Hi everyone this is a new story from me. Never ever thought I would be writing anything related to AKB48, but Mendol won me over, among other things, and so here I am. This is a joint work between me and badsaints, so at least half the creative rights are hers. XD I love you honey~

WARNING: This is a complete AU from Mendol universe. The boys actually are boys. Yes, male. If you're not a fan of actual gender-bending, TURN BACK NOW! You might notice some AKB girls. That is to be expected. You will possibly also notice a few Morning Musume girls. That is because I am a huge fan of Morning Musume and if I can get away with throwing them all together into one story, I will. XD Massive crossover-ing and crack ahead. Ages are not relative to each other as in real life. Will provide a guide as to a who's who at the end of the chapter. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Mendol, or any of the girls from AKB48 or Morning Musume. Even though I wish I did. Oh the things I could do then. Like make a movie! Or a drama! Wait, stuff like Mendol exists. Hey Japan, make more of this kinda drama already!

He could see it now.

It was everything he had worked for. The heat of a thousand thousand bodies packed closely together, cheering, screaming. They belonged to him, his fans, and he was theirs, body and soul.

He raised his head, feeling the blinding glare of the spotlights, a liquid warmth creeping over his head and neck. This was a moment to die, no, to live for. He would give up everything, do everything in his power, just to stand on this stage. To belong as he never had, and to know his worth in this very moment.

This was being alive. This was being real. This was...

A pain in the neck? His head flew forward and he literally faceplanted into his textbook. He had a brief glimpse of the murder weapon whisked back into its usual function as the study handbook, unrolled and ready in his buxom homeroom teacher's hands. She went on as if nothing happened, and he glowered at her while rubbing the back of his head. From a different vantage point, it almost looked like he was deeply focused on her ass.

"Goto-sensei really has it in for you, doesn't she?" His neighbour was not helping. Scowling, the boy turned to look at the grinning Sashihara Reno, voted one of the most popular seniors and current president of the student council. To the rest of the guys in the same homeroom, he was just Sasshi, laidback and cool. Normally he really liked the guy. Now he just wanted to punch him. Nicely, of course. Sasshi's fangirls might kill him otherwise.

Out of the corner of his eye, two seats away, he caught Oshima Yuko muffling a snicker. The girl spotted him looking, and so re-enacted the previous moment with a swish of her hand and a very exaggerated faceplant forward. It was a good thing he didn't hit girls. That and her dimples were very convincing. What, he was a normal teenage boy!

So he only stuck his tongue out childishly at the other moodmaker in the class, who matched it with a laugh that lit her entire face up. Her ice princess of a best friend though, was rolling her eyes again, giving him a coldly evaluative glance both dismissive and amused at the same time. Seriously, would it kill Maeda to loosen up? This was their second year in the same homeroom, and they were in junior high together! And he had only seen her express less than a range of five emotions at any given time in all these years. Maybe even less than three.

"Takahashi-kun, maybe you should stop making funny faces and actually pay attention to the lesson?"

That voice! Dry, amused, impersonal. His eyes flew back to the speaker, their homeroom teacher. Sex on heels, according to the general sentiment of all the boys in school. Cool and confident, according to the girls. Her eyes twinkled with a special brand of mischief as she met his glare. Her lips moved as if to call his name, forming a small 'o' in slow motion, and he dropped his gaze with a scowl, knowing that he was beaten.

"Sky-kun, why don't you tell the class what you thought of the passage I just recited?" Her voice was sweet and silky in triumph. Of course she would. Gah. He puffed up his cheeks in an unconscious pout, frantically trying to find the aforementioned passage.

Evil incarnate, that woman. Pure evil.

"Man, it's barely a first week into the new term and Goto-sensei's already on your case." Sasshi commented, tossing stationery and textbook into his bag even as an unmoving Takahashi Sky sprawled unceremoniously like a sacrifice victim on his chair.

"She's evil, I tell you. Evil." Sky muttered, his eyes still closed. Sashihara snorted.

"The other guys would kill to have her attention on them. But you don't seem to even care."

"That's because he's so gay~" Sky cracked one eye open. And nearly fell off his chair at the sight of Oshima Yuko almost nose to nose with him, a shit-eating grin on her face. The sound of his chair legs scraping across tile drew a few curious glances, and not a few titters at his shocked expression.

"What the hell, Oshima?" Yuko laughed again, sitting on the edge of his desk, her legs dangling as she kicked idly at the legs of his chair, now a foot or so away from its original position. Next to him, Sashihara was chuckling. His eyes though, were firmly fixed on the flattering glimpses of Yuko's thighs as her movements shifted her short skirt ever higher. Sky didn't even seem to notice, his face filled with righteous indignation. He huffed a bit at the small girl on his desk, but his expression melted into a grin eventually, caught up in the humour of the situation.

"Good thing we all ended up in the same class again, eh? Even Acchan thinks so, ne~" Yuko beckoned at her best friend, who was holding on to both their bags with that same disinterested expression. At Yuko's words, Maeda Atsuko's face split into something not quite a smirk as she glanced at Sky.

"Daydreaming in class again, Takahashi-kun?" Her voice was sardonic, bordering almost on friendly. Well, that was an improvement from last year.

"Yeah, maybe about Goto-sensei's perfect ass~" Another guy hollered from behind. So someone else saw. Sasshi snickered in perfect sync with Yuko. Maeda's smirk deepened. Sky made a face.

"Why in nine hells would I do something like that?"

"Osuuuuu~" A familiar voice drawled. Sky craned his neck to catch sight of his best friend, but couldn't, at least not while a certain Oshima Yuko was perched on his desk and totally blocking his view. That and Kai was short as hell. Not that he was going to rub it in, no.

"Yo!" Sky raised a hand in greeting, and was met by a firm hand clasp from his best friend. Takahashi Kai, with his ruffled and spiky hair giving him a just out of bed look, had a perpetual lazy smile playing on his lips, givng the impression that he laughed at the world...and that the world laughed along with him (or at him). Contrasted against Sky's slightly more sedate hairstyle and happy-go-lucky attitude towards life, he looked wilder and more like a delinquent. Yet they were best friends, and everyone who saw them together knew why.

"Ah, your gay partner!" Yuko pointed, pretending to swoon. Completely straight-faced next to her, Atsuko was already ready to catch her over-dramatic best friend, though her eyes never left the new arrival. Yuko looked up at her saviour with shining eyes. "My hero~"

"Don't make me drop you." Atsuko deadpanned. Yuko pouted like a wounded puppy. Kai laughed easily, looking at the semi-gathering around Sky's desk.

"So what's this about Goto-sensei's ass? Must be nice to have a hot homeroom teacher. All we have is a midget running ours." Kai complained, loosening the tie on his winter uniform. His blazer and bag were both held casually over one shoulder. No one made the obvious rejoinder, though the quick glances shared within the group made it clear enough. Kai didn't notice, and Sky snorted.

"Dude, I'd trade with you. She rags on me all the time." He picked up his stuff and shoved them into his bag. He was barely taller than Kai, but taller was taller. It made him feel a little better.

"I wouldn't mind~" Kai leaned against Yuko's just vacated spot on Sky's desk, waiting as his best friend grabbed the last of his things and got ready to leave. "There's a katsudon out there with my name on it. Let's just go already!"

"Sauce katsudon, here we come~" Sky punched the air with one fist while the other scooped up his bag. He draped that same arm around his best friend, prompting another "gaaaaay" comment from Yuko. Sky ignored it. "You are so missing out on life, Kai, my friend. Maybe today I will finally enlighten you on the wonders of sauce katsudon."

"Egg is life man, Sky-dude. Katsudon isn't katsudon without egg."

"It's all about the sauce!"



And so on and so forth. Yuko watched the bickering pair leave, then nudged her best friend.

"You can stop staring now, Acchan~"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Atsuko said with all the dignity she could summon. Which, admittedly, was a lot. Yuko, however, was not fooled. Her dimples showed clearly with her cheeky little grin.

She was prevented from saying anything though, by an abrupt rush of movement at the classroom door. Sky skidded back in in a dramatic flourish, waving grandly at the rest of the class.

"Adios amigos~ Till we meet again~"

"Bye bye!" Yuko waved back just as enthusiastically, matching the energy level. Sky grinned like a little kid and ran back out, making a lot of noise in general with his best friend, who was whining very vocally about death and katsudon. Never a quiet day with them around. Everyone else moved along with the ease of having lived with the runaway freight train that was Sky for the past year. Nothing new there.

"Gotta love Short and Shorter." Yuko smirked, looking over at Atsuko, who was back in passive mode. "What do you even see in him anyway? Though he is kind of cute."

Atsuko did not dignify that with an answer. Instead, she stalked off with an eager Yuko on her heels. "Come ooooon Acchan~ Aren't we best friends? Tell meeeeee~"

An amused Sashihara watched the crowd clear before finally sauntering out slowly towards his student council meeting. It was good to be back in school.

"Ah~ Katsudon is the best!" Kai stretched as they made their way down the street. Next to him Sky mimicked the move, though not as exaggeratedly. He gladly let the more exuberant Kai do most of the talking, interjecting at parts to add his piece and gesturing excitedly when he did.

Kai was talking animatedly about the evils of having midget-Yaguchi as homeroom teacher for the second year running when he suddenly realized that his best friend was not by his side. Turning around, he saw his best friend staring intently at something in the display window of a music store.

Jogging over to stand beside his friend, Kai whistled as he noticed the beautiful deluxe Telecaster guitar Sky was boring holes into with his eyes. His whistle went several pitches higher when he noticed the price.

"Someday I will own a guitar like that." Sky said solemnly. Kai raised an eyebrow at his best friend. Though Sky never ever made an issue about it, Kai knew that the boy came from a well off family. It was just the way he referred to certain things or never really looked at the price when ordering at a restaurant. It was that innocence regarding how much things cost that gave him away more than anything else.

"You could get it now." Sky shook his head.

"I mean to earn that guitar. So that it will live up to me, and I to it." His eyes never left the display. Kai shrugged. Sky could get annoyingly cryptic at times, but he learned to live with it. Things usually worked out exactly as he said eventually. Good old hindsight always worked.

"Kai." The 17 year old looked up at his name. Sky had that slightly manic look in his eye that said 'I am going to do something and nothing is going to stop me'. Kai waited, his own natural enthusiasm already spiking to match the occasion.

"Let's form a band."

Character Notes

Takahashi Sky: Real life equivalent is Takahashi Ai, and as of today is leader of Morning Musume and Hello!Project. At least, until September 30th. Sotsugyou omedetou, Ai-chan! You will be missed! And I will never forget you.

Sashihara Reno: Real life equivalent is Sashihara Rino from AKB48. An actual wota (re: idol otaku) who knows all the rituals of being a wota. I only just missed meeting her two weeks ago. Darn it.

Oshima Yuko: Of AKB48 fame for the uninitiated. Biggest pervert I know, but I love her smile.

Maeda Atsuko: Also of AKB48. You cannot not know her, she's the face of the group.

Goto-sensei: Otherwise known as Goto Maki. Formerly of Morning Musume, now a soloist (and a soon-to-be retired one at that). Former ace of the group during her tenure as part of Morning Musume.

Takahashi Kai: Yes, it's Kai from Mendol! Gave him/her the real surname of the real life counterpart, Takahashi Minami. Leader of Team A of AKB48. All round dork but lovable for it. Yes, height is an issue. Ganbare, Shorter-kun! (Takahashi Ai is 153cm, 4.5cm taller than the 148.5cm tall Takamina. Yes, the .5 matters)

Yaguchi-sensei (mentioned): Is Yaguchi Mari, formerly of Morning Musume and currently a variety idol. Shortest idol in all Japan (143cm). Hence why Takamina gets to call her a midget. Must make the kid feel better. Fun fact: her husband is 180cm tall. How they kiss is beyond me. It must be supremely awkward - or terribly convenient, if you look at it in another way... /shiftyeyes

Author's Notes: Please don't lynch me. I love Morning Musume and kind of like AKB. Why should they be at odds with each other, although they are rivals? All that animosity between diehard fans of both camps is chilling (though nowhere near as outright terrifying as the insanity of Kpop anti-fans). Why can't we all get along? The girls love each other anyway. The fans should be less defensive. XD Live and let live!

But you'll excuse me while I retreat to a bunker with instant noodles and my PBs. Ciao! Expect fortnightly updates, barring real life butting in and my other fics clamouring for airtime. This is Estrea signing off. badsaints says hi too!