know what could go wrong. Okay! Maybe a few attacks here and there and that's alright. At least my life is way better than as a kid and now, I'm almost about to obtain a job. How cool is that? My friends and teachers are very impressed to what I can do seeing how much struggled I did to protect the people I care about. Yeah, I know the whole story about the Nine tail demon fox that is sealed up inside me. I doubt I'd need to let it escape otherwise people won't remember me forever or hate me for being such an idiot.

I'm not exactly happy that I'm a leader of the town yet and I'm not giving up! I have to keep up and that I am going to be heard to be recognized! Dammit, I will find a way! If it's going to take me ten or twenty years to be a leader, then I will do it. Right now, I got to survive the normal part of the world. Okay, I'll admit. It's not fun.

"HEY!" Someone shouted, they must be pissed off.

There are more similar shouting and something tells me someone is either attacking or bumping into people. I speed up and raced after the random person. This dude really knew how to hide his identity and it's worse than my teacher I had back then. His running isn't that all great and he's slow and a quickie.

"Hey! Dude! I want to talk to you!" I shouted when I leaped up to get a better catch.

I crushed onto this stranger and pinned him down with my Shadow Clone Jutsu. He wiggled so much, gripping him down was the best method, and wishing Sasuke would help me out here! Of course, he's at work and he would kick my butt if I drag him out of there. Oh well, that's him. Wait! I don't need him, I can handle this on my own just fine!

I removed off the mask of this weak ninja and it's a kid! What the?

"Would you quit escaping, kid? I'm not going to hurt you." Seriously, a kid?

He whined, "I-I need to get out of here!"

Great, I'm putting up with annoying kid who wants to get out of this town? He realizes that is dangerous…doesn't he?

"Kid, why are you running? You know I can help you out." He practically looked eleven years old.

His dark brown hair looked messed up, "My mom…" He couldn't finished it, he was about to cry.

I held him down by hugging him, "Hey, stop flustering. Let me take you to my house and get you cleaned up. Then, we can go see my former teacher; he's an excellent ninja to help out in any situation you are in. I promise you'll be safe." Suddenly, this kid gripped me.

Okay…this is so awkward. I lifted him up and stood up. We started to head out of the strange building that's probably where the mother hens sleep. This kid didn't let get of me at all and damn, he must be all worked up over his mom. I wondered about his dad might be involved in all of this. I know Sasuke is going to kill me for bringing someone in like him. At least I can do something to help out and it's only a day.

Sasuke and I moved down to a large place. We had to provide privacy in this town and in order to do that, the boat is our way to getting there. The kid looked shy kind of a person and then, I was able to see some bruises on him. Damn, how did that happen to him? No wondered he's terrified out of his mind, did his mom abuse him or something? One way to find out once we get into the house. I rowed us to the house that is in the sixty feet from the land. It's not that entirely bad once you get used to it and getting exercise to build up muscle for the upper body. With the kid hugging me and what's not, it's harder to row the boat to the house and took longer to get there.

"Sorry about the overly decorated house, Sasuke and I intend to make it up for our childhood and enjoy it now." I started to crawl out of the boat and this kid tried to do the same.

The kid looked so scrawny and beaten up, I felt sorry for him and wished he would have gone through what I did. Live my own place, yup. That would have solved it. I let the kid entered in first and he wouldn't. Seriously, isn't it supposed to work that way? I grabbed his arm and get him into the house. Then, I followed in. I closed the door and locked it up as usual.

"You can stay here for the night," I noticed the way his eyes lighten up to the Christmas tree we have here, "I'm sure my teacher won't mind helping you out in whatever problem you have."

The kid sat down in front of the tree and barely moved. What's with him? I sat next to him to join along if I want this kid to talk to me.

"What's your name, kid?"

He turned to me and his jade eyes really showed hope, "Kenta."

Well, it's something, "Kenta, welcome to my home. Mind telling me what's with the running away from home?"

Kenta had a strange look, a fear in each eye, and his hands gripping onto his clothes. Whatever happened, it must bother him terribly. He shouldn't have to suffer like this so young.

"Mom…beating me up for dad's death, blaming it all on me, and saying I should have been a girl instead. I-I remind of her husband and that I should be forbidden to look like him." His hoarse voice convinced me enough to give him a gentle rub on his back.

"Kenta, you're not alone. Only, I lost my parents and I didn't have anybody until I teamed up with Sakura and Sasuke." I smiled.

Kenta acknowledge, "I will not go home again."

That shocked me to hear about not returning home, poor Kenta. He needs someone to love him properly.

"Naurto? I told you we can't be adopting kids or bring strangers here!" And that's Sasuke's complaint.

I turned around and stood up to face him. Before I could move, Kenta has gotten the hold of my legs! Ugh! Kid, you are so not making anything easier for me.

"He, yeah, Kenta is only staying for the night, Sasuke. He's all bent out of shape due to abusive mother. Everyone in town been annoyed with him and I went after him." I shrugged, "I have to help him in some ways." I hoped he won't kick me out of the bedroom tonight and make me sleep on the couch. Why do I have to be the wife here?

Sasuke glanced at Kenta and notices some of the bruises. He may be a tough man, but he has a sensitive heart somewhere. I didn't fall in love with him for anything that's for sure! His eyes show the care and nodded.

"For tonight only, he can stay. You better take him to our former teacher; he'll know what to do." Sasuke stated it.

I smiled and gave a thumbs up at him, "Don't you worry, Sasuke! Kenta is my responsibility tonight!"

Sasuke headed to the kitchen and Kenta finally let go.

"Come on, Kenta, you need to get cleaned up." I grabbed his arm and started to lead him to the bathroom.

Kenta is really a quiet, shy, and messed up kid. I feel sorry for him and even Sasuke has some sympathy for him. Where are the law enforcers to take care of the responsibility like Kenta? I ought to straight that out! If it's the last thing I do!