Fighting For Family

A/N: I'm not sure if anybody is even going to read this, but it's been sitting on my computer for months waiting to be finished and that just doesn't sit right with me. So even though the show has been cancelled for months (RIP), I'm going to do my absolute best to finish it and upload it here even if nobody reads it. I have 17 chapters pretty much finished and my outlines show that it should be somewhere around 23-24 chapters total, so I'm nearly finished. I think it goes without saying that I do not own the show Dark Blue nor do I own the characters of Jaimie, Dean, Carter, Ty, etc. I do, however, own several original characters that will come up throughout the story.

Chapter 1 (Jaimie POV)

"Ugh," Jaimie Allen groaned as the shrill sound of her cell phone rang out, interrupting her peaceful sleep. Rolling over, she reached across the sleeping body lying next to her to grab the offending object sitting on the night stand. Collapsing back onto the bed, Jaimie glanced at the incoming caller ID and immediately her eyes widened in shock. Pressing the answer key quickly, she put the phone to her ear. "Eric? What the hell? You shouldn't be calling me, especially not this late," she whispered into the phone, keeping her voice low to keep from disturbing the man sleeping next to her.

Listening to the voice on the other end of the line, Jaimie started to panic. "What?" her voice rose unintentionally. "How? What happened? Where are you? Where is he?" so wrapped up in spitting out her anxious questions, Jaimie failed to notice the body next to her begin stirring at the commotion.

"Okay," she sighed, trying hard to calm herself down. "Okay, call him back and tell him not to move or to touch anything. I'll be over as soon as I can," crawling out of the bed, Jaimie began scampering around the room looking for the clothes that were eagerly torn from her body only several hours earlier. Clothes in hand, Jaimie began throwing them on half heartedly, keeping the cell phone firmly planted between her right shoulder and her head.

"What's the address?" Locating a pen and piece of paper on the messy desk, she jotted down the address given to her. "Yes, I understand. I'll call you later. Thanks for calling me about this, Eric."

Ending the call, Jaimie finished getting dressed and was headed to the door when a voice interrupted her. "No good-bye kiss? I have to admit, I'm feeling a little used here," the man joked from his place on the bed. Jumping in surprise, Jaimie turned around to see Dean casually sitting up in his bed, now wide awake, sheets pooled up around his waist.

Jaimie put a hand to her chest. "Jesus, Dean. You scared the crap out of me."

Quirking an eyebrow, Dean continued to tease her. "A little jumpy, are we?"

"I don't really have time for flirting right now, Dean."

Dean looked effectively chastised. "Ooookay," he began tentatively. "Where are you off to so early in such a hurry?" Getting out of bed, Dean headed for his dresser to find some clothing and Jaimie took a moment to admire his nude figure. "Who is this Eric dude?"

Eyes snapping up, Jaimie looked shocked for a second before she realized he must have heard part of her conversation. What the hell am I supposed to say? I can't tell him the truth, for God's sakes! Thinking quickly, Jaimie gave an explanation she hoped he'd buy. "Eric? He's just some old contact of mine from San Francisco. He called to give me the heads up on a potential local drug ring that's gaining some popularity underground. I'm meeting him to discuss the info."

Now mostly dressed, Dean gave her an odd look. "Does Carter know about this?"

"Of course he does," she lied quickly. "It's not a big deal though. I'll meet up with him, get the info, and fill Carter in later."

Dean started moving around the room, gathering the scattered clothing. "Well, give me a minute and I'll go with you."

"No!" Jaimie snapped quickly. Dean looked at her, shocked. "No, it's fine," she began more calmly. "Really, it's early. You should go back to sleep. This meeting should only take an hour or so, I promise."

"If you're sureā€¦"

"I am," she rushed to appease him. "It'd just bore you anyway." Seeing his nod, Jaimie opened the door preparing to leave.

His voice interrupted her. "Be careful." Turning back to look at him, she couldn't figure out the look in his eyes. He wasn't actually worried about her, was he? This was bad. Really, really bad. She and Dean didn't do these types of emotions. Did they?

Unwilling to confront the feelings she could both see in Dean's eyes and feel bubbling up inside her, Jaimie ignored his warning. "I'll see you later at the office." With that, she turned and walked out. She had somewhere else to be, someone else to get to, someone else who was counting on her. She wasn't going to disappoint him. Not again.